Source: Secret IDF material went unguarded in Georgia
Nava Tzuriel
Published: 16.08.08, 15:47
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1. Shocking
Aharon   (08.16.08)
We sent over a bunch of amateur hafifnikim to train the Georgian army, and now who knows into whose hands this information has fallen. If the Russians have their hands on it (very likely, considering the fact that they would have been monitoring Georgia's military activities closely) then it could only be a matter of time before that information finds its way to Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Once again I'm shocked at this lack of professionalism. I'm not a socialist by an stretch of the imagination, but this is a consequence of our money-driven capitalistic society. When everyone is just looking out for themselves and their pockets rather than finding a balance between self-interest and the wellbeing of the nation, we end up with disasters like this. If these claims prove to be true, Hirsch should be charged with leaking state secrets like Mordechai Vaununu was.
2. Gal Hirsch is a failure, thank god he was removed before any
serious war.
3. The standards were met.
Persian CAT   (08.16.08)
"the soldiers had almost zero capability and the officers were mediocre". What else do you expect from trainers who "won" the war in Lebanon?
4. idf?
menachem ,   switzerland   (08.16.08)
Only for money this bunch of idiots sell the country. and there is a change in the idf since the levanon war? A shame for all the vets of this army. IDF almost a joke.
6. Georgia Startegy = Hizaballah
Meir ,   Toronto   (08.16.08)
The Georgian strategy should be not to replicate Israeli army or any other armies startegies/tactics. Their defense should be based on the successful tactics used by the mujahadeen against the USSR in Afghanistan and Hizbollah in Lebanon.
7. #3 And still they gave hezzys good beating
Savi   (08.16.08)
8. haltuz and sharon
alexi   (08.16.08)
Just as zeira did in 73, halutz insisted on his doctrine and did not plan a total idf plan using all elements.Moreover, he didn't adapt the IDF for asymmetric plans to tackle dug in rocket firing antitank rocket systems. Sharon was basically the chief of staff and Haltuz was brought in to deal with iran. What alousy general he was!
9. re: Meir: Georgia=hezzbollah
yoosie   (08.16.08)
I suspect the Georgians are too civilized to adopt that type of tactic. Those tactics are for animals who do not vaule life.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.16.08)
Of what he is doing.Syed Hassan Nasrullah was,therefore,absolutely right in declaring what he did few days back.We would not be surprised to next learn what Gal left for Hizbullah's to pick up 'classified' documents in 2006
11. DERANGED SAVI..........................#7
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.16.08)
I thought you will be humble.Instead,you are humiliating some readers here.Careful Savi.......I can understand your feelings, but it is bit too late.Or do you wish to see further humiliation?
12. Field Marshal Alexi, maybe you can DO it next time.
Persian CAT   (08.16.08)
Where has your mom kept you all this time? The field is really empty without you . Should IDF wait until you leave the couch?
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.16.08)
In pointing out why Georgia lost the war.Within matter of hours there was total disintegration and collapse of the Georgian army.What did Gal Hirsch teach them?To run away?
14. SAVI................SO SORRY,SAVI..........#7
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.16.08)
Are you sure what you are writing?Even the Ynet must have reluctantly published your talk-back.
15. Georgia
sas ,   israel   (08.17.08)
I am sure that the people in our ministry of defense were bribed in order to approve certain material to be used by Hirsch n company........... I have witnessed this before in certain South American countries. Most of the people in the Ministry of Defence are corrupt and will give anything away for $$$$$$$$$ Investigate them too - not ony Ohlmert.
16. defense shield
fcd ,   israel   (08.17.08)
I am not surprised at all. i am sure that those involved in approving the material to "leave" israel received large payments as a gift. The Ministry of Defence is one of the most corrupt ministries here. If any budget should be cut it should be there - but only on those people sitting in the offices. the poor soliders and officers out in the field should be touched at all. the salaries that the ones sitting all dayinthe kitya" is unreal. They also all have cars/food/coupons etc.
17. This happened when
see&see   (08.17.08)
This happened when the people belong to the army and not the opposite. This happened when the people belong to the government and not the opposite. This happened when the people belong to the legislature and not the opposite. This happened when the people belong to the media and not the opposite. This happened when the people belong to the judiciary and not the opposite And so on and so on…
18. Source: Secret IDF material went unguarded in Georgia
Wiseman ,   San Diego USA   (08.17.08)
Tomer (alias) has a great deal of honor. I was once a master planner for B52 Nuclear Strike missions. I was one of the best planners. To that point, I believe, the lack of control of secret material as overseen by Gal Hirsch is discusting and serves as an indicator for overall poor planning capability. Money was the leader here, not good leadership and honor. To expose this brings great honor to your press. Sadly, the world will now be a very different and more dangerous place to live bacause of the west's leadership failure in Georgia.
19. Source
David ,   Montreal   (08.17.08)
Unfortunately the leadership in Georgia is quite mad (insane). I still can not believe the Georgians would attack Russians. they were certainly put up to it by Israel and America ,and probably the UK as well. ww3 will not start by way of trickery as too many good people stand at the levers and they will baulk.
20. hmm...
Joensuu ,   Lausanne, Switzerlan   (08.17.08)
Hopefully this is not one of those stories that are planted in the media to "excuse" failure or loss. E.g. Georgia did not lose because of Israeli techniques or weaponry being less advanced than the Russian ones, but because of simple mistakes.
21. Kudos to Israeli media
Liam ,   l.a.   (08.18.08)
At least you in Israel are getting the truth about what happened in South Ossetia on 8-8. We in the US are getting all lies on all the tv news stations. It's unbelievable they would have the gall to lie so blatantly considering all the internet. They must be planning to censor the net sooner than we all thought.
22. Perfect record
Doug Wright ,   Geneve Switzerland   (08.29.08)
Ha, dumb israelis have a perfect record; all trainees died. Guess that's why their using them in Iraq.
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