Ultra-Orthodox candidate for Jerusalem mayor - MK Meir Porush
Ronen Medzini
Published: 11.08.08, 21:33
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1. Trouble ahead for Jerusalem.
Al   (08.11.08)
Porush is as corrupt as they come. Lupo was a gem of a man. He quit bc he cant stand the constant BS. You lost a good man.
2. not prepared for Talibantayim..
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (08.12.08)
Jerusalem must remain the capital of the 70 Nations. Will Porush understand it ? I doubt..
3. Kind of a leftist, isn't he?
Robert ,   USA   (08.12.08)
4. Meretz thrilled with charedi choice
Mordechai   (08.12.08)
Why re elect a man who did a good job when you can nominate someone who will lose to the radical secularist candidate. Great job Rabbis you will be thrilled when the next mayor hosts the gay pride parade and and brings them to your yeshivot.
5. thats the end of Jerusalem as we know it
Simon ,   TA the free city   (08.12.08)
If this right wing religious lunatic gets in , it will be the end of Jerusalem as a democratic capital of Israel, might as well give it to the Palestinians , as we dont need Charedi-stan on our dooorsteps.
6. #4 Morechai ever heard of democracy
Simon ,   TA Israel   (08.12.08)
Yes we will have gay pride in our capital next year and every year until we get our rights. You can not deny a segment of the Israeli public their democratic right to march in our capital based on your religious interpretation of the bible. We are a group of law abiding citizens who are entitled to our rights as much as you are and behaved in a respectable manner as was proven at this years march. Why would we want to bring the March to the Yeshiva, as you suggest? Or is this just a pathetic attempt at homophobia? Jerusalem is the democratic capital of Israel and not just religious fanatics.
7. Simon, EVERY gay person in the world has rights. You have a
right to choose ,   heaven, or hell.   (08.12.08)
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