Hizbullah’s global reach
J. Halevi, A. Perry
Published: 10.08.08, 08:41
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1. Hizbollah is everywhere in your bathroom, under your bellow
George ,   Canada   (08.10.08)
Oh yeah Hezbollah is a super power, something beyond imaginary. Israel lost last war with Hezbollah now is trying to make from it a monster, with global threat like Bush and his gang tried to make from Alquaeda super complex spreaded organization with unlimited mean while after sep911 Alquaeda at most was able to provoke little insignificant attacks by car bomb at max. Same story about Saddam Hussein after Kuwait invasion was presented as the fourth biggest army in the world by tanks number, while the war with him last couple days!!! The same propaganda and brain washing for morons
2. If you think Olmert's corruption is the real issue ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.10.08)
Think again. This article describes the real issue. What started with the bungled Lebanon withdrawal by the other Ehud was completed by the bungling of Olmert & his side-kick Livni in our Lebanon war fiasco. Our failure to destroy Hezbollah will cost us plenty in the future.
3. Israel Fear Hezbollah
David ,   Nairobi   (08.10.08)
It is amazing to what is happening today in the middle east. The great millitry-supreme country is today fearing a small armed group in south-lebonon. That is something we should know in History...
4. Why hasn't Israel killed "nasty-rallah" & kumar too.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.10.08)
5. Hello David in Nairobi!
Israeli   (08.10.08)
You are out of touch with reality and with israel. You have NO CLUE what Israel thinks. Israel afraid of Hezbollah? Israel LAUGHS at Hezbollah. Come live here and see for your self.
6. great article
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.10.08)
Finally an article inYNet that does not try to convince us that Israel won in Lebanon. What was missing in the analysis is that Iran's arch-enemy is not Israel but the US-backed Saudi Arabia and its ally Egypt. Iran attacks Jews and Israel to use Arab antisemitism to rally popular support for itself and to destabilize the US-allied Arab regimes. However, when threatened, the main Iranian effort will be to overthrow the Saudi Kingdom and Egypt.
7. The Iranians will mess with the pipelines.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
And the United States in turn will nuke iran in retaliation. Stupid Muslims always think we won't retaliate, and wipe their country out. Allah won't have enough glass when we retaliate in response. We rounded up the Japanese.....It can happen again, if the Persians annoy us enough. We'll send Pelosi and Kennedy with them to the deportation facilities. We have plenty of boats to transport them back to their nirvana in the desert. Bleeding heart liberals will be the death of us all. If the Muslims had a clue....they'd know. When it comes to pay back.....the United States has figured out about very nuclear payback possible. Keep screwing with the Tiger. When he bites you and rips you to shreds....don't say I didn't warn you.
8. Uproot Hizebb
Walid ,   Riyadh   (08.10.08)
It's better to destroy this terror organization, now! This could be achieved by a large scale ground offensive and temporary occupation of Lebanon, to dry the swamp in which this vermin lives.Thereafter Lebanon will be handed over to a local multidoctrine administration, overseen by NATO. This will be well received among other non-Shiaa factions since already antagonism against Shiites is running high in the land. In addition other non pro-Iran Shiaa leaderships will re-emerge (Assaad Clan, Berri, Shiaa Bourgeoisie, etc...). The end result will be in favor of Israel. Once uprooted in Lebanon, the branches will die, especially when Iran (post-strike) will run out of cash.
