Rice: US won't tell Israel yes or no
Published: 07.08.08, 17:48
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1. I hope that this is the truth, let Israel decide
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (08.07.08)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.07.08)
You can get the answer but the Iranian way,not American.If you want it the American way..................the answer is NO!!!!!!!!!!!! If you,however,want it the Iranian way,you will have it at the Iranian convenience.Make a choice.
3. She is being disingenuous.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.07.08)
Contingency plans have already been made. It is inconceivable that the US is not prepared for an eventual Israeli strike on Iran or a strike of their own. We will not know anything until it happens. And neither will the Iranians. Don't you just love surprises?
4. Israel orders US who/where to invade: Iraq down, Iran to go
Ric ,   USA   (08.07.08)
Rice couldn't get Israel to grant exit permits for 4 Palestinian Fulbright scholars and you expect Condi to ORDER Israel for war, total baloney.
5. Hahaha isn't too early for April fools?
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.08)
I would like to believe you Madam Secretary but it's tough to believe in anything your administration says or do!
6. USA
Baibars ,   Denver USA   (08.07.08)
If the USA didn't want Israel to go they would say no... They want Israel to go but don't want to say it.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.07.08)
Of course contigencies plans have been made.................nothing new to us.The fact that USA will also get involved is also a certainty.................once again,nothing new to us.Now come the seem to be so certain that Iranians will be surprised......ok,we agree to your prediction,however,dont be surprised if they are not surprised and know EXACTLY what is going on prior to it happening.
8. Punishment on its way
Septimus ,   Rome   (08.07.08)
The answer to the iranian mad governement is already at sea: two additional US carriers are on their way to the gulf. The day of the Ahmadinejad regime are numbered, very soon the Iranian nuclear program will reveal to be yet another mistake the Shia facist entity comitted, perhaps its last one..
9. #4. You lie.
Jake   (08.07.08)
I see Israel serves as your convenient scapegoat. Israel did provide exit visas for the 4 Gazan Fulbright scholars, if you had even bothered to check the facts. It was the United States that refused to grant them entry visas on the grounds that they constitute a threat to the United States, not Israel. (How many Iraqi refugees did the United States turn down for the sam reason?) When in doubt, blame Israel, right?
10. the u.s. is fearful of sky high oil prices, if iran is hit.
debra ,   usa   (08.07.08)
i think this is holding back a strike on iran's nuke sites by the u.s. and i doubt if bush supports an attack by israel for the same reasons---oil prices hitting the stratosphere.
11. SEPTIMUS....................................#8
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.07.08)
Two aircraft carriers on the way?Aren't they the same ones whose sailors put up with the Persian Gulf heat last year?Oh yes, they are just being rotated.Welcome the carriers. Your talk-back suggests that you have been fooled by an Iranian in business,have you?Why are you after Shias?You have them in plentiful as your new neighbours.
12. Israel Should NOT Get Involved.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (08.07.08)
Quote :".. USA would not "say yes or no" to an Israeli military strike on Iran ". Iran's uranium-enrichment program is a problem of USA, EU, Russia and China -- it is NOT Israel's problem. IF they (i.e. USA, EU, Russia and China) want to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities, they should do that, that is their lookout, that is their problem -- Israel should NOT get involved in that MESS ; Israel should NOT make her hands dirty. WHY should Israel always have to solve the problems for the world ?? There is NO need for it !!! LET them (i.e. USA, EU, Russia and China) take care of the world's problem -- for a change.
13. Its almost showtime. After the 9th day of AV..
Efroim ,   Washington DC   (08.07.08)
Greenlight will be given soon. If Lebanon or Syria says peep, they will get some too...
14. Maan singh's Israel should not get invoved.
chuck ,   Pune-India   (08.07.08)
sorry maan, you should know the history or the Biblical account where Israel stands.the world is against her and she is againt them, it is unavoidable.she will win-The Lord is her keeper.
15. ridiculous
mordechai taub ,   jerusalem   (08.07.08)
Secretary Rice who has been regularly coming to Israel to give orders to the Prime Minister is the last one the American administration should have sent with the ridiculous message that America doesn't instruct the Israeli government on what to do.
16. rice will lie to you and stab you in the back and smile.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.07.08)
17. Rice won't tell Israel yes or no, she'll just keep nagging
Rice again!   (08.07.08)
about everything else, interfering with our high court decisions, putting presure, telling us off, sticking her nose where it dosen't belong, keep phoning her pal livni to nag about this about that. But no the sweet little angel doesn't interfere at all does she?. I can't wait to get this nudnikit off our collective backs.
