Georgian official: This is our Tisha B'Av
Dana Zimmerman
Published: 10.08.08, 15:42
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1. Unnecessary War should end
Brod ,   USA   (08.10.08)
This war should not happened. If a majority of the S. Ossetian people are Russian and they want to be part of Russia, Georgia should just let the will of the S. Ossetian people prevail. There is no point having war over nothing. It is time for cool heads to prevail on both sides. Russia should not be acting like a big bully beating a little kid in the block. Western Mediators should work quickly to stop the fighting and have a ceasefire and come to a peaceful resolution emanating from the will of the people of S. Ossetia.
2. Pathetic
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (08.10.08)
Georgia launched Grad rockets on a city, killing hundreds, and sought to ethnically cleanse Ossetian civilians. Georgia started this, in violation of written agreements. Now, they pay the price.
3. Georgia
George ,   Atlanta Georgia   (08.10.08)
Seems Israel is afraid of speaking too harshly against Russia. Even though Russia has been fueling the Islamic world's aggression against Israel for decades.
4. Who really is pathetic
USA   (08.10.08)
If Russia cares so much about "Russian citizens in South Osetia why doesn't it evacuate or evict them "for their own safety" and resettle them in Russia the way Israel evacuates "settlers." Because unlike Israel, Russia doesn't give a damn about democrazy about United States or Europe or anyone it will simply anhialate any enemy who stands in her way. NATO is pathetic, the West is pathetic for allowing a fresh new democracy to be bullied. The West is going to allow Georgia to be chopped up intoch pieces they way it allows Israel to be chopped up.
5. #3 Russia has leverage
Chaim   (08.10.08)
Israel has to keep quiet about anything Russia does, or it could find itself with Iran receiving a sudden large shipment of S-300 SAMs, which would essentially spell the end of any hope of the IAF or even the USAF taking out the Iranian nuke sites in the near future.
6. #1 and #2 cant read!
JAyyy ,   Israel   (08.10.08)
Read the report carefully The Russian forces have been attacking civilian targets both in Georgia and in South Ossetia. !000's dead! Russians have bombed residential areas in the separatist province. Why does Russia want Ossetia? Only for their greed for oil, which they have plenty of already! Yes it is disputed territory, but Russia has no right arming the separatists to attack Georgia with! Russia also supplies the terrorists in the middle east with work it out!
7. jews
bob the builder ,   mexico   (08.10.08)
jeeeewwws!!!! :(
8. The Russians Didn't Attack Ossetia, the Gerogians Did
Vadimir the Russian ,   Tel Aviv   (08.10.08)
It was the Georgians who started a bombardment of the capital of South Ossetia that killed over 1500 civilians. Enough of the lies. Russia only wants control of what is their's. Israelis are just mad because your feeble training and arms sales can't even begin to compare to the might of mother Russia!
9. Photograph
David Olesker ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.10.08)
Is it just me, or does the Reuters photograph that illustrates this report look Photoshoped?
10. IDF Defeated ... this time in Georgia!
11. He talks as if he is the Israeli ambassador lol
12. We aught to learn .. enough meddling in peoples affairs
Doron ,   TA, MafiaCity   (08.11.08)
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