9. Behind Hezbollah's deeds is the fine hand of Iran.
Robert Bernier   (08.10.08)
It is doubtful that the Shiites will always follow Nasrallah to the barricades, and those who do so will expect material sustenance from Hezbollah. There are estimates that Hezbollah provides employment for 40,000 of its wards and schooling for 100,000 children. This is no small burden, even for a movement sustained by Iranian subsidies. Nor is it the case that the majority of the Shiites want the structures and the rigor of Qom and Tehran dominating their world. True, the underclass and the newly urbanized in the Shiite suburbs may have taken to the dress codes and style and religious ritual of the Iranian theocracy. But the majority must wish a break from all that. More at : http://xrl.us/bkivy
10. 6# You blew the crap out of Lebanon.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
As far as damage goes....Lebanon got their butt spanked. This is only chapter one though. Israel did quite well. Were you planning on opening up businesses in lebanon? How do you guage whether you won or lost? Israel could of dropped a nuclear weapon. Would you have won in that case? Israel sure has a bunch of people running around whining about losing, when you destroyed their cities quite well. The only mistake made was trying to stop and fight a tunnel war. You bypass those sections and take over the entire country. Being that you weren't planning on staying in Lebanon anyways.....what was the objective in deciding whether you won or not? Destruction of your enemies cities bodes quite well in my opinion.
11. Hezbollah is Iran and Iran is Hezbollah
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (08.10.08)
Broadly I agree with this analysis but would go further. Once Ahmedinejad has built up his arsenal of nuclear weapons, as he has promised he will distribute them to 'friends' and 'allies' like confetti' - Hezbollah included. Were that to happen its feasible these weapons could also end up in the hands of terrorists in India, China, Russia, Indonesia, Philipines, South America etc. Potentially no country in the world would be safe and no country would know for sure whether a terrorist threat of nuclear attack was real or not. And thats exactly what Ahmedinejad has calculated. Through his terrorist network with nuclear blackmail he can secure world domination. And if you think thats fanciful listen to the outrageous chatter of even high ranking RG officers these days. Their talk of world domination, enslaving peoples, Iranian empire, racial supremacy......Does all that have a familiar ring? And remember. Once the Pandoras Box of Iranian nuclear proliferation has opened there WILL NEVER be any going back. Thats why Iran has be be stopped. And thats why it is so important for all countries in the world to stop this nightmare from unfolding before it is too late. And time is shorter than you think.....
12. #8: One little problem with this scenario
Israel and/or the USA will have to deal with Iran first or best, at the same time.
13. #12 Re Scenario
Walid ,   Riyadh   (08.10.08)
It could start by dealing a blow to the terrror organization and later to Iran. If US &/or Israel attack Iran first, HiZebb will respond by swarming Israel with salvos after salvos of Katushia. A preventive blitz should precede any Iran attack to neutralize this impending threat.
14. reply to post #10
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (08.10.08)
The criteria for determining victory in a war is by looking at how close both sides came to achieving their goals.Hezbollah's goal was to capture Israeli soldiers and to use them to free Sameer Kontar and other Lebanese captives in Israeli prisons. Hassan Nasrallah said "There is one and only one way to get back the Israeli soldiers and that is through indirect negotiations and a prisoner exchange". Israel on the other hand declared that their objectives in going to war was to rescue the soldiers without any pre conditions by Hezbollah, to disarm and destroy Hezbollah and hopefully force the government of Lebanon to sign a peace agreement through intimidation. The result of the war was that Hezbollah imposed its will and Sameer Kontar is free. Hezbollah has not been disarmed or destroyed and the Hezbollah of today is by far superior to the one that existed in 2006. No government in Lebanon will sign a peace deal with Israel without the approval of Hezbollah. Hezbollah's general conditions for any peace deal with Israel are 1) Getting back the Shebaa farms 2)getting back the hills of Kfarshooba 3) Stop Israeli incursions into our airspace and territorial waters 4) Stop Israeli plans to divert our rivers 5) Last but not least is for Israel to grant the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon the right to return to their homes in Palestine. Dont ever think that victory is measured by the amount of civilian infrastructure destroyed. Vietnam defeated the U.S even though the whole country was razed to the ground. What ever has been destroyed in Lebanon is on its way to being built better than it ever was. I could never have imagined that the southern suburbs could be turned into such a beautiful place in my life time. Thanks to assistance from our brothers in Iran.
