Gazans smuggle lions, monkeys into zoo via secret tunnels
Associated Press
Published: 10.08.08, 08:26
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1. Smuggling animals
Kathy ,   Maine, USA   (08.10.08)
This is about one of the most bizzare stories out of gaza I've seen. We know here in the usa they are certainly not starving like they try to tell the rest of the world, when they crossed border into egypt and bought t.v.'s ect. Israel, you really need to target each and every hammass leader and rid the people of the scourge.
2. Is it that hart to destroy a tunnel?
TK ,   USA   (08.10.08)
Even the IDF used to just blow up the tunnel entrances though they were just earthworks, not hard rock. Obviously neither they nor the Egyptians want to risk entering the tunnels for safety reasons, but why can't they do it from the surface? Use a flexible plastic tube like those used to run fiber optic cables underground. It is pushed into the hole like a drain snake. It wouldn't take a lot of explosive to collapse the tunnel with the side benefit of loosening the surrounding earth making it much harder to redig or bypass the damage.
3. Our blockade works as good as our truce.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.10.08)
Another failure brought to you by Olmert & Co. - serial bunglers par excellence. If you want something bungled professionally, just call the PMO. Ask for Olmert's secretary, Tzipi or her assistant, the other Ehud.
4. Can't wait for the Gaza Aquarium
Robert ,   USA   (08.10.08)
5. Didn't Israel control the Philidelphi strip & give it away?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.10.08)
6. Tunnels and heavens
Musa ,   Jerusalem   (08.10.08)
Human spirit is stronger than accidental empires.
7. Arab mentality soars to a whole new level
Talula ,   Israel   (08.10.08)
That's the most important issue now - stocking their zoo up. No food, no fuel no hope no future. But they have lions in a zoo that no-one can afford to pay entrance fees to see – nor do they have money to feed these animals or to care for them properly. What a sad sorry bunch of misfits. I hope the animal rights organizations have the balls to address this vile and disgusting abuse of animals. A massive trench needs to built around Gaza - it can then become the biggest zoo on earth - full of animals. Instead of rescuing Fatah members - we need to get those abused animals out of that zoo.
8. Hunger?
Diana   (08.10.08)
They have $40,000 to buy an animal? So, now I know they are not hungry in Gaza, they are playing the world
9. The animals should feel totally at ease.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
Being the entire Strip is full of blood thirsty animals. Kill or be killed mentality is rampant. The Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, are exactly where they should feel most at ease. Who said the terrorists don't have something in common with the animal kingdom?
10. 7# Maybe they are going to feed their enemies
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
to the lions? I don't think the animals will starve with Hamas running the zoo. Hamas just makes up excuses to kill whomever they please. It's the wild wild west without a sheriff.
11. You do not talk to terrorists, you fight and defeat them.
Robert Bernier   (08.10.08)
Since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 Iranian-backed Hamas, which is pledged to wipe out Israel and every Jew, has built a well-trained standing army of at least 20,000 men and a huge arsenal of weapons smuggled in from Egypt, and relentlessly attacks Israel with rockets and bombs. Israel should finally mount a major incursion into Gaza to deal with Hamas. If it does, Western opinion, which largely ignores Israeli maximizetion, can be guaranteed to cry ‘atrocity’ once again. And just as before, Hamas will deliberately place women and children in the line of fire to maximize civilian casualties in order further to inflame that opinion. That is their way of “fighting” as explained at :
12. one must be impressed by their ingenuity and spirit
Pontius Pilate ,   Apollonia   (08.10.08)
I know I'm impressed.
13. I recived an offer to be smuggled into Gaza for $3500 ONLY!!
Gazan abroad   (08.10.08)
14.  I recived an offer to be smuggled into Gaza for $3500 ONLY!
Yitzchak ,   Jerusalem   (08.10.08)
Did that include an in tunnel meal?
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