Georgian minister: We won't cede to Russians
Dana Zimmerman
Published: 10.08.08, 17:26
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1. Regime change is close than ever !! Well done Russia!!
KMR ,   Overseas   (08.10.08)
2. WHAT? No Btselem video?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.10.08)
3. redeployment
alexi   (08.10.08)
US should start pulling out big time from iraq, some redeployment to afganistan and rest the soldiers brought to the US. also, they should expand their marine and naval and air commando groups by 100,000 in 2 years. Smalll platforms should be emphasized. Israel should do likewise especially in fighting hezbollah and hamas. Definitely use human shields, local arabst at gunpoint to flush dug in bunkers.and safe houses. Use fuel air bombs to suffocate danger areas.Use skunk cannisters to clear zones. Finally, Putin has been selling all manner of weapons to iran, he could care less about israel, its the old soviet arab love affair.Israel needs more backbone yet should be careful with him. Medvedev is acutally better than Putin, however he is just a figurehead to cover the real power Putin. he is going to reincorporate Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus into russia. The baltics will be next. The Poland and the Chezk republic will be neutralized and later forced into the russian orbit. Finally, the baltics will eventually be reincorporated into russia. There is not a thing US can do about it.Bush is a weak dumblell. Like Dayan and Sharon, some israeli generals have to get involved in leading israel and make the right decisions. Where the hell are you. Enough with the peace policies.
4. Haaretz reports this minister is a Jew.
Smirnov ,   Tashkent   (08.10.08)
Another tough talkin' Georgian Patriot.
5. You lot are a bunch of hypocrites !
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (08.11.08)
With US approval Israel dropped cluster bombs on Lebanon for 34 days. Now the shoe is on the other foot lets see what happens if Russia is allowed to bomb Georgia for 34days.
6. Hilarious!! Georgian Gov. all jews
7. These are the Khazars baby, where we came from ...
Doron ,   TA, MafiaCity   (08.11.08)
8. To # 4
Yes, Yakobashvili is a Jew and he is also flunet in hebrew.
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