15. Hezbollah are coming, Hezbollah are coming!!.
Edithann, USA   (08.10.08)
All the testosterone bravdo of getting Hezbollah again, only shows the amount of fear Israel is propagandizing again.... Get over it..Hezbollah beat Israel to a pulp where they had to call in UN reinforcements TWICE' and are now trying to renege on the l701, they so desperately signed.. Get over yourselves...Iran and Hezbollah are here to stay..and Israel will just have to learn to live with it! It wasn't Lebanon and Hezbollah that moved into your territory..it was Israel who moved into theirs..remember?
16. #14 Bandar, I wish u MANY "victorys" like this!!!
Rehavam ,   Israel   (08.10.08)
Yes I do! I'm not joking! For convicted child killer Kuntar you paid 5 billion $ and 1200 lifes. Next time cost will be 100 billion $ and who knows how many lifes. You will spend u life rebuilding u rat hole! Yes! We are DIFFERENT! we got two bodys and wept in sorrow. U got 200 and enjoy. Have a blis in Nasrallastan...
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.10.08)
You are blaming every single advancement of Hizbullahs on Olmert.......................I dont think you are being realistic.No credit goes to Hizbullahs themselves.So, they gain the popularity only as a result of an individual Olmert.I dont think that is so. Hizbullah's entire set-up has been misconceived in the West and neighbouring countries in the Middle East.Syed Hassan Nasrullah's background is very similiar to Hakim family in Iraq.See what they are doing in Iraq.Dealing with the USA and pragmatic approach to the present problems,ensuring that they don't deviate from the path of diplomacy and delicately handling difficult situation although none of them like USA at all..................and you know it. To crown Hizbullahs as being a wing of Iran and boil it down to military aspect of this organisation is what is causing many to not understand this resistance group.You will know better of this organisation should you,for brief moment,abondon the belief of calling them terrorists............every time an article like this appears.
18. THANKS WALID.............................#13
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.10.08)
While you make sure of your safety in Riyadh.
19. reply to post #14
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.10.08)
I would say it differently. Israel's purpose in Lebanon II was to maintain it's deterrence against the Arab world. It failed miserably. Iran/Hezbollah's purpose in Lebanon II was to relieve Hamas from Israeli military pressure after the kidnapping of Shalit. When 5000 Shi'ite fighters succeeded in holding out against the IDF for a month, they used this victory to show (true or not) that the Saudi/Lebanese are US puppets who care for money while the Shi'ites are the true Islamic warriors. Hezbollah/Iran now rules Lebanon, though Suleiman's assassination was a harsh blow and the poor Muslims of the Arab world admire Iran and Hezbolla. For Iran, Hezbolla and Hamas are now tools to focus Arab and Western attention on Israel while they complete their takeover of Iraq.
20. reply to post # 19
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (08.10.08)
Which ever way you look at it, Hezbollah achieved all its objectives while Israel achieved absolutely none, there victory goes to Hezbollah. Times are changing and Israeli leadership is not adapting to change. Israeli leadership should not be worried about getting on good terms with corrupt Arab leaders. Israel should be more concerned with the opinion of the Arab public. In a recent poll conducted in the Arab and Islamic worlds, Sayyed Hasan Nassralah came up first with 26% of the votes followed by Ahmadenajad with 16% and Bashar Al Asad with 10%. None of the Arab leaders that signed peace treaties with Israel came even close. As a matter of fact, Syed Hasan Nassralah came up first in Egypt, Jordan and Morroco where the majority are sunni muslims. Times are changing and its about time Israel chose the path of a peace that involves painful concessions.
