Iran: US creating nuclear precedence for Israel
Associated Press
Published: 02.08.08, 08:18
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1. Suicidal iranians
Thunder   (08.02.08)
Iran is still in the eye of the storm yet it try so pittifully to delect the attention on others, and that doesn't work. Even in the arab world tehy are now more concerned about a nuclear armed iran than of Israel nukes. Iran yet believe they can bought time idenfinetly. One day, they will awake to the truth: their leaders has bring them to the abyss.
2.  The speculation of Ahmadinejad.
Robert Bernier   (08.02.08)
Ahmadinejad was aiming for two goals when he exaggerated the number of the centrifuges: The first was to encourage his technicians to speed up development of enriched uranium, the key fissile material necessary for a conventional nuclear bomb. Second, with next year’s presidential elections approaching, the leader hoped to provoke and antagonize the West in order to gain support within his country as the defender of Iran against a world of enemy states. More at :
3. Of course the United States helped India.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.02.08)
They don't strap nuclear weapons to their sacred cows and blow up Jews and Americans for whacky religious reasons. India isn't intent on taking over the world by force. India just wants to protect themselves from other countries, that believe it is permissable to subject other countries by force, to their religions. Israel doesn't want Muhammed shoved down their throats either. But Iran is telling the world it intends to do exactly that. Conquer and subjugate the Jews. That's why they will keep the weapons....that's why India will keep the weapons....that's why the United States will keep the weapons. Iran could take care of it's people. That would be a start. Exterminating Jews and non muslims is exactly why our nations will keep weapons, and oppose Iran, or any other cult worshippers of suicide. When Iran realizes we will leave no one alive, if they use a nuclear device to commit another holocaust against Jews, and non muslims......maybe they will think twice about the prospect. Religious suicidal fanatics of a cult .....does not make a good neighbor. Usually it just creates a war with lots of casualties. All Iran has to do is look at the aftermath of Europe and Japan in WWII. They are traveling down the very same tracks with their nutty leader.
4. u,s,-india nuclear co-operation
elliot ,   point roberts,usa   (08.02.08)
president bush has a good idea here . iran now has more than israel to worry about thanx to its ayatollah government installed by pres carter.
5. Nuclear
Marilyn ,   USA   (08.02.08)
Why is the government signing nuclear treaties? I don't even like nuclear energy. There are too many problems and then trying to dispose of the waste. Also from what I can tell it's not cheap. They are perhaps possible terrorist attack sites. Now we've become some kind of like nuclear dealer or something. India has done weapons testing and refuses to sign nuclear treaty. I'm kind of freaked out about all this.
6. #5-Marilyn
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (08.02.08)
You are correct that the waste is problematic, but think: Is buying Arab oil less problematic? Is it REALLY cheaper? As for being a "nuclear dealer", I say "Says who?". Oh yes, the truthful Iranian government. I think they'd do anything to harm us, and should be dealt with accordingly.
7. #5-Marylin
Marty ,   USA   (08.02.08)
I hate to tell you the bad news but you are freaked out about the wrong thing. Believe me, the extremely rare possibility of a nuclear accident is nothing compared to being pulverized into dust if you are lucky, when the Iranians nuke us.
8. Nukes for the West only
Pontius Pilate ,   TA   (08.02.08)
Amongst the serial follies of the out-going Administration it's unwise deal with India will be rued by future American generations to come. Unfortunately it fits a pattern of a Republican party that abdicated global responsibility the day it booted the NPT out of Congress in 1999. It's high time we applied the same rigour to Israel and India because neither of these places are stable yet. India could switch over to a Hindu theocracy that would make the Iranians look friendly and the Israelis suffer from such chronic paranoia and internal contradictions it is too risky to have this weapon in their hands. No offense but nuclear weapons are for mature states (read Western) and the damned Russians and Chinese. If we push for de-nuclearization we can take the weapons out of those Eastern tyrannies eventually, with some homebrewed democratization which will take a generation..
9. US , Israel and Olmert
alexi   (08.02.08)
Right now, US is sick of Olmert, sick of Barak--oh the iranians will get the bomb. They are sick of Israel complaining. US supplies weapons to Israel, you take care of your own problems. Thats the way it used to be. Olmert is a crybaby of the first order, barak is detached who makes empty threats, Mofaz did a lousy job with the IDf and was lucky Sharon was there. Yaalon and likud will change the spirit. Israel has to figure out a way to handle hezbollah asymmetrically. Many years ago, a former IDF friend of mine in hollands landing and I talked about hezbollah and concessions about lebanon. He said no problems, IDF can handle hezbollah and should withdraw from S. Lebanon. After the withdrawal from lebanon and the recent war, he looks like a terrible judge of military matters. Yaalon will figure out a plan. It cannot be that Olmert will walk away from the mess and deaths he has caused to fine cigars, watches and the good life. The way life works, he should receive his reward for what he has done to so many israelis. And his family should taste this too as they pushed him in the direction he took israelis.
10. So is Iran admitting that...
James ,   Melbourne, Australia   (08.02.08)
...they want Nuclear weapons?
11. Pliatus 8 is right..
Septimus ,   Rome   (08.02.08)
The great question of the current century is to prevent at all cost the spread of Nuclear technology to third world countries, and specially to unstable one, like in the middle East. The possesion of Nuclear weaponry should stay the privilege of western nations who have a rational approach of live and death, and will not abuse that power as would necessary do fanatical, millenaristic and medievaly minded regimes like the Iran shia mullah gang.
12. 2# Don't worry..his country will be bombed after
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.02.08)
the United States Presidential elections in November. You really didn't think Bush wasn't going to finish the job did you? He won't upset the apple cart before the election results are posted.
13. #3 wrong
ben Ish   (08.02.08)
you said "When Iran realizes we will leave no one alive, if they use a nuclear device to commit another holocaust against Jews, and non muslims......maybe they will think twice about the prospect." This is typical of western ignorance. You just CANNOT assume what seems reasonable to you applies to an entirely different culture. What you have to say regarding Islamic extremism or fundamentalism simply does NOT apply. They do not think like you, or reason like you, or have a value structure like yours. This is a big part of the problem. The western world is so arrogant to think they can look at a 1500 year old problem and after 15 minutes have a sublime understanding and solution. Secondly the US will not flatten Iran because that will generate direct conflict with both Russian and China. The aristocracy in America will not tolerate their own government jeopardizing the trillions of dollars in commerce the resulting economic warfare will cost American businesses. Israel will have to stand on it's own. If both US and Israel elect far-left, then yes WWIII because Iran knows there will be no one to stand for Israel, not even themselves.
14. #6 and #7
Marilyn ,   USA   (08.03.08)
I worry that Bush may be nuclear obsessed. it's very hard to have dealings with another country in these circumstances.
15. The west wants to destroy Iran and Irananas
IRAN#1   (08.05.08)
Iranians are aware of this and are proceeding accordingly. If they have to go they they will take you with them. Simple enough, no?!?!?
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