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Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish dies
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 09.08.08, 20:49
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1. Another CIA plot
Jimmy Carter ,   Plains, GA   (08.09.08)
2. exile
zechariah   (08.10.08)
poems about jews in europe seeking escape to the undeveloped parts of palestine in 1938 would be more moral.
3. Comrade Darwish
Thomas ,   USA   (08.09.08)
We are devastated to hear the sad news that Comrade Darwish, recipient of the Soviet Highest Order, the adopted son of Tovarish Sarid smelling the flowers from below ground level. What a loss to the humanity! Kleenex anyone, I am crying.
4. Rest in peace...
Tareq ,   Jerusalem   (08.09.08)
5. He hated Israel, and let everybody know it
Ken Besig ,   Israel   (08.09.08)
Let us not gloss over Darwish and his hate filled anti Israel rants which some called poetry, and which, if produced by an Israeli Jew describing Arabs would simply be thrown in the trash and their author confined. No, this Arab hated Israel with every cell of his being, and for my part, good riddance to bad cess. His so called poetry was lousy, too!
6. Sarid must be sitting shivah... :-)
Sergio ,   Israel   (08.09.08)
7. I'm very sadened by this loss of this libral and vocal poet.
LJ   (08.09.08)
8. Great tears from me!
Jayyy ,   Israel   (08.10.08)
Less propaganda in this world now. What a joke calling himself Palastinian. When he was born, the Arabs never considered themselves Palastinian. Not until after 68 did they begin the lies.
9. isnt this one for the arab newspapers?
10. #5 & * are so.......
Sal ,   USA   (08.10.08)
11. sad
larry ,   zefat israel   (08.10.08)
A sad reminder that whichever side of the political divide ,Arab or Jew ,Life is too short and we are all only flesh and Blood.condolences to his Family,and to anybody who criticises my message ,Stuff you, learn to be a human being.
12. o cry me a river boo hoo hoo
Landsman xyz   (08.10.08)
13. Darwish was a terror apologist
Thunder ,   USA   (08.10.08)
Good riddance ! the man who wrote "poems" like that one -iquote "Go away and take the bones of your dead with you" dersrve nothing but shame and death. This shows the low morale value of palestinians. Thatnews make my day !
14. Toodle-loo!
Talula ,   Israel   (08.10.08)
15. #11
johannes ,   south africa   (08.10.08)
well said larry. these airhead talkbackers "celebrating" another person's death need to get a life. it is possible to disagree with someone's politics while at least maintaining your own dignity and respect for the dead.
16. Am I Bothered?
Larry ,   zefat israel   (08.10.08)
Am I Bothered?
17. Rest in peace
Davis   (08.10.08)
18. #15 Johannes Thank you for kind words
Larry ,   zefat israel   (08.10.08)
It is extremely distasteful to Celebrate the death of others.When Pharoahs army drowned in the Red sea G-d scolded the Children of israel saying : My Children are Drowning why are you celebrating ? "
19. The Man is dead,no need to stick the boot in
Larry ,   zefat israel   (08.10.08)
The man is dead,He is no threat to anyone .Any judgement is between him and his maker.
20. an amusing display
bob ,   potomac md and TA   (08.10.08)
There has been an amusing display by Jews orgasming over a poet who spewed hatred toward them and whiny sentimentality toward his own. Why not print some of his more famous poems here? The proof is in the pudding.
21. to #15 and #16...Arab terrorist lovers
Jayyy ,   Israel   (08.10.08)
He was a prodfessional propagandist. He used words to terrorize and misinform people. How many people did he brainwash in his time? Hard to tell, but he was as dangerous as any terrorist and i dont weep because of this disgusting mans death. Larry, go live in Ramallah, so you can visit his grave everyday, if you loved him so wont last 5 minutes if they thought you were a Jew! Such compassion!
22. #8 Jayy look what you have become
Simon ,   TA the free city   (08.11.08)
To laugh and to make mockery of someones death , says alot about you. I hope you get the help you need. Is this the "light unto all nations" you seem so keen to promote? That is not the way of the Torah, shame on you.
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