Russia teaches US a lesson
Orly Azoulay
Published: 13.08.08, 23:29
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1. That's why Bush is sending in military forces as we speak.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.14.08)
What's Russia going to do....start a war with the United States? Do you really think these troops will ever leave now? They are going to be stationed there permanently. Russia might as well have invited NATO into the country. "United States Lands Forces in Georgia," reads the headlines, as the saviour of a country, oppressed by the Russians again. Georgia will be asking the United States to stay, to keep the Russians at bay. The United States isn't going to give up, because Russia stayed in the country six days. World War II took many years before we kicked everyone out of lands they occupied. Once someone realizes they need assistance, they generally ask for it.If you allow for a few days of mayhem and bad world press.....you can walk in as the saviour, supplying food and medicine to the victims. We are a military power with nuclear weapons also. Georgia will ask us to stay now. Poland and the Czech Republic may do the same. They don't want to be invaded any more than Georgia does. Who needs missiles when they can have an American Submarine with nuclear weapons available as a deterrant. I'd say Russia really screwed the pooch on this little escapade. The pipeline has more value to the West than you surmise. If you don't have to force NATO into a country like Georgia.....and the Russians attack it to overturn its government..........don't you think the presence of invited American forces, could have been a calculated response, to Russian agression to begin with. Even if it is just the result of Russia's actions.........the United States got what they wanted.........a presence on Georgian soil, protecting the interests of the West, without having to fire a shot. I hope getting a little battle started for two provinces has been worth it for Russia. Pooh Bear Putin and his honey pot of oil. He wants all the Honey for himself. What's new.
2. thoughts
colin   (08.14.08)
The most wonderful outcome between the conflict in Goergia is that now the Americans realise that most of the world do not agree with thier system of administration/ As Russia it is now the responsibility of the Israeli nation to dislodge the yoke of America from our necks.History has re[eated itself.The jew got rid of the Egyptians,Germans and the arabs.NOW TO ONCE AGAIN ISRAEL MUST BE A SELF GOVERNING NATION.
3. disagree entirely with your point of view
Paul ,   UK   (08.14.08)
Having watched Condoleeza Rice on CNN just an hour ago, I do think the US intends on sending its own kind of message to Russia. Don't underestimate the US when it comes to economic pressure. Just how far will Russia go to isolate the Georgian regime? Will they have the gall to "accidentally" shoot down a C-17 bearing relief aid? Right now Russia is conducting a punitive attack aimed at weakening the position of the Georgian president. However, on the US side, it *IS* cheaper for the US to flood Georgia with all sorts of aid and rebuild things the "american way". Whatever the Russians destroy, the Americans will help rebuild (in exchange for some type of government contracts, of course), and Georgia will just come out stronger, bearing a deeper grudge for Russians. Lending the right amount of aid to Georgia, without challenging Russia directly will strengthen the USA's position in Georgia. Let's see how this plays out. As long as Mr. Shaakashvili doesn't appear unreasonable in his expectations of US aid, and doesn't make demands, I think things will work out better than you're portraying them. Much better.
4. Poland and Czech republic
Justine   (08.14.08)
"One needs to be an eternal optimist in order to think that now, with the US weakness exposed, Poland and the Czech Republic would agree to deploy American missiles on their soil." If I remember correctly, the Czechs already agreed. As for Poland, the president supports the deployment even more loudly and the government claims that the talks "accelerated".
5. absolutely briliant analisys,and 1000% correct
chaim ,   brooklyn ny   (08.14.08)
6. The result of war:
Roman ,   Los Angelos   (08.14.08)
russia killed a lot of civilians and Russia lost a lot of fighter jets. More jets than US lost in Iraq and Afganistan in 6 years. The Russian invasion was well prepared with several tricks. but Russia has no friends in Georgia, and good thing that thousans of Russian soldiers will die in the next 1-2 years. Of course, Rice is stupid and nobody expected from her anything. So far Bush, MacCain, joined yesterday by Obama, did the right thing. The more Russians die the better for everyone.
