British diplomats taunted by settlers in Hebron
Roi Mandel
Published: 07.08.08, 18:41
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1. Some questions
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (08.07.08)
about this visit - 1. Were the British group actually pro-Arab leftist muck-stirrers? This is not clearly reported. 2. Why are the patriotic and devout Jews in Hebron described in this unsypathetic way and Federman as an 'extreme right wing activist'? We know about left-wing provocateurs and the 'machsom watch' trouble-makers, whose sole contribution is to weaken the State of Israel and further the enemy's cause. 3. Did these so-called extremists have good reason to want the visitors out of the way. Something about this report smells.
2. This story reeks of lies
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.07.08)
The only person that claimed that there was an attempt to damage the vehicle was a 'Palestinian security officer' read terrorist in uniform. Why is it the day after the Limey embassy banned all Jews living in the Yesha that these 'diplomats' felt compelled to go into the Yesha and harass the same people in their homes? Time to send this colonial power back to their occupied lands.
3. I don't consider Noam Federman an 'extreme right wing'
and I am a Democrat. Furthermore, what gives the British diplomats right to go where they are not wanted. They are in a foreign country and the last thing they should do is antagonize the Israelis. Someone ought to remind the brits that Hebron is no longer their protectorate. "Breaking the Silence' members should be prosecuted for propagandizing against their country at the time of war -- in other words, treason.
4. Breaking the Silence - Leftist / Islamic
Jimbob ,   London   (08.07.08)
propaganda movement. Go search their website. It makes me proud that these "British" leftist pigs and livingstone bleeding heart types are getting what's coming to them. G-d bless the Jews living in Judea.
5. Hebron
Yonathan de Frece ,   Ramat Gan   (08.07.08)
The clerical fascist scum should be evicted immediately Down with the settler fascists Long live sane Zionism 2 peoples 2 states End the settlement insanity before it ends us !
6. Brits looking to send them to Gilgil Camp in Kenya
Alan ,   SA   (08.07.08)
Thats where they sent the Irgun&Lehi .
7. yet has it backwards
mordechai taub ,   jerusalem   (08.07.08)
If Ynet had done just a bit more research they would be aware that "breaking the silence" is not an Israeli organization thaty some British diplomats joined for a tour, it is a European organization which some former Israeli soldiers work for.
8. Bless you Noam Federman, Israel needs Jews like you.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.07.08)
9. Brits go home, you are not welcome here
Ben ,   Gush Etzion   (08.07.08)
They boycott our academics, their perverted Prince refuses to visit us, our residents of the territories are banned from events with the Queen, they hung our finest young men, they sent war refugees to Cypress, how many more insults must we endure from them?
10. Right on #1.
silent majority ,   Israel   (08.07.08)
11. Send them Back now!
Ely ,   Pardes Chana   (08.07.08)
and bring more Jews to Chevron!
12. Former IDF soliders are Breaking the Silence
burton   (08.08.08)
The has one on its payroll, supposedly served with the IDF for 15 months.
13. The British
jerry ,   USA   (08.08.08)
It's always the British. Anything to minimize the Jews. I think they're jealous as heck. The Jews are as smart as they are and sometimes smarter. Moreover, the Jews have maintained a wide enough set of opinions so as to be able to protect themselves from the coming crisis in Eurabia. The British will be the first to go down in spite of their innate intelligence, because their values are so skewed as to constitute prejudice, rather than just modest opinions. So bizarre!
14. NO to British Crap
Brod ,   USA   (08.08.08)
These British 'diplomats' have NO business meddling in Israel's internal affairs. Israel should kick them out. Remember how the British treated Jewish refugees escaping from Hitler's butchers in Europe and returning to their ancient homeland Israel in WWII. The British occupiers refused to let them in and forced the ships carrying these helpless and tired humanity out into the Mediterranean Sea only to get those ships to sink to the bottom of the sea with all on board. Now, they have the temerity to push Jews out of their own historic homeland of Judea and Samaria and assist the Islamist-Jihadists to usurp Israel's land from the Jews. Who do they think they are? Israel's government should kick out these foreign elements intruding in Israel's internal affairs.
15.  Brit dips
Jens ,   USA   (08.08.08)
Isn't Blair's daughter trying to sail to Gaza from Cyrus ? Put those Brits on the boat and 'Exodus' them to Cyprus. What were they doing stirring up unrest .
16. brits shouln't put their feet in Hevron !