18. I agree with Maansingh #12
Jake   (08.07.08)
A mission against Iran is neither in Israel's interest nor in Israel's plans nor is it even feasible, despite the conspiratorial hulabaloo and storm in a teacup created by the usual suspects in the media. Rather, to use an expression the Iranians themselves use, Israel must "sever the hand that strikes it", which in this case are Iran's proxies on Israel's borders, namely Hizbullah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad. The fact is, Israel hasn't bagged them yet. These are the organizations which are acting on Iran's behalf, striking Israel at will, and becoming ever more powerful. Israel must deal with them relentlessly, mercilessly, and harshly until a convincing victory is achieved. A defeat of Hizbullah will be a far harsher blow to the fanatic Islamists ruling Iran than any bombardments of installations in Iran could ever be, which, let's face it, are likely to do little more than dent Iran's nuclear enrichment activities.
19. Wasn't Rice telling Israel "No" before Syrian strike?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.07.08)
It was widely reported that Rice and State were opposed to Israel's strike on Syria's nuclear facility last summer, and only reluctantly relented after yet more intelligence was obtained confirming its significance. We all know how she pressured Israel during the Gaza and Lebanon operations in 2006, pushing for the now inoperative UNSC 1701. She even has her guys on site (Jones, Dayton, et. al.) monitoring Israeli "compliance" with her peace process. So the notion that the US won't say yes or no is ludicrous on its face. Fortunately, in six months she'll be just a bad memory.
20. Mahmood
Tamir ,   Los Angeles   (08.07.08)
Are you in direct talks with ahmadinejad? do you know all about Iran's plans when Israel attacks? I can gaurantee you that Iran is shaking at the thought of an Israeli strike and as prepared as they think they are there is no way they can overcome what Israel has to offer. I can gaurantee you one thing, the days of Jews cowarding at the hands of anti-semites around the world is over. We have our own country now and one of the most sophisticated and advanced militaries on the planet. Jews have always been around and no matter what people have tried to do we will always be around. Iran will be just another speck on the storybooks of history.
21. #12.. the dreamer
Mike Sjovic ,   NY USA   (08.07.08)
you made me laugh with your foolish narcissistic talk back. israel solves world problems!!! can you give me an example that israel solved for the world. israel is THE PROBLEM. no israel no problem...
22. the answer
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.07.08)
the answer is "regime change" and even the state department seems to be lurching to this conclusion. if the islamist regime could sacrifice a miilion of its people in a futile war with iraq, a little less foreign trade isn't going to scare them much. especially if they're busy plotting the end of the world. sanctions will fail, and eventually something will have to be done to stop the crazies from building a bomb. and condi is slowly coming to the fullness of that realization. then america's remaining options will be either an israeli limited strike, a much broader american attack, or covert operations in support of a change of leadership.
23. If Iran abandons nuclear iranian readers
Muhammad ,   Irak (Dohuk)   (08.07.08)
then Iranians will pay the consequences,the only way to avoid an agression of americans is to be armed,reasonable words with americans donĀ“t work,iranians must be ready to any attack,and vigilant on its borders.There is no way to negotiations,there will be a war,sooner or later.
24. I would remind you all ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.07.08)
Ms Rice represents one point of view within the American gov't. There are other opinions. But the final decision is with Pres. Bush. We can all guess what that decision might be, but it is only a guess.
25. The Man From Del Monte says YES. end.
Larry ,   zefat israel   (08.07.08)
26. what a beautiful face ! lol
27. Which From The US State Dept Means: Do It For Us
David ,   Marietta USA   (08.07.08)
This is a first, the US stating that it does not walk Israel like a dog on a leash. It is also an amazing abrogation of duty on the part of the US. Not one of George Bush's better moments in foreign policy. In any case, the massive attack is coming, the more rational Iranians are nowhere to be found, and even if they were, they are incapable of altering the political course of their country. Barry Hussein will give Israel no support and Israel knows it, so the attack will be timed before his January inauguration. If McCain wins, which is highly likely, he may or may not support Israel in this matter. My guess is that he too, like his predecessors, will be beholden to the vitriolically anti-Semitic US State Dept., and like them, try to ignore the situation. My prediction: the attack comes Nov 5 and Jan 19. That leaves Rice and Bush (and perhaps the UN) just under 90 days to get real results in defanging the Islamic entity. The clock is ticking...
28. #7 - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that he is prepared to
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (08.07.08)
lose 1/3 of Iran's population. Are the Iranian people equally ready? That is the question. Mike
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (08.07.08)
Long ago ...around 3000 years ago a jewish prophet predicted the current confrontation and what the result would be. I know your not likely to read it But in the Bible/Tanach in the Book of Psalms chapter 83 is that prophcey.... and ahmadinejad has declared israel must be removed ...a direct if israel takes that seriously is very understandable to me.
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