7. This article is right on the mark!
b. moskowitz ,   chashmonaim, Israel   (08.14.08)
I hope we see that you cannot depend on US backing or help especiall if Obama wins
8. Silent but deadly
Ima Bleever ,   Anytown USA   (08.14.08)
It sickens me that my country has spies who watch every dirt clod all over this world from satellites, but they pretend they are blind as Helen Keller instead of warning tiny friends like Georgia (or Israel). With a simple phone call, it could have gone like this: "Hey, this is GW Bush. If I were you, I'd mine the bridges to the north, and I mean ALL of them. Blow them if anything bigger than a truck goes by. The Russkies are massing past the mountains next to you. Click" It's that simple. So why didn't it happen? To my brothers and sisters of planet Earth, especially those of Georgia: I am so sorry, so enraged, that nobody here warned you. May God strike those dead who knew and did nothing. Who is the bigger Nazi, the one who pushes Jews on trains to Auschwitz or the one who knew he was coming and didn't warn anybody while they could still run? Israel stand ready. Mine the bridges to the north. The armies of Armaggedon may be assembling. Iran is poised. Georgia has fallen. A Russian spike is traveling westward to take those others near the Black Sea. The Bible predicts this and it is bad news for you. Prepare for war. You sit atop the deepest part of the funnel-shaped Middle Eastern oil reserves. When the world runs out, you will still have. Just like the widow had barely enough oil each time the prophet needed a cake. I'm not the only one who knows this. And you look tasty and weak right now. Dig a well or a bomb shelter BEFORE you need it. Shalom
9. This last sentence needs to be taken to heart.
Keren ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.14.08)
The United States has a long record of abandoning allies and states which depended upon it to live up to its promises of support. Israel has survived because it has been able to defend itself. If the day comes when we cannot, the U.S. will cut its losses, move on and leave us to the tender mercies of our genocidal enemies. We need to bear this in mind when we fold under American (and EU) pressure and abandon territories which, in enemy hands, render us defenceless. In realpolitik, nations do not have "friends" - only interests and those of the U.S. and Israel are not always identical. While the U.S. goes to extreme lengths where its national security is concerned, it pressures Israel to "take [suicidal] chances for peace." If we truly wish to survive, we will have to learn the tragic lessons of those who depended upon American assurances and strengthen our defences.
10. Proof once again
It is safer to be an enemy of the US than its friend
11. true, but not quite yet
NJ ,   USA   (08.14.08)
In one month from now, if America has not done anything significant in response to Russia's brutality, then this article is about right on target. But the fact is, it is Wednesday, less than one week later. Further, the announcement today of a 'robust' "humanitarian" aid by Bush is very interesting: -- It is being delivered (and this was almost emphasized in Bush's voice in his speech) by the US Military. I sure hope I am right in reading into this, that there is more to this than "humanitarian." So the article makes good points, but the story is not quite so over yet.
12.  Georgia
Derek ,   US   (08.14.08)
You conclusion is hasty as the issue is not yet final. Still, you may be correct regarding Russia installing a new leader in Georgia. Very much doubt US gave Georgia carte blanch into So. Ossetia as you imply, most likely the reverse. In meantime US is flying aid into Georgia. That too is a warning to Russia. This is not 1968. In the near future this may well injure Russia. Interestingly, this has ramifications for Israel taking military actions to protect its interests. :-)
13.  Fkexing
Holt ,   usa   (08.14.08)
Russia's over reaction may help McCain candidacy as he well may appear stronger leader for US.
14. Orly you got it all wrong: Russia is increasingly isolated
Moshe   (08.14.08)
15. Oh please
Leonard ,   LA, Ca. USA   (08.14.08)
I think anybody with a little brain could see the US is too busy with Iraq and Iran to start a fight with Russia. You would be looking at a major WAR if that was to happen. The US don't need that. Georgia should have known better than to start this with Russia.
