War in Georgia: The Israeli connection
Arie Egozi
Published: 10.08.08, 11:53
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1. Refusing to sell more weapons will damage Israels interest
zionist forever   (08.10.08)
Russia is no friend to Israel allready selling arms to Georgia might upset the Russians but its not going to damage the wonderfull relations that exist between us. Russia is also not going to hold it against Israel indefaintly they understand how the arms trade works. If Israel refuses to sell Georgia in wartime then its not only going to loose Georgia as a client but other countries as well because they will see that when they need to use those Israeli weapons they spend millions on Israel wont deliver fresh supplies. There are plenty of other countries out there willing to sell in both war and peace times who wont hesitate to take advantage of Israels These countries dont spend millions to show off in the parade ground. Trying not upset Russia for short term is going to cost Israel millions if not bilions long term. Lets also not forget that time and time again during the Yom Kippur war we asked other countries to sell us more weapons to make up for early losses allowing us just to fight to survive. Even the US rejected countless requests for wepaons to help Israel win a war and it wasnt untill they were reminded that if Israel didnt have the weapons to survive then it would be destroyed but it would destroy its enemies as well with nukes so it would go down fighting. If Georgia needs to spend some more money in Israel to fight its own war then Israel should accept the money and say goodluck and if you need more supplies then give us a call. Israel also needs all the friends it can get, Russia is not a friend Georgia is and if we betray our friends in time of need then they will no longer wish to be our friends.
2. Fear they would anger Russia????
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (08.10.08)
Russia wants to sell some military system (can't recall what specifically) which Israel is threatening to disarm and we're afraid that our supporting Georgia would anger Russia???? We can't be on both sides of the same coin at the same time!!
3. Georgia is a friend & ally.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.10.08)
Unlike Russia. Georgia, to my knowledge, is not helping Iran build a nuclear reactor, Georgia is not blocking sanctions against Iran to stop their nuclear program, Georgia is not supplying weapons to Syria, etc. But Russia is. The FM is afraid of offending Russia? Typical appeasement, nothing new there. Appease your enemies & betray your friends, that's the motto of the Olmert administration. In this regard, they're just like the Americans - at least, the US State Dept. Russia, the US, Britain, France, & anyone else you can think of sell arms, often to some quite unsavoury clients. We, of course, can only sell to angels since we are held to a much higher standard than anyone else on Earth. I am not saying, by the way, that we should declare war on Russia because we're friends with Georgia. But, we deserve no criticism either.
4. We will stand with THE USA - NO DOUBT ABOUT IT !
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (08.10.08)
5. And Now Russia is Kicking Georgia's Butt
Johan Odin ,   Oslo, Norway   (08.10.08)
Georgia was very stupid to take on Russia with its sneak attack, and now it will pay for its stupidity and neither the USA or Israel will be their to help them as they've made their profits selling you weapons, so now Georgia is on its own. Hope you enjoyed the war you started for a brief period, as now you have awakened and angered the bear who will surely inflict a heavy toll for your misdeeds.
6. Israel should sell more weapons to Georgia
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (08.10.08)
as long as Russia is friends with Hamas, and sells weapons to its other friends: Syria, Iran, who then send these weapons to Hizballah...
7. Russia is threatening Israel's interests too
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (08.10.08)
Yesterday in the news was the unsuccessful bombing by Russian planes of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline (which is not that close to the separatist regions). And guess what that pipeline carries - oil crude from Baku to ultimately Turkish city of Ceyhan. Russia's competitors providing oil to the rest of the world. And quite possibly through Israel, as the current thinking is to carry the crude from Turkey to Israeli port of Ashkelon, from where it would go to Eilat, from which it could be taken to the rest of the East.
