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Beijing: Swimmer Alon Mandel sets new national record
Published: 11.08.08, 14:37
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1. KOL HAKAVOD to our SPORTS rep
Rebab ,   Raanana   (08.11.08)
But in TV, the comnetarists even did not learn the rules of the sports israel is particping. HATUEL: Great and emocionant match, any one could win, even your are a head shorter!!!!
2. A National Disgrace
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (08.11.08)
Mourning his father is less important than swiming? You don't "honor your father's memory" by swimming.
3. #2 Yishai - Most decent people agree with you.
Harry   (08.11.08)
4. Mourning
Tom ,   Jerusalem   (08.11.08)
Mr Cohen....... Pull your head in! Let the man mourn his father as he sees fit. As a religious Jew I understand your point but you are just wrong!
5. The whole idea of partecipating
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah   (08.11.08)
The whole idea of partecipating in an olympics is Hellenistic per definition. If Jews understood the meaning of what is Jewish, they stayed at home, building the Temple.
6. #2 & #3 Mind your own business!!!!!!!
telavivit ,   Israel   (08.11.08)
It is up to an individual to make their own decision. So glad I am secular!!!!!!!!!
7. #2: Honoring his father's memory? He just did.
Jake   (08.12.08)
8. Leave Alon Alone!
The Silent Shoah   (08.15.08)
BS"D He knows no better. Please do not attack him or his father AH's memory. The family is but one of many victims of the silent Shoah of today - secularization. He does not need us to add to his double sorrow - the loss of his father and the loss of values - neither of which are his fault.
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