16. Georgia not dead yet, see what happens next.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.14.08)
17. To Paul #3 and other naive thinkers
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (08.14.08)
I really don't care much about US, Poland nor Czech Republic. I'm Israeli, I live in Israel and I care about MY country. We must thank the Russians for this lesson. We cannot depend on an absolute loser as Condoleeza Rice, she has proved once and again that the way she sees the world is the way she wants it to be. NOT as it is. Please read the message, the US, or the EU are not reliable! We must fight our own wars, and do it the way we know, the way we always did!
18. 15# Russia dangled the bait and Georgia bit.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.14.08)
Rice told them not to get into a beef with Russia in July. They didn't listen. As for warning them....Rice did warn them it wasn't in their best interest.. Russia was already baiting Georgia for a conflict.....Rice warned them to not react. If it took a few weeks to get aid to New Orleans.....what made anyone think aid to Georgia was going to be any faster?
19. US do something to Russia?
Robert ,   USA   (08.14.08)
The US can't even handle Iran. And Russia already killed US troops in Georgia, so let them send them. Also, that last sentence was true quite some time ago, as the US sells the same arms as it does to Israel, to countries that don't even recognise Israel.
20. to 2 colin
andia ,   jerusalem   (08.14.08)
arabic thought or palastinian thought [[ the arabic saying ---- they take care of me and growing me but i know my father ]] israil always need one to support upon him a father or not a father but a powerfull wealthy one . but palastinians have no father they depened on the creator on their allah
21. imma ..usa
nana ,   jerusalem   (08.14.08)
you mixed the past with the future .the policy with the religion to egive your advice .. but i think the past is confused the future not known and you are not expert in policy .. religion needs no expert but believe ... so may dear i only keep my believe
22. Armageadon, the self fulfilling prophecy.
Jack ,   Richmond, va us   (08.14.08)
US Navy and Air Force are the branches of the US military that confront large nations. The reason that the Soviets collapsed was because of the incredible amount of funds the US put into big weaponry: bunker busters, CITY busters (more powerful than nukes), emf bombs, anti-electrical systems defenses, etc. Little wars are more of a challenge for us; we be prepared for the big one. The soviets backed down because of navy and air force armaments. The marines/army deal with the little stuff, like occupation, but we wouldn't occupy Russia. We have been programmed to believe Russians want democracy and capitalism. If Putin doesnt back down, properly, the US will assume he is the antichrist, and then what? He is backing Iran with nuclear materials, and is attacking our friends. Plus trying to contol Europe's energy resources. We will take that down, and bring in resources in alternative ways, if the response is economic, but if it is military or proxy, Russia is ground zero to the most powerful military the world has ever known. This coupled with the fact these Republicans believe in the end of world junk, and Russia is the antichrist's army. You could get a fighting the anti christ (armageadon) response. Russia should have waited until after the election when the response would likely be issolation. It is stupid to think the US military cant respond to Russia. We never would have started with ground troops. (Besides, our ground troops are realy near by, and Iraq does not actually need us to obtain a republic (at least from the Democrats point of view). We could leave Iraq and go straight into Russia with ease.
23. Russia teaches a lesson most learned in 1938
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.14.08)
This is a parallel to the Sudetenland crisis 60+ years ago. The lesson. If you don't want to get treated like Czechoslovakia have the ability to defend your interests yourself without depending on big (and most times unreliable) allies. Russia flexed it's muscles and showed once again that the rules of war are niceties don't apply to the major players.
24. Russia humiliates U.S
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.14.08)
The U.S is like a eunuch now . It should not have the stength to stop Israel going for Iran and Israel should ignore the U.S.
25. #1 - you asked the wrong question ..
