Report: Syria's liaison officer to Hizbullah assassinated
Roee Nahmias
Published: 03.08.08, 08:29
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1. how long will it take before Israel get the blame for this
2. syria
sas ,   israel   (08.03.08)
soon they will blame us as they do with everything else.
3. it was either US or israel, sorry #s 1&2, they have allaby
jerusalem   (08.03.08)
all talking about who has the "real and serious danger" while overlooking their own actions. and its not like both the US and israel hasnt done it in the past.
4. He got "fired" from his job.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.03.08)
5. its Rosh Hodesh we can sing Hallel! :)
6. Terry, thanks for the chuckle
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.03.08)
7. David and Judith knew exactly what to do...
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (08.03.08)
Forget about focusing on the little fish, just cut off the head. Get rid of Nasrullah, Mashaal, and Haniyeh, and then see how much Israel's security - and its image - improve!!! Olmert's cowardly policy of appeasment has only brought more terror, danger and death. The Middle East is a tough neighborhood, only strength is respected.
8. Assad Cleaning his House
Walid ,   Riyadh   (08.03.08)
and prepositioning for something major to come. Most probably it's the destruction of Iran and its croonies in Lebanon. Countdown just started!!!
9. #8 Walid, Riyadh KSA
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.03.08)
I didn't understand the basis for your comment. Would you care to elaborate?
10. #6 Chaim, Israel. Occupational hazard.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.03.08)
No job security. He probably didn't pay his dues to the Terrorist Union.
11. Probably...
Franklin ,   Paris   (08.03.08)
The killer of Mughnieh.... Score : Nassrallah/Assad : 1 - 1
12. #8 wishful thinking
Joseph ,   Israel   (08.03.08)
Suleiman was probably shot by Saudi / American funded forces but this is not the countdown you hope for. For years your Kingdom incited against the Jews and Israel and made itself rich while millions starved. Now that Shia has defeated Israel in Lebanon and Islamic forces are winning in Gaza, it is too late for you. The starving millions will support Iran, Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Islamic brotherhood. Lebanon will fall and so will your Kingdom. Assad knows if even if you don't. Buy a British passport and enjoy.
13. Terry # 9
Walid ,   Riyadh   (08.03.08)
I mean that it's natural when the Capo de Caputo wants to hide his dirty deeds he starts by whacking his Lieutenants. Gen Suleiman is the liason officer between Hizbo and the Syrian regime, so I believe if Assad wants to exit the awkward relationship with Iran he starts by shutting the mouths of people who are aware of sensitive issues (some say that the assasination of Hariri was in collaboration between Syria & Iran via Hizzie). Assad Jr. might have sensed the winds of change blowing, and wants to preserve his rule, so Gen Suleiman was the first to go thus signalling his intent to let Hizzie hang dry in the wind. As to Assad's visit to Tehran yesterday i believe he's sending a signal to the world that he's a nice guy and at the same time saving face towards the Iranians. Awaiting your comments!
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