Arab-Israeli suspected of contacting Hizbullah agent
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 06.08.08, 10:54
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1. Do I have to comment?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.06.08)
If you don't understand the significance of this treason nothing I can say will penetrate your skull.
2. Throw him out.
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.06.08)
3. No mercy for traitors
Septimus ,   Rome   (08.06.08)
Hang the Shia traitor to a crane in the central place of his hometown. Revoke the citizenship of his whole family; destroy their home; And deport them to Lebanon or to Iran ! Time to get words into cation against that shia squid that threatened the whole middle east.
4. Arab towns in Israel
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.06.08)
Arab towns in Israel has transformed our land in a dangerous swiss chese. If these puke israeli politicians keep too long in their stupid,imbecile rethoric -and acts- trying to "include"arabs more and more among us,the short term result will be simply disastrous. It is amazing that for many this fact hasn't became clear yet. Must be the brainwashing media that has impeded people to think properly and has made them lose the instict of self preservation.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (08.06.08)
There was a famous Rabbi who warned us more then 30 years ago about the Fifth column as a growing enemy within. Of-course in keeping with the good old secular anti religious principles of our elite Herzelist state he was evicted from Israel. Even mentioning his name would be an sacrilegious insult to our Herzelists, who rather get their butts seriously kicked in the near future , then admit , that he was totally right about everything he predicted that would happen. Also Rav Cook wrote that if the Herzelists would only use the symbols of the Judaism and not integrate them, they would turn against Judaism. In essence our problems here are not with the Muslims, they understand the holiness of the land very well. It is as usual an internal problem. This is not a war about land but about religion, but for the Herzelists to recognize that, would mean the end to their secular religion and vulgar culture, they so crafty created. Herzelism is the Jewish version of communism or fascism, which creates its own version of historical facts ,with a brainwashing media and schooling system. Herzl and Ben Gourion are to Herzelism, what general Franco was to fascism and MaoTsetung to Chinese communism.
6. This is the consequence of the Beilin-type Jews in Israel
Frank ,   USA   (08.06.08)
They want to destroy Israel!
7. A Fake Case!
Truth Seeker ,   Pakistan   (08.06.08)
Quote: "Other Qalansuwa natives residing in Germany were experiencing financial difficulties and could be possible candidates for recruitment to Hizbullah." To work for Hizbollah in Europe is on one's life risk. Nobody specially a German facing financial difficulty can take risk of life to get some money.
8. Stop the outrageous behavior of the “Israeli” Arabs.
Robert Bernier   (08.06.08)
While the police could end the atmosphere of lawlessness by enforcing the laws already on the books, the government can take positive steps to reverse the trends toward radicalization of Israeli Arab society. It can pass regulations barring anti-Zionist propaganda in public school curricula and sanctioning the immediate firing of public school teachers who teach students to hate Israel. It can suspend government funding of municipalities and local councils that do not enforce building codes. It can set up well-paid community police comprised of loyal citizens. The government can prosecute Arab politicians and leaders who treat with the enemy for treason.
9. Number one
Shlomo The Homo ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.06.08)
The number thing that could endanger the existence of Israel is it's Arab citizens. Sooner or later they number will be huge and sooner or later they will turn on Israel.
10. #8 Robert
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.06.08)
How can this all you say happen if we don't even see the Israeli Police in arab enclaves? Arabs simply do whatever they want in Israel,indisturbed. A Police station should stand in every km square in arab enclaves and Jews,especially religious,should be encoraged to build in these enclaves,forcing arabs to leave,or to live under our laws. Arab schools should be incessantly monitorated. The more Israel releases its presence ,the more and more arabs gain space and get ready for their taken over-their clear intent.
11. Yalla!!! to the gallows
Kim ,   Israel   (08.06.08)
Then cut the family off from any money they might be receiving. Then post them off to Gaza or Fatty Nasrallah's cave, somewhere in the Boondoks.
