Parents forget 4-year-old daughter at airport
Eli Senyor
Published: 04.08.08, 08:33
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1. besides the obvious negligence of the parents...
there is a huge security puncture here How is a flight allowed to take off without a final confirmation and match of the number of passengers on the flight manifest and the number of passengers actually boarded on the plane?
2. Wow..... The parents... something else....
My gosh.... I got 4 children myself and been in a hurry plenty of times but never forgot one of them..... poor girl... she's gonna remember this for sure...............
3. Let's not blow things out of proportion...
shira_z ,   J'slm, Israel   (08.04.08)
Things can happen, esp a large(ish) family on a really busy day at the airport. They each prob thought that the other, or an older child, was with her. When my dad was a baby, my granpa once forgot him at the store... And once, when I was little, my mom and her friend went to the store w all of their kids + our cousins... well no one was forgotten but my mom started herding an extra kid along w us!
4. #1; "Security" at Natbag
Brian ,   Raanana, IL   (08.04.08)
Security at BGN doesn't seem to live up to its reputation at times. Last April I accidentally went through the x-ray check with a rather large Swiss Army knife in my backpack. The guard manning the x-ray machine didn't discover it, and I only realized I took it on the plane after I landed in Rome for a connecting flight and the Italians spotted it on x-ray and seized it. Maybe they're better at finding bombs. Who knows.
5. Child left alone at the airport
Millicent ,   Israel   (08.04.08)
I don't care how much of a rush a parent is in, how does one forget a child at the airport? When my kids were little I use to travel with them alone to the US,I would keep them next to me at all times, and when it came time to board I would hold their hands until I sat with them on the plane. What is happening to today's parents, these two seem to be scatter brained, and should be investigated when they return ,not only for neglect, but given a parenting course! I just hope they don't forget their daughter in Paris somewhere! They should put a tag on her just incase while they are in Paris, with the girl's name and the hotel they are staying at, as this could happen again!
6. #1 & 4 - Priorities
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (08.04.08)
Israeli security is based on the concept that "people kill people" as opposed to a focus on the weapons. They are checking YOU out first. What the US and an increasing number of other countries - who lack the 6th sense of Israelis - do, is obsess and waste time over nail files while the next Bin Laden flies around free because his number for a random check didn't come up.
7. No Excuse.
Paul ,   LA, USA   (08.04.08)
No excuse. Regardless of the pressure or the circumstances, descent parent(s) will never forget a child. Didn't they strap their children once on the plane. Didn't they notice an empty seat. These are selfish, self-centered people who have a lot of clearning up to do before they can call themselves good parents. Imagine sitting on plane with your family and not taking a moment to ensure everyone is safe and taken care of. Since this never seemed to have happened, the parents should go for therapy and have professional monitoring from Social Services.
9. forgetting children
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.04.08)
And what about parents who forget a child in their car ? In such cases there is no "happy end" as at BG airport , but a tragic one .
10. #3, #5, #7, #9
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (08.04.08)
Yes, at least it wasn't the car. A couple of years ago a man forgot both his hat and his daughter in a his car -- after a couple of hours he went back for his hat, and even then didn't realise his daughter, who was found dead in the morning, was stil there. According to one of the Hebrew papers, it wan't the first time these parents were neglectful of their children.
11. Re: Security at Natbag
Jameel ,   The Muqata Blog   (08.04.08)
Regarding "security" concerns at NatBag -- yes, knives, guns and bullets have gone through, but the bottom line is the most important. Racial profiling at the airport is far more accurate and effective. The proof is, while a gun or knife MAY have gone through the xray scan, they owner of it wasnt a terrorist! They didn't use it and they werent a threat. Granted, it would have been better had it not gone through, which is why xray technicians have been fired for missing items, the bottom line is that our security is the best around. Jameel @ The Muqata
12. child let at airport
sas ,   israel   (08.04.08)
the parents should go to jail for negligence. where was security??????? they did not have the correct number of passengers on board the aircraft.......??????????????someone goofed up there too??????that plane never should have taken off........according to the rules. or a suitcase should have been removed.
13. ...ppl here accuse Pal's of Neglecting our children!
Hani   (08.04.08)
This goes to prove the opposite! We might indoctrinate them on the injustice that befell our people since 1948 but we would never, NEVER leave them behind in other countries!!! What a joke, how jewish kids are treated!
14. At least we don't raise them to become Shaheeds, Hani.
Tahl ,   Israel   (08.04.08)
15. #3 - are you retarded?
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.04.08)
16. #13 - No, Hani - you indoctrinate them....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.04.08)
to commit suicide! That girl wandering around Jewish Ben Gurion Airport was safter than any child watching Hamas TV in her own living room. You are seriously demented. And, by the way, people like you ARE the injustice that befalls your people, over and over and over again since 1948. Your kind should have been picking pineaples in your own Palestinian State for decades now if you didn't hate us more than you you love your children.
17. "home alone" # 4?(end)
mark ,   ca   (08.04.08)
18. Child abuse and neglect
E. Rauch ,   Bnei Brak   (08.04.08)
Child abuse and neglect exist in Israel. According to statistics of the Ministry of Welfare (Misrad ha-Revaha) its prevalence is a bit higher among the Israeli Arabs than among the non-religious Jews and a bit higher among the non-religious Jews than among the religious. The average prevalence of child abuse and neglect in Israel is as high as in Western Europe. What is shocking is that the adults who found the child in the airport decided to send it to Paris instead of handing it over to the social workers of the Ministry of Welfare. This child needs a couple of kind and loving foster parents, not a vacation in Paris.
19. # 13 How Often Do You Read a Story Like This
Thomas   (08.04.08)
versus of arab parents celebrating the death of their children? That you lie to them about 1948 is not the least of what you do.
20. A couple of times a child was forgotten in
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.04.08)
the family auto. Unfortunately the children died. You need to take lessons and pass a test to become a driver,but nothing to become a parent.
21. this family had 18 SUITCASES with them, a report on yahoo
debra ,   usa   (08.04.08)
said. these parents are nuts.
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