21. 14# They blew your country to crap.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
You play with words to try to tell me you won something. Give me a friggin break. If your terrorist buddies had got a job, and had done a decent days work, rather than being scum bag terrorists in the first place......they wouldn't have been in jail. No one would have needed to trade anything for them. I can only imagine the United States taking hostages in California.....to get out criminals locked in San Quentin Federal Prison.........by blowing up San Francisco......for the entire trade. Blowing up your country for a couple of criminals was your goal? You are one of the dumbest morons I have ever encountered. Till the day we start blowing up our country for the felons in prison. I bid you adeau. Keep dreaming. Allah is laughing at you smucks.
22. 14# Until you have a thermo nuclear weapon...
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
Your forces aren't superior to anything. They all will be bug meat when the weapon is deployed. You guys are so funny. Your superiority is in your head. You are a rascist towards Jews...plain and simple. You can't live with Jews .....so you think you have the right to kill them. I was once superior.....then a bug ate my dead flesh. Therefore I am superior. Is that Lebanon's epitath?
23. 20# Hitler was pretty popular too.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
Wars are fought to change popularity of despots. Your country and the Arab population as a whole are religious xenophobic smucks of the highest order. You'll get your war. And glass will be the outcome of it. But I have conversed with many rocks before....you are just one of many. My uncles conversed with many Japanese rocks and German rocks before they came around to reality. Times change with a lot of nudging. Baseball bats are in order at times. Lets not fool anyone. You clowns are the Wests enemies. Therefore in time....we will defeat you by all means necessary.
24. 14# When your brothers in Iran have no more oil pumping
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
to pay for your cities to be rebuilt again.....you might want to rethink you war posture and plans for your future in the rubble.
25. #20 I agree
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.10.08)
I agree with you entirely. Unfortunately, the Israeli regime of Kadima / Labor / Meretz is so corrupt that they are unable to look beyond their discredited theories from the late '80s. By the way, you forget to mention that Hamas is far more popular than Abbas/Fayyad yet Israel insists on treating the latter as if they have some significance.
26. to lt col halevi
the expert   (08.11.08)
with all due respect to ur expertise u have no idea how hizbalah operates. it will attack only israeli targets and that is the secret to their success. to me u are trying to involve the united state interests to protect israel it is not going to hapen
27. 26# The Iranians have already attacked us several times.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.11.08)
You do remember the Lebanon massacre of the Marine compound. Do you terrorist clowns really think we have forgotten anything. We'll be helping the Israeli's for many decades to come. Iran and its proxies are still on our sh*t list. The elections are over in the first week of November. Bush has nothing to lose by bombing Iran;s facilities into the gutter after the election. And after Russia's little incursion......All the more reason to blast an enemy, before it acquires nuclear weapons.
28. reply to pst # 27
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (08.11.08)
The marines were not attacked in New York city, they were attacked in Beirut, Lebanon. They were in Lebanon uninvited and they were fair game. Terrorism is what the American adminitration is practising in Iraq today. How many hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed as a result of falsified intelligence, and for what purpose? To enrich Bush/Cheney and company?
29. Really?
Duderino ,   Chapel Hill   (08.11.08)
Does anybody really believe this jibberish? Hizbollah is training Venezuelans? There are Hizbollah sleeper cells everywhere ready to strike? How gullible are you people? More gullible than I thought, apparently. Israel is one of the few nations in the world with diagnosable mental disorder - one of the schizotypal specturm disorders. Enemies everywhere that are trying to destroy them. Please. The tide is turning and the Israeli establishment has been unable to recognize or adapt to the changing circumstances. And most Israelis are happy to go along for the ride. They won't be in a generation or two.
30. #15, Ermm, no, it was quite the other way around
Jake   (08.11.08)
"It wasn't Lebanon and Hezbollah that moved into your territory..it was Israel who moved into theirs..remember? " No it wasn't. It was Hizbullah that invaded and bombarded Israeli territory, killed and captured Israelis, before a single Israeli shot was fired. If it had been USA on the receiving end, rather than Israel, there would no longer be a Lebanon, or anything left in it to see the light of day. Engage your brain first before you make a complete fool out of yourself, and stop being such a bloody hypocrite.
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