Jewish Agency evacuates hundreds from Georgia war zone
Yael Branovsky
Published: 09.08.08, 23:41
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1. What ever it takes for their safety
Robert ,   USA   (08.10.08)
Even if they have to be taken to Israel. But, Georgia attacked South Ossetia first and their ally the US and EU are no where to be found. After setting up the goal of NATO and oil pipe line for reward.
2. Georgia Jews should make aliyah now !
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.10.08)
3. May Hashem bless you Bashu Mansharov
4. Never trust the Russian government, thanks Bashu, good man.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.10.08)
5. Rivera Is Right on
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (08.10.08)
LInda Rivera has it right. Israel needs 2 million more Jews, but not of the Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama and Ted Kennedy stripe and passiveness. Like Russia or not, it is PROTECTING it's interests in the breakaway province. Israel should learn something from this., the Intifada should have been stopped in 1 week if Israel used it's full force. It can stop Hamas by bombing every city in the Strip..and take out Hezbollah in 2 days using heavy weapons. But we Jews never seem to get it. Give Hamas F15s and they will bomb Tel Aviv. Give Iran nukes..and good-by Israel.
6. We should bring them home now.....
Eric...... ,   Israel.....   (08.10.08)
send a few planes load them up and give them a home in Israel
7. why only jews?
yossi ,   NYC   (08.10.08)
the agency should help whoever they can!!!
Al   (08.10.08)
They sense the Americans are tired for they are ready to elect a putz for a president. They have designs on europe and they will never forgive the germans for WWII nor the jews for 67. They are back in business..,They created Arafat but now they are losing out to the Iranians... They want back in the business of shit disturbing. They want to be a power again. They are not to be ignored. They will arm your enemies. They seek your destruction.
9. Make sure they're safe and can make plans
Avi   (08.10.08)
Tbilisi is not that much safer than being on the border. I've heard that Russia has struck some locations in the Georgian captial. They need to be taken out of the country-perhaps temporarily to Armenia,-where they can calmly decide on their future plans.
10. Thank God for Sachnout!
Matan ,   Tel Aviv   (08.10.08)
Thank God for Sachnout, may everyone be evacuated safely and may this come to an end quickly.
11. Why are they saving only jews, and not all the people?
Peter ,   Israel   (08.10.08)
Are they worth less?
12. to linda r
lala ,   jerusalem   (08.10.08)
and if killing is in israil .where would they should do aliyah . and you are in america becouse your safty and benifit . .no means to aliyah if it is only to escape killing ..iam not a jew but i can not understand what aliyah means to jews
13. #7, #11 u have limitless resources- u go there
get off of your fat butts and do it yourself or don't complain. we help our own first. we are one.
14. Excellent points #8 - Agree with all of them
Nancy ,   Whittier, USA   (08.10.08)
Heartbreaking, please pray for Georgia
15. How wonderful for Jews to have an organization to help them.
Rivkah   (08.10.08)
Much has been learned from the holocaust of World War II. Jews must help each other and having a homeland should be a comfort to the Jews of Georgia they should take advantage of by going to. Christians should have a similar homeland. If they did, hundreds of millions would have fled there from persecutions.
16. 11 Peter: Read the Bible and the promises to the Jews.
Rivkah   (08.10.08)
Even Christians must become Jews in their hearts and become a part of the body of a Jewish Rabbi named Yeshua to go to heaven. God is their father. If you are in a battle zone, would you run around helping others before you helped your own children and your wife and family? God is a man. He loves the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and Judah and blesses them when they love Him. He blesses them more than other people who love Him. Even out of the holocaust of World War II came a powerful and productive and prosperous nation as the dry bones of Israel became a nation again after thousands of years. If you want to be rescued, then become like the Jews. Become a Jew in your heart who loves Adonai, Yeshua, and YHWH.
17. 5 Dave Levy: It is true Israel will be nuked. But Israel
Rivkah   (08.10.08)
will never cease to be a nation again for all eternity. Even when all or most of the nations of the world are gathered against Israel, the Messiah will deliver His beloved Israel, to rule from Jerusalem for a thousand years and then forever.
18. 13
Livni ,   usa   (08.10.08)
ken va’anachnu chalutzim
19. #7 & #11 a better question.
common sense. ,   World   (08.10.08)
why arent christians and moslems helping at all?! plus the Jewish agency does not have limitless resources so first they help their own and then others. also it is the JEWISH agency NOT the MOSLEM or CHRISTIAN agency.
20. Send in NATO and kick the Bolshevecks out.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
Communist wanta-be's invade again. What's new. The Russians never change. I hope they enjoy sitting on the oil pipeline, that was worth more to them than Georgian independence, or Georgian lives. MOPEC...... rival to Vladamir Putin out of Moscow. If the greedy shit wasn't so interested in taking over the oil industry by force......maybe people living near oil terminals could survive to live another day. Putin riding an oil pipeline waving a Big Cowboy hat at all his buddies involved in his crimes. Putin is getting a gold medal in China for killing the most innocent civilians in exchange for a big oil check. He has a wonderful smile on his face as he accepts the check. He chucks the medal in the wastebasket. He made more off the oil. What's a Georgians life worth when oil is involved. Not to much to Putin. I'm surprised he didn't just irradiate the entire population like he does to all his other political foes.
21. 20 Steve Wilson: The old Soviet Union never broke up
Rivkah   (08.10.08)
according to defector Colonel Stanislav Lunev. It was a ruse to get more money from the West for supposedly independent states. But they always had one military, so they were not truly independent. It was a sham. Russia is not taking back what belongs to Georgia. Georgia was never a really independent nation.
22. Never trust USA, it's government and mass media
Sergey ,   Russia   (08.11.08)
They tall you a lie for their own interest. They never think about people living in Ossetia, Serbia, Abhasia, Iraq. They think only about oil, money and so on
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