Report: Hamas arrests Abbas representatives
Published: 01.08.08, 11:07
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1. Now that Olmert is gone, they should also arrest Abbas
Miriam ,   Israel   (08.01.08)
head of Fatah terrorist gangs.
2. Doesn't mean a thing.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.01.08)
This is typical Arab politics, nothing more. They can kill each other today & kiss & make up tomorrow. Then go back to killing each other & kiss & make up again. Or not, depending on the immediate interests of those concerned. Just because they're arresting a few guys does not mean that efforts at reconcilliation are over. The reality is far more complex & depends on the personal interests of many players on both sides. Reports like this simplify the reality to the point of making it meaningless.
3. #2 = Insightful feedback; #1 = meaningless drivel
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.01.08)
Of course we expect the former from Terry - who always has something interesting to say whether one agrees or not; And of course we expect the latter from foaming-at-the-mouth Miriam whose posts are barely intelligible.
4. Two stupid siblings
Hamas and Fatah are like two stupid, competitive brothers playing cops and robbers, only they use real bullets and bombs. Since other Arab citizens won't step up and discipline these rogues by enforcing the rule of law, the Hamas and Fatah boys will continue playing their deadly, childish game until, some day, they learn to grow up and negotiate with each other.
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