8. Russia is annoyed because Israel has
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
a terminal in Askelon, that is slated to recieve oil fromTurkey, that would have gone through Georgia's oil pipeline. The oil would have gone through a pipeline to Eilat and been transported by Super Tanker to the Far East. This bypasses Russia's oil pipeline. They want control of the oil. Why should Russia have control over everyone's oil supplies is the better question? Russia is just as screwed up as OPEC. Israel has economic incentive to help Georgia....and has investments in this pipeline deal. Russia is being a pompous, arrogant , like normal. They kill innocent civilians to keep their control over their aspirations of a Russian oil monopoly. Israel offered to let them in on the deal. They were to greedy and arrogant to accept a deal. It's easier to dig up Stalin and kill a few million people more.
9. Russia sells to Iran and Syria. Israeli leadership pathetic
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.10.08)
Russia sells to Iran and Syria. Israeli leadership is pathetic.
10. Georgia never attacked Russia
Abe ,   Los Angeles, CA   (08.10.08)
What are you talking about? Georgia never attacked Russia and it's not stupid enough to do so. South Ossetia is internationally recognized as within the borders of Georgia. Granted, it's an area in dispute, it is definitely not Russian territory.
11. It's only right that Israel support Georgia
Millie ,   Israel   (08.10.08)
After all, Russia is arming Israel's biggest enemies, Iran and Syria, to the teeth. They are building and supplying Iran's nuclear sites, supplying them with nuclear fuel. Russia supplies advanced Scud missiles to Syria and their most advanced anti-aircraft missiles to both Iran and Syria. Putin, who pulls Medvedev's strings, and continues his dictatorial regime in the guise of "Prime Minister", is no friend of Israel's.
12. Georgia: The Israeli connection
I,Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.10.08)
I wish we would upset Russia big time ! Sell all we can to Georgia in weapons .What did Russia ever do for us in recent times ? They veto sanctions against Iran in the UN, build the nuclear reactor in Iran and supply uranium to the Iranians and thats only for starters
13. Russia arms Israel's enemies
acg   (08.10.08)
Russia is arming terrorists in South Ossetia which falls inside Georgia, not Russia, equal Russia is arming Iran and Syria which are arming terrorist groups in Lebanon and Gaza.
14. The Israeli Jackal
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (08.10.08)
Like the Israeli role in the 1986 Iran-Contra affair and scandal the imperialistic USA is trying to spread its influence in Caucasia through its reliable and most-trusted jackal, the Jewish State of Israel. Don't make me laugh by saying Israel trained Georgian army and sold Israeli weapons to Georgia because Caucasian Georgia can not hold a candle to mighty Russia.
15. #1 If we followed your advice Iran would already have S-300
Chaim   (08.10.08)
People like you need to realise that our actions in the global arena have consequences. This is one of the biggest pitfalls of the right in Israel, they just cant seem to understand this simple principle.
16. In my opinion...
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.10.08)
In my opinion,Israel should not get envolved in this kind of dealings, as a preventive means,with any country. IF ,and only IF,a conflict has already started and it is related to a friend country,only then Israel should sell arms or anything else ,in order to help,as a means of strategic policy .Not before. If we want to be free of filthy ties,we must not create ties that could lead to filthy relations. Israel is entangled ,and ultimately submited,to foreign interests ,that are not our own,justly because we (they -the politicians)allow ourselves to be mixed in affairs that are not our business as a country. Diplomacy in Israel must be done only in the interest of Israel and its people and in nobody' else interests,as US' business for example,or some one or another particular individual,because at the end,we all will pay for their business,and many of us will die for THEIR business. Business in sensitive areas should be shun to avoid consequences,and done only in the interst of the state as a whole.Any business of this kind should be done for Israel as strategic policy,not for business ,in order to please 2 or 3 georgians and 10 other dirty politician,just repeating. Ultimately the whole of us pay for this few ones filling their pockets! Israel must have as policy to clearly and cleanly defend itself and its people and nothing else.
17. And in the end...
it's all about the money.
