Israeli physicians perform surgeries in Gaza
Hagai Einav
Published: 04.08.08, 00:15
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1. These ARAB doctors should just stay there
Antonio ,   Haifa   (08.04.08)
We don't need them or their services in this country. Jewish doctors ONLY, and let the Arabs take care of their own.
2. to 1 I don't think he is Arab and I am glad he does it
Jew ,   Israel   (08.04.08)
3. Hashem says:
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.04.08)
"If you do not drive out the land's inhabitants before you,those who remain shall be barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides,causing you troubles in the land that you settle.I will then do to YOU what I originally planned to do to them". These two doctors should stay in Gaza! If Israel followed Hashem,Who is pure common sense(even when we don't see it clear sometimes),it would act so. Hopefully is comming near the time when enemies are not going to have room in this country anymore. Hopefully is comming near the time when Israel is going to be clean ,with a strong zephyr around it ,shunning firmly any evil trying to come in its direction.
4. These doctors are Palestinians
News Reader   (08.04.08)
who stayed in Palestine after 1948 when the land was taken over by zionists and called it Israel. Patients, including babies are dying because of the siege. This is a war crime. Where are the Jews who pretend belonging to the Light among the Nation?
5. Thank you Haaret for this article.
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (08.04.08)
Best news since long time. Thank you Kassis and thank you Mustafa.
6. is this news??
7. What is the matter? They cannot be treated in the
Gail ,   USA   (08.04.08)
22 Arab dictatorships?
8. Let the Hamastanis treat them. Don't they like
Dale ,   USA   (08.04.08)
9. #1 Blame the Jews who taught them!
Wendy ,   USA   (08.04.08)
The tolerant liberal Jews want to destroy Israel.
10. Helping people vs. cursing Israel
Zvi   (08.04.08)
When given the choice between helping Gazan children and attacking Israel, these 2 doctors make the decent & human choice - they help patients. Contrast this with most anti-Israel leaders, activists, etc. who ALWAYS choose to attack Israel rather than doing the real work to make life better for actual Palestinian people. From the article, it appears that these are two decent & honest men who are simply trying to make life a little better. Tikkun Olam is a Jewish concept, but Arabs can engage in it too. The two doctors should be honored for their work.
11. logic vs reality
josef ,   usa   (08.04.08)
i agee totally that this is a wonderful humanitarian act. i am a physician and i applaud the medical component of these doctors motive. HOWEVER, let us not be naive and idealistic enough to think for one second that the radical islamists will see it the way I and so many of your readers will. There is a radical element that has only one agenda. Which is the elimination of Israel and Western society. This article is not going to suddenly change their agenda because they see acts of humanity and acts of kindness.. THEY STILL WANT ALL OF US ELIMINATED. In fact they view our humanity as a sign weaknsess (i.e. recent negotiations to retrieve the remains of our brave soldiers). Let's be realistic and less idealistic. Idealism is wonderful but will lead to our annihalation. WE need to remain stong, sharp and aggressive.
12. # - STFU you idiot.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.04.08)
13. #1 - Shame on you
Don ,   Michigan   (08.04.08)
The main reaction you had to this story is that Arab doctors should leave Israel? To use a medical term: sick. Maybe the idea expressed that Jewish and Arab doctors -- and professionals for that matter -- could help bridge the divide between the Jewish and the Arab population. I'm not naive, but I'm not hateful either. Think over you attitude on the human level.
14. Who is treating Shalit?
igor ,   nyc   (08.04.08)
It's one thing to be humanitarian, another to be a sucker.
15. if they really cared.
jsm   (08.04.08)
If they really cared they would stay there with there fellow arabs who need them.
16. to Antonio #1
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (08.04.08)
Not just blind... not just dumb... just stupid. What breed of animal are you?
17. Israel physicians in Gaza
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.04.08)
Bet you won't see that in the world press, BBC, Al Jezeera, CNN
18. allow other non-Israeli doctors, as well
it's a breach of the truce and international law to ban access to medical treatment.
19. to #1 Fool
britbreh ,   london   (08.04.08)
you are a fool 'antonio' if you only want jewish doctors. 1. segregation is a big problem and you will probably be the first to cry if 'israeli arab' doctors refused you treatment because you are jewish 2. its well known the arabs were the best doctors in the world for centuries. while you 'civilised' people in the west were amputating limbs left right and centre, arabs were innovative and performed complex surgical procedures 1000 years ago. so thats that, you fool. idiot
20. gaza doctors
israel ,   israel   (08.04.08)
will the gazans let in jewish nationals to be their doctors?
21. gaza
jew ,   israel   (08.04.08)
are jews OK? or are only arabs trained by jews OK?
22. israeli doctors
israeli ,   israel   (08.04.08)
is israel the jewish state? is gaza part of the jewish state? is gaza an independent nation? is gaza dependant on neighboring jews to help its people? do gazans just want to kill jews, but accept the value of the jews(who they unfortunately failed to murder) who train other arabs to heal their people? does anyone understand what"s goin on here? is everone afraid of the truth?
23. medicine can bring the 2 sides together
gaza lover ,   israel   (08.04.08)
"I believe medicine is one of the fields that can bring the two sides together," Dr. Kassis said. who are the two sides dr. kassis? jews and arabs? israelis and gazans? clarifying this issue will bring peace to the middle east . it will also bring peace to the world. if you have the courage to answer this question honestly, dr. kassis i think that you can save the world.
24. gaza medicine
talkback ,   tel aviv israel   (08.04.08)
Dr. Kassis, Why has it been ten years since your last visit to gaza? ( In 1998, he embarked on a similar mission when landing with a medical crew at the Dahaniya airport in Gaza. “The situation today is worse than it was back then, both in technologically and equipment-wise.” )
Thank God for these 2 doctors. As for Antonio of Haifa - are you carrying the genes of your grandparents or parents persecutors of the 1930's?
26. Antonio #1 is RIGHT!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.04.08)
27. Igor #14 is RIGHT!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.04.08)
28. my cousin, 25 yeras old was sick and...
Dr. Raed ,   nablus   (08.04.08)
with hepatic failure. we tried for 3 days to transfer her to hadassah , they asked for money to be deposited before taking her, we managed to have the money after 3 days , but my cousin had passed away.....thanks for the israelis!!!!!
29. To Antonio
Hasan ,   Gaza   (08.04.08)
I believe that Antonio does not even think of humanity or even life itself. These Arab doctors are treating Israelis as well. They saved the lives of many Israelis just the same way they did with the kids in Gaza. I think that it is better not to show hatred and prejudice in this way
30. #28, 29,
Antonio ,   Haifa   (08.04.08)
28: I'm glad that this happenedand hope the same fate will happen to you unless you move to one of your own Arab countries. Next time, seek treatment elsewhere. 29: I don't care how many Jews they may have saved. There PLENTY of Israeli doctors who would've saved them instead. There are plenty of Israelis who would've gladly taken their places in medical schools and would've become superior doctors. You Arabs are good for nothing and we don't need you here. Get lost.
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