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.08.08)
17. sue them for running over the foot ....
rachel ,   usa   (08.08.08)
18. the stiff upper lip should stay in londonistan
rachel ,   usa   (08.08.08)
along with their arrogant accents
19. The Brits should have run over both his legs
The Brits have witnessed first hand a tiny fraction of what the Palestinians endure daily day in day out. Let them go back to England with concrete proof that the subjugation of thePalestinians and the illegal occupation of Palestine must come to an end and return these murderers of women and children back from whence they came.
20. bizarre
Pablo ,   NYC   (08.08.08)
wow this is fascinating! but dangerous and it gets better everyday! can't wait to go back to israel!
21. #5; Jews can't be settlers in their own homeland.
Arabsrsettlers   (08.08.08)
Get an education idiot about the history of Israel! Arabs back to Arabia! Israel belongs to the Jews!
22. U.K. students
Robert Bernier   (08.08.08)
Among the Muslim students surveyed, 32 percent said killing in the name of religion could be justified. However, almost double that number, 60 percent of those who are active members of Islamic student organizations, supported the idea. Only 2 percent of non-Muslims felt killing in the name of religion was justified. "These findings are deeply alarming," said one of the authors of the report, researcher Hanna Stuart. "Students in higher education are the future leaders of their communities." The study also found that 40 percent of the students supported introduction of Islamic Sharia law (Islamic religious law) in Britain, as well as significant support for the concept of worldwide Islamic rule. A third were in favor of a worldwide caliphate (worldwide Islamic government) based on Sharia law, as opposed to the 58 percent of active members of Islamic student organizations, who supported the idea. More about Islam and the new era at :
23. britain is the enemy of the jewish people!
mira ,   israel   (08.08.08)
24. in selfdefense?
25. #6 Brits were not executing terrorists?
26. disgusting comments
English person ,   London   (08.08.08)
And most of you wonder why the brillian Israeli hasbara department does not convince people of the righteousness of your cause... Let's see - British diplomats on a visit to a hot spot. In any other country in the world, any diplomat would be treated with deference and politeness. Not so in Yeshastan. Not only does Federman behave like an ignorant hooigan, but all the TBers defend the actions of that vile fascist toerag and beliee that the whole incident is some form of revenge for British colonial actions. As I have often said, the problem ith the freeky right wing morons is that they are so paranoid they think the whole world is their enemy and that there are mahanei rikuz around every corner. So - guys - you don't want peace? You don't want diplomats viewing hot spots? Your comments are like those of the Serbian kuraca during the Bosnian war... "you have to be Serbian to understand our fears" - a very unsubtle form of racism.... i.e. only some moronic brainwashed brain-dead supporter of Jewish fascism in Yeshastan could understand Federman's motives. Yes... and the corrolory rings true also.
27. English Person #26
Brod ,   USA   (08.08.08)
Are you a Papist English person? You do not sound like a true Anglo-Saxon Protestant like the the great 18th century British Theologian, John Wesley. Don't preach to Israel about 'peace.' The 'peace' of the Islamist-Jihadists is the destruction of Israel. And this is also the 'peace' of the AntiSemite world.
28. #27 and Papism
English person ,   London   (08.08.08)
I'd be most interested in trying to understand how you think my previous comments could possibly make me a "papist". Seriously unhinged, is how I would describe the person who wrote the comments in #27. I fail also to understand how a discussion about the vulgar and hooligan behaviour of the the Federman vilde khayya could be diverted by you to bring in Islamist-Jihadists and the AntiSemite world, whatever that is. How about a discussion on behaving correctly towards diplomats, or would you like to see the same level of ignorant and bestial behaviour meted out to Israeli diplomats in whatever country agrees to host them. Might I also add, dear Brod, that your comments have all the depth of sincerely of a trailer-trash bigot.
29. #15 and "Brit dips"
English person ,   London   (08.08.08)
It is Blair's sister-in-law who is attempting to break the illegal blockade of Gaza, not his daughter. Even wild men of the forest like you might realise that a former Prime Minsiter cannot be held responsible for his sister-in-law's actions - laudible as they are.
30. #13 the British
English person ,   London   (08.08.08)
"because their values are so skewed as to constitute prejudice" I suppose your grotesque generalisations do not fall into the above statement, and that you are not one little bit prejudiced even though you like statements like "the Jews are as smart as they are and sometimes smarter". Brain the size of a peanut? I'm not generalisation about all Americans, just you!
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