18. The Bear vs the Empty Suit
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.10.08)
Israel and Georgia place too much faith in the overextended and worn out Bush as if he were Moshiach. How foolish to ignore Hashem and trust in empty suit who will do nothing but cry that he is diasapointed with Russia The greatest mismatch in history of war Georgia’s war with Russia is a David and Goliath battle that, military experts say, the Black Sea state has no chance of winning. The Georgians are outnumbered and outgunned in every department. Russia has about 697,000 troops, while Georgia has only 19,500 full-time regulars. And with Russia’s 1,200 combat aircraft confronting Georgia’s seven outmoded support planes, and 6,000 tanks against 100 ageing machines, there is no contest. Matthew Clements, Eurasia editor for Jane’s Defence journal, said last night: ‘The Georgian military cannot withstand a full Russian assault. 'The Russians have total air superiority and their coordinated operation gives the Georgians no chance of resisting.’
19. Are we "A Light Unto the Nations"
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.10.08) the dark dirty world of arms sales to unsavoury nations
20. Israel Will Pay a Heavy Price for This
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (08.10.08)
It was reckless and stupid to arm the lunatic Georgian regime. Israel had no business sticking its nose into Russia's butt.
21. Thanks to Israel for understanding
Damir ,   Russia   (08.10.08)
Anyway all the weaponry sold is going to be wasted. Ossetians managed to shot down 3 UAVs already and now it's the Russian Army who took the fighting. ------------------------------- Any mention of Russia or Russians in this article should be read as Ossetians or South Osetia. Our Russian governments were trying to distance from the conflict as much as possible. The Ossetians are positively hammering in the Russian door to join the Federation in any possible form. They fought against Georgians for centuries long (which is not uncommon in Caucasus region). If Russian government ever wants to acquire Southern Ossetia then it only takes to acknowledge their independence. Can you see in happening? Our current government is heavily criticized by many political parties for doing nothing for these disputable regions. Only our indecisiveness led to this war.
22. Russia never fears selling wepons
USA   (08.10.08)
to Israel's enemies and never fears helping Iran with nuclear reactors and other weopons systems. Stop acting like panzies.
23. Hey Johan
Yaron ,   USA   (08.10.08)
Are you in a liberal left-wing haze that is not allowing you to see the facts right in front of your smug little nose? Russia is the biggest threat to security and stability in the world. Are you telling me that the region that Georgia went to take back is not recognized sovereign Georgian territory. Can you put away your hatred for Israel for a second...or is that what you do when there are no more moose around to screw?
24. Hey, Jerry #20, read #22
Steve ,   US   (08.10.08)
25. Russia is an imperialist hypocrite!
Steve ,   US   (08.10.08)
For decades Russia has been piously condemning Israel; crudely labeling the Jews an imperial power in the region, only as a justification for selling massive arms to Israel's enemies. All Israel has done is defend herself from Russian imperial aggression. For decades, Soviet leaders sought to create an "anti-imperialist" Arab unity based on Arab hostility to what the USSR called the "linchpin" of Western imperialism, Israel. (Robert Freedman) Look at these SOBs.. Look at these sons a b-tch-es, what they are doing to a tiny independent country. Shame on Russia!
26. "Sovereign Georgian territory"
Damir ,   Russia   (08.10.08)
South Osetia was such for approximately 30 minutes in 1991 year when Soviet Union had been divided. The Osetians did not like to be ascribed to the independent Georgia and started their First War (this one being Second or more). It was much simpler under Soviet rule: in did matter little which Communist Committee issued rulings, Tbilisian or Moscow. All were along the same line. And before that, in Czar time, Georgians and Osetians just fought. So whose territory current Saakashivi is going to claim?
27. To Johan
Joe ,   NC, USA   (08.11.08)
What an honor to hear from the grandson of V.Quisling . LOL
28. #23
Visionary ,   USA   (08.11.08)
"Russia is the biggest threat to security and stability in the world." What happened to Iran? Is Russia now flavor of the month - anything that disrupts business interests of Israel. Essentially Russia act as a counterbalance to the irrational, belligerent actions of the US (as a proxy for Israel) - the REAL threat to world peace.
29. There was another -ashvili , remember ?
michael mazur ,   brunswick australia   (08.11.08)
Kezerashvili and Yakobashvili are both fluent in Hebrew, and are Jews. Was Dzhugashvili also a Jew ?
30. Death and destruction......
mgb   (08.11.08)
specialty of Israel.
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