Saakashvili: Russian tanks advance on Georgian towns
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Published: 15.08.08, 23:21
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31. 5 Seer: General Patton wanted to attack Russia and General
Rivkah   (08.16.08)
MacArthur wanted to attack China. Perhaps both were right in some ways, militarily. The problem with winning wars with Russia and China is what do you do with billions of people when you win? At least under the communists, the people are getting fed, unlike the 1930's when the people were starving.
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (08.16.08)
The first thing,is that Egypt,Jordan and Sryia was ready to attack Israel to drive the Israeli out to the sea,Israel to save herself,surprised the Arabs and won the war. The second thing,Israel offered to give back all they took in the 6 day war for a peace agreement and were answered by the Arab states, NO!NO! AND NO! The 3rd thing, under the Israeli "occupation" the Palestinians life's were better off than they were under the Egyptians and Jordan and was much better off,than under the rule of Arafat and Hammas. They had work,they had health care and were treated in Israeli hospitals. their average life span went up,the death rate of new babies,improved. The Palestiaians want a state,I am for it,but first you must earn it.
33. You nonAmericans are such disgusting no-doing hatemongers
USA   (08.16.08)
I hope your enemies get all of you and you have to live under their terms. No wonder you guys are always fighting.
34. 1930s
Vindicare ,   Warsaw Polan   (08.16.08)
In 1930s people were starving under communists. USSR exported grain to fund heavy industry at the cost of starving millions.
35. Russian and Rice and Co.
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.16.08)
While I have no time for Russia and every sympathy for Georgia I am delighting in seeing Rice humiliated by Russia doing what Israel should have done to her, Bush, Gates and co.a long time ago but has no guts and no leader to do what is needed.
36. 24 Dave Levy: With forty...
Rivkah   (08.16.08)
US military ships in the Middle East I read this week, the most since the Second Persian Gulf War began, the article author thinks Iran and Syria will be attacked before President Bush leaves office. That would certainly be more likely if Israel is attacked since funding from wealthy Dallas Jews is one of the things that put Bush the Younger into office and they have some understanding of the importance of the restored Israel to the Lord, unlike many Gentiles in America and elsewhere. I also read that the North American Union, the amero currency, and the NAFTA superhighway through America are dead: the CFR has given up on those goals. So Daniel in the Bible (chapter 8) who describes the notable horn (USA) as breaking into four parts after Media-Persia (Iraq-Iran or Syria-Iran) are subdued (defeated) is more likely to come to pass. Alexander the Great did not have airplanes and Greece was not a nation from the ends of the earth. Get ready for disastrous events and a lot of changes in America. The safest place is in obedience to the Lord and His Torah since the Messiah said those who love Him will obey His commandments, the commandments of God through Moses, not of men through Popes. A third of the people on earth are about to die, as the four angels bound in the Euphrates River are released and have the power to kill a third of the people on earth. Armageddon comes later.
37. 14 Redmike: You forget the USA had nuclear weapons in 1944
Rivkah   (08.16.08)
before the Russians acquired them from American traitors. Even now, to win a war with Russia, America would have to use nukes.
38. #33 Be not decieved,God is not mocked,whatever they sow they
will reap.Harvest is ,   coming to them.   (08.17.08)
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