Assad in Tehran: Talks with Israel won't affect relations with Iran
Dudi Cohen and agencies
Published: 02.08.08, 22:14
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1. Syria Chooses Iran.
Robert Bernier   (08.02.08)
Assad's visit to Iran may be seen as a direct reply to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's statement that Syria must choose between maintaining its relationship with Iran and peaceful international relations. According to Olmert, “the peace negotiations depend on Syria. There is no place solely for overtures, Syria must decide between Iran, the axis of evil and international isolation, or peace and prosperity. The peace negotiations depend on Syria.” However, Israel is continuing with the negotiations, in order to give Syria a genuine alternative, so that it may make the right decision.
2. Beatitg drum from both sides!
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.02.08)
3. israeli collapse
alexi   (08.02.08)
Ahmadinejad says israel will collapse. Under Olmert, he is right. Ehud says we have to leave E. Jerusalem because of 3 incidents, soon we will leave gallilee. Ehud rattles under any pressure, he is such a coward, really unbelievable. Barak is not much better and Mofaz is not really that good. yaalon will clean up the IDF.Olmert is the worst representative of the jewish people and has devalued israel terribly.
4. beware the left
ben Ish   (08.02.08)
It is common fable in the US that republican presidents are war mongers; that the conservatives are the ones that start wars. Too bad no one ever checks the facts. The US enters the biggest wars under democrat/liberal presidents. FACTS: Vietnam: LB Johnson, a democrat Laos: JF Kennedy, a democrat Korea: HS Truman, a democrat WW2: FDR, (fair or not) a democrat WW1: Woodrow Wilson, a democrat Civil war: Abe Lincoln, a republican, but he started the war on a liberal position. i.e., federal power over states rights. Check your facts. WW1 and Vietnam started when a republican in the white house, but the US did not join in until a liberal was in office. SO. If Obama wins in 08, beware O Israel, what emboldens Iran/Syria, with economic support of Russia and China. Obama will not protect us, and the rest of the world knows it too.
5. almost forgot some details
ben Ish   (08.02.08)
Korea: Eisenhower, a republican ended it. Vietnam: Nixon, a republican ended it. even the so called "Cold war": Started under a liberal, ended under a conservative. Berlin wall came down while Reagan was in office. Truman, a democrat, put American troops in Taiwan. Eisenhower, a republican, pulled them out. It was under a democrat, Kennedy, that Russia felt confident enough to deploy live nukes to Cuba. It was a liberal that took a military stance against China. It was a liberal woman (Hillary) that insulted the Chinese premier, at dinner, and took him to task over human rights in public. I'm sure Henry Kissinger would have been proud. or NOT. Learn from history. What would David do? Wait for an Obama or Hussein or Barak to help Israel? Hmmm, I wonder.
6. The Consequences of Olmertism
Joe K ,   formerly Jerusalem   (08.02.08)
Since the Lebanon War when Olmert's incompetence and or perfidy was apparent, I among many had been warning of the dangers to Israel born of manifest weakness. Here you have it, in this article. The US will back the strong players, and if that means abandoning Israel, a move made easy by Olmert having remained in power and doing such irreversible damage, the US will do so. We see this now in the shift. Look at what the US did to Taiwan vis a vis mainland China. By the lunatic left pursuing Oslo, appeasement, and their own intellectual masterbation rather than paying attention to reality, Israel has become undone. Daniel Pipes has pointed this out in a recent Opinion piece were he calls into question the sanity of Israeli politicians in their pursuing talks with Syria or Palestinian partners who cannot deliver. Woe is Israel that has allowed itself to be brought into such a trap by the Perfidy of Political Pigmies. Opportunists, those that joined Kadima. Opportunists, those that perpetuate the present political system. Maybe it's time for the people who can to get out, before the sins of Israeli politicians bring the country down to its knees. I weep at the tragedy of Israel having waited so long to vomit out these moronic leaders.
7. either the talks are a ploy or
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (08.02.08)
Assad is schizophrenic
8. Zionist regime is weak
bored ,   USA   (08.03.08)
of course he thinks the Zionist regime is weak. Look at the way Olmert is so desperate to have a handshake or "talks" with Syria.
9. To #1
Samir ,   Canada   (08.03.08)
Syria do not believe peace is achievable with Israel. the talk and negotiation has been going on for years now for that piece of land Golan. Israel think it is holding a gold treasure and the Syrian are eager to return it. Israeli making “chantage” in negotiations as much as they could ,but the reality and from Syrian thought is totally different. Golan is full of Druze Syrian that historically were source of trouble and collaboration with enemy. So getting back fully disarmed and almost no sovereignty on Golan hights in exchange get some Druze minority and open up the country for Israel and make a trade doesn’t sound very encouraging taking into account the benefit from peace Egypt and Jordan so far have achieved. So you can keep holding Golan we are okay without it, and putting condition like breaking ties with Iran seems laughable.
