Iran submits nuclear letter, no mention of freeze
Published: 05.08.08, 14:28
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1. Do we trust Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?
Robert Bernier   (08.05.08)
Missiles with a range of 6,000 km, launched from Iran, can hit not only any Middle Eastern countries, but also any target in Europe, including targets in Britain, China, Russia, and India. Iran has installed 6,000 centrifuges for the purpose of enriching uranium, but continues to deny it is trying to develop atomic bombs. However, there was "no logic" in Iran working diligently towards producing long-range ballistic missiles unless it planned to couple such missiles with nuclear warheads. As to nuclear Iran and Islam see :
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.05.08)
Why was Iran supposed to talk about the 'freeze' without first getting response from the 5+1? The way we understand is that Iran made some counter proposals and was ALSO waiting for an answer.So,if the 'freezing' clause is missing in their response,why does it matter?
3. Iran's nuke letter
IKemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.05.08)
Playing for more time while going full speed ahead for Nukes and Solana and co will give it to them
4. Freezing is not sufficient
Septimus ,   Rome   (08.05.08)
Iran has do dismantle all is terrorist nuclear apparatus or other will have to act to obtain that objective. We will never let that criminal governement get hands on nukes. Delenda Iran est. period.
5. Iran's nuclear program is legal and open.
Persian CAT   (08.05.08)
A couple of countries in the world have including Israel, which has targeted every major population center in the ME and maybe beyond by its "secret" and illegal nukes, are trying their best to deprive Iran of its legitimate national rights. There is not a shred of evidence that Iran is building nukes. Therefore Iran cannot pay any attention to rumors, gossips and innuendos propagated by its enemies. For everyone to feel safer, Israel must joint the NPT and make its illicit nukes open to monitoring and inspections by the IAEA. Until then Israel has no right to demand anything from Iran.
6. Europe and USA insist to "walk to Canossa" Teheran...
Claudia ,   Germany   (08.05.08)
Iran keeps spitting in the European and American faces and these are still believing it's just the rain. They must have a good laugh in Teheran regarding our helplessness and obedience. Lets be honest who else, except we ourselves can still take us European and Americans seriously?
7. To Claudia 6 exact but it is
Septimus ,   Rome   (08.05.08)
Time to get our pride back and act according to honour. Sometimes war is better than a dishonouring peace. We won't let the criminal leadership of Iran get hands on nuke, even if we have to go to war to prevent that. At least there are still countries ready and planning for that ! The days aof the criminal mullah junta are numbered
8. You people are bonkers
Daniel ,   Canada   (08.06.08)
You who have commented have been so traumatized by the media you can no longer distinguish between fiction and reality. your on a downward spiral
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