12. Israeli arabs
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (08.06.08)
One of this days we will have to finally admit that "Israeli arabs" is another of the big lies that Ben Gurion used in order to build a viable country. We all know that bottom line we are not equal (thanks G we are not) not in opportunities nor in nothing. We all know that we are afraid of telling them that this situation is got a price and that it's not only rights what they get, also obligations, at least obligation to be loyal to the State of Israel. That is why we are housing enemies and slowly going down in morale. To live with this lies you have to have very clear that the most important thing is the country and that personal feelings or thoughts are not allowed to run against it . But we are not educating patriots, just freedom lovers.
13. #10 doesn't have a problem making a fool of herself
Secular ,   Israel   (08.06.08)
on a daily basis with her inadequate knowledge.
14. to 4
Observer ,   Melbourne   (08.06.08)
The arab population are an integral part of Israel's people. They form 20%of the total population. So, you have to learn to live together. Excluding them will make the problem worse. If you look at the demographic growth in Israel. You can clearly notice that after 1948, the arab population growth rate is exceeding the Jews population growth rate. I guess, You have a very serious problem to deal with.
15. #14 What you say is one more reason for Israel
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.06.08)
to change its current concept in how to deal with arabs.The soon,the best! Arabs do not belong to Israel.Nobody should be forced to live with whom they don't feel. ME is too big for Jews to be forced to live among those we don't want.And what keeps the majority of arabs living in Israel is just self serving interest,since this is the best place for them to live;or greedyness,since they are not satisfied in controling 22 huge countries in ME,but want to control the whole world,including Israel. We don't want it.We have an ancient preject and this project will keep being fullfiled,whether you like it or not. Soon ,hopefully,is comming a leader who will set things the way they must be.
16. if true, he does not represent Israeli- arabs
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (08.06.08)
you can incite all you want, if what is reported is true, readers need to know that he does not represent Israeli-Arabs as the majority not only is loyal to the country but also many serve in the IDF and police force. The fact that inciters refuse to see is that the number of Israeli-arabs volunteering for IDF and other forms of national service is on the rise
17. To Rami 16
Septimus ,   Rome   (08.06.08)
One should not discriminate a whole comunity for the wrongdoing of some, but Isarel should take action against the traitors and their families; It means execution of the traitor after a due form trial, and revocation of citizenship for his family, destruction of their home and expulsion to Lebanon. To the other hand, one should help and support loyal Israeli arab to make their living in Israel and help them as every other citizen. This is a fair handling of these cases. Loyalty should be rewarded, treason punished. period.
18. #16 - Rami, Please qualify your statements...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (08.06.08)
Please qualify your statements, Rami. How exactly are you defining Israeli Arab when you say that the number of them volunteering in the Tzahal and National Service is on the rise? Are you including the Druze and the Bedouin into your figures? If so, the "the number of Israeli-arabs volunteering for IDF and other forms of national service" can easily be explained away by natural, normal population growth. What is more important for me to know, as an Israeli Jew, are the current figures and trends among non-Druze and non-Bedouin Israeli Arabs with regards to the IDF and/or National Service. This, for me, is the most telling piece of evidence regarding whether or not we truly have a "fifth column" in our midst and if there truly is a silent majority of Israeli Arabs that are loyal to the state. Please don't make the mistake of labeling my questions as incitement. These questions are valid regardless of whether or not they are politically correct. I look forward to reading your response...
19. Who observes the Observers, #14?
Ben ,   USA   (08.08.08)
Excluding those who wish to destroy the Jewish State will make the problem better. Want to try putting the shoe on the other foot? Typical liberal knee-jerk response. Accuse the Israeli descendents of Jewish victims of Nazi Germany of emulating the Nazis' zenophobic tactics. The problem with that tactic is: there was no widespread effort by European Jews to overthrow European states. Organizations like Hizbullah desire to destroy Israel as a Jewish state and sympathize with efforts to destroy the West's character as a non-Muslim culture. So, yes, excluding terrorists will make the problem better. Now Israel has to figure out how to hunt down the terrorists. Maybe I should start naming myself on Ynet as "Ralph Waldo Emerson's Transparent Eye-ball"? There really is nothing more self-congratulatory than imagining oneself to have the Third-Person Omniscient point-of-view of an "Observer" on all matters. It must be difficult being a god-like, completely neutral "Observer" looking down on us ego-driven ant-people, unable to obtain a detached perspective. Right, Observer?
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