10. Syria and Iran are unbreakable Allies
Brod ,   USA   (08.03.08)
Those who think they can make peace with Syria and the latter can become angel and break its relationship with Iran, are falling right into the trap of Syrian TAQIYYAH-Deception. Land for peace is not peace. It is fake or crap peace. Why should tiny Israel give away more of its GOD-given biblical and historic land to the ravenous wolves whose vast land spans from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean? Genuine peace can only be achieved when two peoples or nations are ready to make peace without preconditions such as land for peace. Until the enemy is ready to make peace without precondition of getting a piece of Israel's historic land, Israel must never volunteer such crap peace. Always be reminded by what Islamist-Jihadist/Koran Scholar and former Professor of Koranic Interpretations at Al Azhar University, Omar Abdel Rahman, said, "There is no surah (chapter) called 'Peace.' Jihad and killing are the head of Islam. If you take them out, you cut off the head of Islam." (p.24, "Islam and Terrorism" [2002] by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD).
11. This is a classic case of the midget monkey meets the
villiage idiot!!!! ,   Rueben, Israel   (08.03.08)
12. And Germany / Austria / Switzerl continue to support Regime
Elly ,   Vienna, Austria   (08.03.08)
What is so disgusting is that Germany, Austria and Switzerland continue to support and assist this rotten regime by huge trade deals with it.
13. So Called Peace Talks
Sam ,   L.A., USA   (08.03.08)
In case anyone is unsure about Assad's true intentions, he is stating them right here. The Golan will change NOTHING! Jordan and Egypt were not still calling Israel the "weak Zionist regime" when they were making peace overtures with Israel. To Syria and it's allies Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. all these "peace" talks are a means to an end - an end to Israel. I am not opposed to giving up the Golan for peace, just not a fake, temporary peace that will end up costing us a lot more in the long run. Have him address Israel with respect and dignity, if he wants the valuable Golan!
14. Assad's verbal masturbation
shaldag ,   East Windsor, USA   (08.03.08)
Now I understand why Assad went to Iran; he did so to learn how how speak like his pal Ahmadinejad. What a myopic this ophthalmologist (or is he an optometrist) this individual turned out to be.
ALAN ,   USA   (08.03.08)
16. Syria
Rafael ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (08.03.08)
During the meeting Assad stressed that the ongoing indirect talks between Israel and Syria under Turkish mediation would not affect Damascus' ties to Iran. "Syria is working to embolden its relations with Tehran and is determined to maintain its cooperation and coordination with Iran." And the Olmert government is currently seeking peace with this???
17. Assad: Zionist regime weak
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.03.08)
He's right ann Olmert , Mofaz and co think we can get a Peace deal with them and lever them away from Iran !!??? Get real ! As you are that stupid that qualifies you to be PM
18. Syrian choice between Iran and peace.
Robert Bernier   (08.03.08)
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited Iran, even as Syrian and Israeli negotiators are slated to continue talks in mid-August. Al-Assad's visit answers the Israeli demand that Syria choose between Iran and peace. Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Iranian Legislative Council, the Majlis, told Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mualem that Iran and Syria both play important roles in thwarting ongoing threats to the Muslim world. Therefore, he called for expanding bilateral cooperation and coordination in light of current regional and global conditions. More about Syria at :
19. Assad in Tehran: Talks with Israel won't affect relations wi
student ,   middle east   (08.03.08)
assad is starnge. he wants to talk with isreal. Talk is talk direct or indirect. Isreal will collapse soon. No doubt. Assad wants to satisfy both sides. this is funny.
20. 6# Taiwan doesn't control the oil taps and shipping lanes
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.03.08)
for oil. Do you really believe President Bush isn't going to bomb their facilities to oblivion after the election? This is blood...oil...flowing through the world's arteries and veins. Bush will not tolerate this country having nuclear weapons to blackmail the world with its ambitions of grandeur. They won't let a country that could be a major threat to oil supplies, with nuclear weapons, stay the course. Iran is getting bombed. Ahmadinenut can't see the writing on the wall. What has Bush to lose after the November 4th election? Nothing! Iran's Nuclear facilities are history. The Mullah's are going to be asking for brooms to clean up the mess in three months. They do want to test out the new F-22's after all. Divine strake needs to be tested also.
22. Honey, I shrunk the Irainians.
Fradi ,   NY, US and A   (08.03.08)
23. # 13 Sam from L.A
Larry ,   Zefat israel   (08.03.08)
How nice to hear that from the safety of L.A you are not opposed to giving away the Golan .I live very near to the Golan ,spitting distance in fact and would have to suffer the consequences,G-d fordid ,of such actions.Therefore I am extremely opposed.
24. Why is assad?
Larry ,   Zefat israell   (08.03.08)
Why is the Eye doctor Assad standing next to Michael Jackson's per Monkey in this photo?
25. # 13 already have peace with Golan
Larry ,   Zefat israel   (08.03.08)
Dear Sam ,with respect ,Israel has enjoyed more than 3 decades of quiet on the Border with Syria ,lets keep it that way .No need to give away any of our precious land and water ,especially to those who hate us.From where I live in Sefat you could see the whites of syrian soldiers eyes if they were on Golan.Thanks but no thanks.
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