Ex-envoy: Georgia modeled its army after IDF
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 10.08.08, 20:51
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1. Ha ha ha modled after the IDF a sure fire line to defeat.
Al   (08.10.08)
Israel sells pluff and BS. The IDF is a running joke...No one in any serious military takes the IDF seriously. Get over yourselves.
2. Israel Wants Its Teeth Kicked In?
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (08.10.08)
Israel should keep its nose out of Russia's butt.
3. #1 So true
4. 2# Israel has plenty of weapons to kick
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.10.08)
Russia right back in the teeth with. Russia isn't a monopoly on nuclear deterrance. They are just a bunch of arrogant cows trying to steal some more territory rather than compromising, and moving their invading hoard back into Russia, where they belong. When it comes to oil......Putin never misses a chance, to miss a chance, to steal it.
5. To #s ! & 2 The I.D.F is better and smarter than
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.10.08)
any other army in the world. Just because a coward p.m. and a mentally defective min of defense along with an incompetent chief of staff held them back in the second leb war and in gaza does not make them a joke. We can take on any military in the world and with a government that says screw the world opinion,we will destroy our enemies. Most of the people I served with in the reserves had university degrees and were not kids off the streets and h.s. drop outs. If our next p.m. will let the I.D.F. loose,then other armies can learn how the best operate.
6. Jason #5, what you wrote is shocking!
Steve ,   US   (08.10.08)
You wrote: "Just because a coward p.m. and a mentally defective min of defense along with an incompetent chief of staff held them back in the second leb war and in gaza does not make them a joke. " This is shocking Jason! You've lost all credibiltiy with me. . How could you leave the chief traitoress -- Tzippy Livni -- out of this list unless you secretly support this woman?
7. With all that IDF training...
JJohnson ,   Turks & Caicos   (08.10.08)
...I bet the Georgian armed forces are really really good at shooting children engaged in rock tossing.
8. Might Makes Right
Cap ,   LA, USA   (08.10.08)
Might Makes Right Throughout history. Then US has grabbed territory to be what it is today. Look at all the Indian Wars and the Southwest and Hawaii etc...If you are weak you pay the price. Nothing wrong with being top dog and getting what you need. US should be taking all the oil we need to pay for our world police actions. No more Mr Nice Guys, we should be more like the Soviets.
9. Israeli experts???
Meir ,   Arad   (08.10.08)
What’s their area of expertise? Is the IDF able to defend the territorial integrity of the Land of Israel? Is the IDF able to provide security for the residents of Israel? The weapons systems, tactics and methods of the IDF are useless garbage that only bribed, corrupted politicians will “buy”. People of Georgia, you will be betrayed by Israel, just like the South Lebanese Army.
10. Why are you such a loser Al ?
The IDF has proven itself in 99.99% of the situations it defended Israel (and a few other countries) against lethal, raw, barbarian, extreme Muslim terrorism. But your problem Al(Ali ?!) is you don't see the wood because of the trees.
11. Nos.1 & 3 birds of a feather flock together.
So transparent both of you that you cannot have a minimal objective view on the matter. You know why? Because you are extremely short-sighted and limited in your comprehension.
12. #7,Another cynical loser !
13. Georgia
As Mr Hadad writes, Georgia has seen quite a lot of progress lately but this is not at all to the liking of the huge neighbour and policy makers. For one thing there has been too much freedom among the Georgians and that may create problems to the economically weaker neighbours and, implicitly, to the big brother. Then, if an oil/gas pipeline should pass through Georgia on its way to the Mediterranean Sea terminals this may create problems again know who/whom. So, Sakkashvili is right to holller for help and Georgia should be granted help lest the world wants an ex-Georgia on its conscience. As for Israeli expertise, help, etc.,etc.,no one knows that for sure and it is no one's business to tamper with. Surely, not nos. 1, 3 and other block-headed bloggers and Israel bashers.
14. wow
katie   (08.11.08)
You are so ignorant
15. IDF defeated again... this time in Georgia?!!!
16. #9: IDF's expertise is epelling Jews from their homes.
Steve ,   US   (08.11.08)
Under Prime Minister Ehud Barak, IDF fled Lebanon and abandoned our SLA allies to the tender mercies of the jihadists. Under Sharon / Livni / Olmert , IDF physically expelled thousands of Jews from their homes; from historic and Biblical Israel.. Israel / IDF wants to be blessed?
17. idf helping georgian forces
jacob ,   Canada   (08.11.08)
Israel mind your own business, first clean up your own backyard ,and do not take your revenge from Russia ,for supporting Irans nuclear ambitious, it dosent work, and going to get worse , try diplomatic ways.
18. #1: Singapore's army was also modeled after the IDF
Jake   (08.11.08)
And despite the fact that Singapore is a tiny city-state flanked by Moslem giants, it has one of the best and most capable militaries in all Southeast Asia.
19. Al #1 is just jealous and full of it
Jake   (08.11.08)
His country's army probably has tanks that run on camel dung and an air force made up of kamikaze hand glider squads. They probably rely on terrorism to make up for their lack of military ingenuity.
20. Typical Nonsense
Visionary ,   USA   (08.11.08)
Yakobashvili: 'Russians didn't expect us to fight with such determination and force,' lol, what nonsense, the Georgians have already pleaded for a ceasefire. Shabtai Zur: "Last night I spoke with....they told me they do not know if any jews were among the victims." How shameful, he is more concerned about Georgia's jewish population. Oh, this guy is a real humanitarian.
21. #1, 3 and anyone else like them
Jane   (08.11.08)
Our government, yes. That's a running joke. The IDF, well you fool, you're not fit to touch the foot of even our newest soldier.
22. #7
Jane   (08.11.08)
I think you've been sitting in the sun so long that you can no longer tell who is the victim and who is the criminal.
23. #1, 3....Why don't you tell that to Egypt, Syria...
Jimmy ,   L.A., USA   (08.11.08)
IDF is pathetic? Your jealousy knows no bounds. If the IDF is so pathetic why do we still hold on to the West Bank, Gaza, Golan? Why did we reach the outskirts of Cairo and Damascus numerous times? Look at the size of Israel on a map, and look at our enemies...Just to have survived this long is a testament to our military might. Idiots.
24. IDF for Defense of Israel, not Private Mercs!
shneerhere ,   Chicago   (08.11.08)
Please don't tout 'national interest' like we're some kind of Blackhawk Group or something. IDF should be defending the Land of Israel and Jewish lives, not behaving like a foreign legion or statist Mercs. Is this what we've come to?!
25. IDF and Georgia
Count Dracula ,   Los Angeles USA   (08.11.08)
To #5. Jason either you are joking or else you are very misinformed. The IDF is way beyond being the best army in the world. Maybe among the countries near you but be reasonable. Israel would last about 15 minutes, if that long ,against the USA. Israel has absolutely no capability for fighting beyond its borders. It is ok to have pride in ones country, but to have an exaggerated concept of an area where security is at risk is foolish nonsense.
26. Selling Georgia advanced arms is insane
Kenneth ,   Tampa, Florida USA   (08.12.08)
I still can not believe that israel would do anything as insane as to give the former Georgia SSR advanced weapons knowing that they are such a historic "loose cannon". Whai was going thru israel's mind when they made this deal? It's almost as bad as selling Hamas modern rocket launchers.
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