Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
A risk worth taking
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 13.08.08, 10:20
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1. Yes
cfs ,   Tlse, Fr/Dz   (08.13.08)
I am agree with you and i thank them for the risks they took for bring us informations and photos.
2. journalists attacked in Naalin and Biilin
Ivan ,   Haifa   (08.13.08)
The Israeli Army do it every week.
3. Blah blah...Get a job
Al   (08.13.08)
What crap. The real issues are never covered including whats going on in Jewish Israel. The simple fact that the government of Israel is leading a kulturkamf against religious Jews and their agenda. That is the real issue. All the rest is quite frankly meaningless. Do I give a rats ass if some Russian pagens want to kill other pagens. Is that going to change my life? However the fact that the Jewish religion and religious Jews in Israel are being persecuted is way more important to me. The reporter who went to Georgia and almost was killed shows me that your reporters have their priorities mixed up. They want prizes, they dont want the truth Mark em up with paparazie who crawl after the hollywood trash. There is no difference.
4. I agree #3
Leonard ,   LA-CA. USA   (08.14.08)
I think sometimes maybe most times they do more harm than good. It does make good news and good rateings but it may cause problems on the war front. VietNam is a good example.
5. Making journalists into targets
Fair   (08.14.08)
On 16 April a Reuter journalist, Fadel Shana was killed, on camera, by a shell fired by an Isreli army tank a few hundreds meter away. The military attorney general decided that the army crew who fired the shell should not be prosecuted because they could not see if the journalist had a camera or a weapon on his tripod. Such version does not stand to scrutiny, as the journalist was in a very open area, quite close to the tank and the tank has excellent visibility. Unless the soldiers were blind they would see he was filming with a camera. He wore a press vest and had been filming for while when shot. If the rest of the world adopts the same attitude as the Israeli authorities then every journlist is a legitimate target. This woud be very dangerous.
6. Why do mourn and admire anti-semites?
Dr. T. Hunt ,   South Dakota, USA   (09.22.08)
We must examine who are these journalists. Since so many journalistas lie and are anti-Isael, distorting the truth, this is justice for their depraved ways. By their anti-Israel reporting they have cost many Jewish lives. This is G-d's retribution for their war crimes. Who needs such reporting. I want the truth not distorted liberal views that cost lives and influence people against Israel. So don't mourn for these anti-semites too much. They reap what they sow. Their reporting has incited Arab mobs to attack Israel and the Jews. Remember John Chancellor's anti-Israel reports from Beurut in the 1982 war. He was foaming at the mouth and called the Israelis baby killers. When it was Arafat who killed Jewish babies. No I'd rather not have such journalists around thank you.
7. #2 Yes they do it every week.
pROF. Yigal Aretz ,   Haifa, Isreal   (09.22.08)
You are right. The press defames Israel every week which cost Jewish lives. This is G-d's work and justice taking evil people from our midst and protecting His peo[ple. Do not defend those who would kill you. You must have been brought up in a fish bowl not to realize who is your true enemy. You are too spoiled and safe living in Haifa. You should take a visit to Gaza and kiss the Hamas people. They will show you true compassion and love, won't they. Get real! Know thy enemy! It is not the army it is the press who would have you killed.
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