All out of tears
Avi Rath
Published: 02.08.08, 14:49
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1. Tears of joy would have been appropriate.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.02.08)
Personally, I'm still waiting to see him taken away in handcuffs. Then, I'll shed tears from laughing too hard. Anyway, you didn't really listen to his speech, did you? You evidently have a stronger stomach than I do.
2. Sorry dear elites
Rami ,   London   (08.02.08)
Dear elites, journalists, left-wing academics, and others whose bilge we've had to read on this website for years, so sorry your idol turned out to have feet of clay. But, never fear !!! Tsipi is here !!!! she is SO WONDERFUL. And then there is Obama !!!! Enjoy your fantasy world !!!!
3. olmert will not leave soon enough
yahn goodey   (08.02.08)
2 more months plus worth of destruction on israel he has given himself before he runs away with the "retirement"package he has "enveloped" for himself at our expense. he was not wanted--the majority did not vote for him-----neither will he be missed.
4. Be Prepared for the WORST !
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (08.02.08)
No need to cry anymore, been crying for years already....no body bothered when the poor, simpletons cry,....they been crying and no body heard their cry....it is very hard born a jew....on on ehand my heart tell me to let him go free..but my mind says ....no one should be allowed scot free to have obtained advantage wrongfully, there must be accountability and corp- governance ! I just hope that the Politicians take the national interest of Israel FIRST and the Jewish People First and reinstate Jewish Soverignity In Israel. I am also at pain and agony, I cant forget my people and my existence is part of the history. But I want to say one thing...it is not easy born a jew....but we must move...it is time to tell the Isareli Palimentarians to SERVE the PEOPLE . My brains can never reconcile with the fact Israel let off criminal just like that, It undermind the very RULE of Justice & Administration of Justice. The Kidnap of Gilat Shalit - where is he, the little boy now. No body seems to be interested ! The poverty in Israel is a real alarm. The distrubution of wealth is one sided. they forgot the poor. The holocaust survivors are forgotten. The Jewsih Religious Community are being persecuted by the secular and the religious also need to take some positive mind setting. The Judicial System is debunk. The Prosecution Services AG Chambers turned Sloppy. The executive of the State Corrupted, No body makes PUblic Declaration o f their assets. Politicians take advantage of their political influence to take advantage of owning the best pieces of land while the Jews are expelled form their own land for the places they wnat to stay an bring up the children an family. The Public transport is down the drain. The Education Ministry I need not say much. The Water Problem ? The hospitals ? The Education System ? The Civil Service ? The Polite Israeli Society NO MORE ! The food- chain no longer Kosher ! Jerusalem ? The temple ? I also cry ; (
5. Olmert is a man without honor, or decency.
AK   (08.02.08)
A principled person would have resigned immediately following the Lebanon war (actually t he honorable person would have never accepted his position for which he/she quite obviously lacks the requisite leadership ability. Are you listening, Livni?)
6. olmert
dan kaplan ,   usa   (08.02.08)
any praise that might come your way is totally undeserved. all the many curses that come your way, you have earned. your fate should be that of korach. may hashem hear these words.
7. corruption
Fadi ,   Beirut   (08.03.08)
all of your politicians (and ours too ) are corupt . Did you forget what BIBI did in the nineties . or Omri Sharon for his DAD . Did Sharon get his Farm from his Salaries ,comme on . do not get your hopes up ,we will never eat Hummus together . you tried to poison our prophit Mohammad pBUH one time . that was enough for the whole muslims . you will not fool us twice .
8. good article
alexi   (08.03.08)
Olmert may not be responsible for his actions. Yes, he has seriously damaged Israel with cowardly appeasement policies. However, Olmert may have a legitimate defense: that is he was and is mentally ill and did not appreciate the consequences of his actions: for example, he says the north is so tranquil now, that Nasrollah is scared stiff and dares not test israel's strength shows detachment from reality. He blames everyone else but himself and that he is the innocent victim of the state justice seekers.Whatever, he is a pathetic louse of a person, a crook and liar on top of every thing else.
9. #7 I forgot
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.03.08)
Please remind us, what did Bibi do? I seem to remember he was cleared of anything despite endless police efforts to find something.
10. fadi
alexi   (08.03.08)
Fadi, you are brainwashed by the mullahs with their prostitutes and the 70 virgins that do not await you. Iran did develop a very strong guerilla army and also in hezbollah because they had to do something to protect against Saddam's scuds.However, Fadi, Olmert is going and Yaalon is coming back. Israel will sit down and figure out a way and a lot of your countrymen are going to go to allah believe me. You only had olmert for so long. By the way Fadi, what did you pay him to become an arab spy. Fadi, the islamic regime in Iran will collapse as it is a rotten and stinking corpse that the Persians will overcome. And Mahmoud will be hung in Tehran along with the ayatollahs who are going right away to allah. beleive me Fadi. You will also be joining them.
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