Georgia parliament approves 'state of war'
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Published: 09.08.08, 14:38
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1. Georgia
Georgian Jew ,   EU   (08.09.08)
This Medvedev is joke with his Russian gang, long live Georgia.
2. Underlying the dispute is oil.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.09.08)
Or, more accurately, oil pipelines. Russia is disturbed over the route of pipelines which will by-pass the Russian system. There is a good account of this in Debka this morning, including our involvement. You will, of course, notice that an estimated 1400 people have been killed with a remarkable lack of moral outrage from any of the usual culprits while a Palestinian with an injured toe has been turned into a major event. Read the report in Debka - then re-read this report in Ynet. I garantee it will change your understanding of the conflict.
3. to #2 no wonder Israeli hand behind the conflict
George ,   Canada   (08.09.08)
This newbie moron Sakashvilli got screwed up by Americo-Isralian trap. He miscalculated the Russian responce.This war will be the show off and an exemple what will happen to all previous soviet republics that have western air in their empty blown head.The russian bear is weaking up friends,be prepared!!
4. Typical Russian tactic
John Silver ,   Lakeland, USA   (08.09.08)
Pick on a small country and try to 1st blame it for aggression and then systematically destroy it, then totally annex it. Russia will not be satisfied until Georgia is under the Russian boot again. It is a shame that both the UN and NATO is spineless and refuse to do anything until the situation is already out of control.
5. the oil pipline delivers oil that is bought by the u.s.
debra ,   usa   (08.09.08)
that's why russia is attacking-it wants the oil. as terry said, the pal crybaby with the bruised big toe got more press than all these people killed over an oil pipeline.
6. Only 1.500, and the news are on the page 6??
John ,   Europe   (08.09.08)
Boy... If Israel would wage a war with, let's say, Syria or Lebanon, and kill 1.500 people in one day, that would hit the headlines and be top-topic for the year to come.
7. Just like israel
Jalal ,   Gaza   (08.09.08)
Poor Georgia paying for US faults
8. About oil, yes, but...
Robert ,   USA   (08.09.08)
It is Georgia and the separatists who are fighting to make the money off it and the EU that doesn't want Russia to control another valve. And #3.... the cold weather in canada... the Jews did it? We tilted the earth so it's warmer in Israel?
9. the spark that ignoites the globe ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.09.08)
While we have been looking at Iran as the location for the superpower confrontation is it possible that Georgia is the place where Russia and the West settle who will dominate ? It's not your old mother russia anymore but a hungry bear demanding fearsome respect.
10. Interesting....
Yaron ,   USA   (08.09.08)
that all of the do-gooders are silent at the indiscrinminate killing of innocent people. Of course the world is silent, as it is not Israel that can be targeted. Where is Observer and all the ilk like him/her? Pathetic state of affairs when Russia is NEVER sanctioned or condemned in the court of global public opinion....but Israel and the US are the greatest threats to peace? I suggest Russia take the medicine they are prescribing ahead of threatening Israel and the US for supplying Georgia with weapons. As Russia continues enabling the Islamo-Fascists, she should consider the consequences of her actions and not patronize others.
11. 1500 dead: Lack of outcry shows "do-gooder" hypocrisy
Australian Guy ,   Sunshine Coast   (08.09.08)
Yes, as others have noted - where is the outrage over these deaths? Same as Darfur, Burma, Tibet , etc.. Its only worth getting upset if Israel is involved.
12. Mikheil Saakashvili digging his own grave!!
KMR ,   Overseas   (08.09.08)
Regime change possible.
13. ja!
Tomas ,   bsas,argentina   (08.09.08)
Do you see any world news cover, world rallys and so on? in one day they killed more people than in 30 day Lebanon War Israel vs Hezbonazis..... and still... Israel and Jews are always on the news... long live israel
14. 1500 people killed in 24 hours?
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Be'er Sheva   (08.09.08)
This figure seems way exaggerated according to france24 International News Editor Robert Parsons. But what is really telling is the reaction of the world to this number of dead in South Ossetia. It is approximately equal to that of 15 Hamas terrorist killed in Gaza by an Israeli strike (but not when the same number of Palestinians, including civilians, are killed in inter-Palestinian fighting) , so we can roughly judge that the Israeli Palestinian conflict is given two orders of magnitude more attention when it involves Israel.
15. #7 Yeah - 'cause you have it so good in Gaza.
Talula ,   Israel   (08.09.08)
16. 10
leah   (08.10.08)
It's because these so called "do gooders" especially the European ones in reality hate Jews, and love more than anything to attack and criticize them. No one will come out and say that but I think that is exactly what it is all about. When Israel kills 2 terrorists in Gaza, and in the process a child who was used as a human shield is inadvertently killed these "do gooders" are outraged beyond words. But when over 1,500 people are killed by the Russian army in a break away public like Georgia or Checeyna in only 2 days you don't hear a peep from these same folks.
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