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (08.14.08)
#1 - you asked the wrong question .. "What's Russia going to do....start a war with the United States?". The question is would the US start a war with Russia because of its invasion of Georgia? And we know the answer. None of the former eastern bloc countries will rely on the US anymore and people in the Ukraine are already asking if they will be the next target because not only has the Ukraine expressed a desire to join NATO but it has a large seaport (Sevastopol) that Russia wants back. Russia stated yesterday, "the US can either support "virtual project," or decide on "real partnership on issues that really demand collective action". Russia is getting stronger and the US is getting weaker. Russia is gaining influence and the US is losing it. Russia is getting richer and the US is facing bankruptcy. China will be the #1 economic power in the world and nobody would challenge it militarily. Europe has to choose between democracy and Islam. The world is changing. Mike
26. Last time Georgia knocked the Russian door...
Damir ,   Russia   (08.14.08)
was more than 200 years ago. That time the foreign side in the play had beed the Osman Empire? threatening the very Christian foundation of Georgia. Some thirty years before that Ossetians sought the protection in Mocsow from the Georgians. Surprised? I suppose the Americans were little busy with their own affairs back in 1783, but the Georgian raid of 2008 was much like those in the past. Only not on the horseback and armed with more than sabers. Yet again Russia has to move in and bang their heads together several times. Yes, the Ossetian heads too, as some of eager ones might now seek a bit of revenge around Gori. We have to round them up and return to behind newly established Ossetian-Georgian border. Well, those Caucasians... They fought between themselves since times forgotten. The tribe form one mountain against the other tribe in the valley. Some got together and so Georgia became. Some like Ossetians and Abkhazians had proved tough. Not forgetting the Muslim part of Georgia, the Adzharians in Batum. Russia in Caucasian wars of 18-19th centuries basically stopped the mutual carnage and gave them a unified law, now would be called 'federal'. So it would be wrong to say the Ossetia was part of Georgia even before the revolution of 1917. The right term is they both were part of Russian Empire. And later the Soviet Empire. Oh boy, how I miss the late Solzhenizyn on this matter. It wold be meat and drink for him to write a book on the history of the Russian-Georgian relations? like he did about Jews in the "200 years together". Not necessarily flattering to us, but once translated to English it would answer many questions fron the West.
27. That's the point 25# We're flying in troops as we speak.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.14.08)
Russia isn't going to mess with the United States any more than the United States wants to go at it in a nuclear conflict with Russia. But we are in the country now......and we won't be leaving soon. What's Russia going to do? Start a Nuclear War over a couple of suburbs? Russia isn't going to do squat. And we will go bankrupt. But we aren't bankrupt yet. Ownership is nine tenths of the law. And we are flying people in to take ownership from Russia. Russia totally miscalculated what the United States is willing to do to stop this horse manure. They also made a dreadful mistake economically. The United States will shut down trade with them for this repeat of the USSR.
28. 25# Kennedy had to deal with the same arrogance.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.14.08)
Don't think Bush won't push back. Your assumption is incorrect.
29. #17 - Be careful - Russia's main client is Iran
Laura ,   Israel   (08.14.08)
And the Iranians are watching this confrontation very closely. If the US gives in to Russian demands (i.e., to choose between them or Georgia), then this will give a green light to Iran and its clients. Don't forget that Russia is up to its neck in developing Iran's nuclear infrastructure and supplying it with nuclear fuel. Russia also supplies the enemy on our border, and Iran's client, Syria, with advanced Scud missiles and other military materiel. The US - and NATO - must do more to protect Georgia, a sovereign, West-allied nation. If the Russians, on a hegemonist roll, turn toward the big prize, the Ukraine, and give the US and NATO the finger again, then NATO will have to do something militarily. The Russian attack has several missions: 1) To show that the West, especially the US, is a paper tiger, and to warn Poland and the Czech Rep. that they had better not allow the US missile defense to be stationed there. 2) To dominate the total flow of oil and gas that moves through the Caucasus for Russia, alone, thereby cutting off crucial supply to the West. (Why to you think that there are urgent talks going on now between Turkey and Iran?) 3) To create a unified allegiance with Iran: Russia against the West, Iran against the East (the Middle East, in particular), thus dominating all oil supplies (Nigeria and Venezuela are both in the Russo-Iranian sphere of influence). With the US, the EU and Israel weakened and running low on oil (wait till the Iranians take over the Gulf and Saudi oilfields - the Democrats persist in preventing crucial drilling), a disaster of monumental proportions awaits us democratic and free nations. Only China and India stand to choose - and the outcome of the US elections holds the key.
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