Report: Russia may arm Baltic fleet with nuclear warheads
Published: 17.08.08, 08:07
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1. Nuked subs
Spade ,   US   (08.17.08)
rusia could drop missiles there ? So, let Russia spend the money. It is Russia's money to waste and make things harder for themselves.
2. CONSIDERING arming?
OH BROTHER   (08.17.08)
What? Are we all supposed to run into the streets in wild eyed crazed panic? Stare at each other ashen-faced wringing our hands? What kind of bullshit reporting is this? Either they arm or they don't. What IS it with this amaturish, fear mongering-type reporting there is today? Its SO highschool!
3. Not to worry
Hendreck ,   usa   (08.17.08)
Russian missiles already have nukes ans so do ours. It's mutually assured destruction.
4. baltic sea is too shallow for nuke subs
Joe ,   Finland   (08.17.08)
and cruisers would have hard time operating without going over nations borders. But when have russians respected others nations borders?
5. Russia has nothing to worry about.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.17.08)
Beacause if they send any nukes into the United States or Europe......they won't exist in the next 30 minutes afterwords. Let Pooh Bear Putin go postal again. Their hasn't been a sane leader in Russia for who knows how long.
6. Well done, my Muscovite brothers!
Cameron ,   USA   (08.17.08)
While a many a state were considering this missile defense shield option, your recent moves assure that it is indeed going in at this point. Ah yes, Europa, the Russians are back, and will be leaning on you by any method they can employ.
7. The Moron GW Bush is Playing a Very Dangerous Game
Johan Odin ,   Oslo, Norway   (08.17.08)
It is becoming very clear that the USA, and its Israeli ally trained and equipped Georgian troops with the intent of attacking Russian peacekeepers in an attempt to take back South Ossetia, and by doing so have seriously intruded in Russia's back yard, creating another US foreign policy failures that only the proven idiots GW Bush and Condi Rice could conjure up. I remember when at one time Condi Rice was presumed to be somewhat intelligent, but her repeated failures across the board make one wonder if being a women, she is just too weak to stand up to Cheney and his cronies I know that sounds sexist, but at least Collin Powel had the guts to get out rather than continue to appease and lie for the warmongers as she has. All the USA seems to do under her reign is refuse to talk to those they truly need to talk to, and make demands upon those who could not give a damn about their opinion anyway, which in the end has accomplished jack squat. The sooner the two are no longer in office, the safer the world will be.
8. If the US can afford to put up missile defense shields in
Rivkah   (08.17.08)
Poland before it does in America, the economy must be better than is being reported in the news. The only missile defense shields in America I have read about actually being in place are over Denver and Colorado Springs, which is not very comforting since the whole country needs that if it is effective after an EMP attack (electromagnetic pulse that puts out fiber optics and electricity on such lines). Some years ago, Russia was finishing construction one nuclear submarine every 37 days which does not sound too friendly. I wonder who the Pole is in such a strategic position in America to get a defense shield over Poland. Oh, I know. The Poles have been loyal Roman Catholics and Pope Benedict XVIII is directing US foreign policy and wants to protect a friendly nation to the Vatican. There are so many Roman Catholics in the US military that after the 9/11/01 attack on the WTC towers when President Bush the Younger was in Air Force One heading for a bunker, a message came to him in the code system for the President telling him what he was to do in his foreign policy or his plane would be shot down immediately. Talk about traitors in high places. Bob Trefz' Cherith Chronicles this month talks about the Vatican taking over America by slow degrees, turning it into a Marxist State. The choices for President in the election are a Marxist and a man who was tortured by Marxists. The choice should be clear.
9. putin has lost the plot and is starting the cold war again
zionist forver   (08.17.08)
Putin wants a return to the good old days of the all powerfull Soviet Union. He has been spending billions on the Russian, navy, air force and army, he has been very hostile to the west and breaking post cold war treaties. He has been tring to make trouble in the Middle East to create a Russian presence like the one that existed during the cold war. Now he has had the invasion of Georgia and he is now on a roll and wants Russia to be ruling Eastern Europe again and is trying to scare them into getting to friendly with the west and now he is taking to chalange the US and their plans to base a missle defense system in poland by threateing to aim neuclear weapons at Poland. Putin is about is starting a new cold war the man needs to go.
10. #8 Rivkah
Bielik ,   Poland   (08.17.08)
The shield is to protect USA from being attacked by Iran - it can not protect Poland (why would Iran attack Poland anyway?). I know Internet gives you an opportunity to be 'anonymous specialist', but stop spreading such BS.
11. Go to hell Putin!
JAyyy ,   Israel   (08.17.08)
Russia are hypocrites! Poland has a right, like all the Arab countries you supply, to a defense system!
12. Collin Powel Covered up My Lai
Bill ,   US   (08.17.08)
and he didn't have the guts to say that the President didn't have the intel. to justify attacking Iraq. It's not a matter of gender. To Condi's credit, at leash she seems to believe what this administration is doing, unlike Powell who did it to fulfill his position. Isn't that why they named an oil tanker after her?
13. 10 Biekik: Why do you read my post if you think they are BS?
Rivkah   (08.17.08)
The attacks on America from Iran are not likely to be from missiles from Iran. The attacks are more likely to be from short range missiles on ships near the coasts of the USA exploding nuclear warheads 50 to 200 miles up to cause an EMP wave that puts out the electricity and fiberoptics. There are six million Muslims in America, many of whom are radicals who have already poisoned the water supply in many areas with uranium and polonium-210 that cause cancer. Last week, a corpse was found in a Denver, Colorado, hotel room with a pound of sodium cyanide. Was that going to be put into the water in Denver? The plans of radical Muslims to nuke seven cities in America in one day are well known, sanctioned by the Wahabi Immans in Saudi Arabia for the deaths of 100,000 Americans in one day. How missile shield in Poland are going to prevent such attacks is a mystery to me. Pope Benedict XIII got a boondoggle for the Poles for being Catholics and Prime Minister Putin is so upset about it, WWIII may be the end result. How about putting up missile defense shields over both coasts of America to protect the country from missiles launched from merchant ships to cause EMP? Doesn't charity begin at home? Shouldn't defense begin at home, too?
14. 12 Bill: There is plenty of evidence the WMD's that were
Rivkah   (08.17.08)
in Iraq were transported to Syria and Lebanon (Bekaa Valley). This is even in the ELS Bible codes. The problem was that the WMD's were from US companies who did not want that known to the American public. The Bible says there is something called four angels bound in the Euphrates River that when unleased will cause the deaths of a fourth of the world's population. That sounds like WMD's to me. What is buried under the Euphrates River in a secret underground base that is so secret the people who constructed it were killed by Sadam Hussein to protect the location? Also, Colin Powell was a subaltern in the Viet Nam War. My Lai was covered up, but not by a subaltern who was not there, pal.
15. Putin's personal war vs Common good of humanity
Brod ,   USA   (08.17.08)
It is doutful the the peaceful Democratic people of Russia are becoming like the rampaging Janjaweed thugs of Sudan. It is more of Putin's personal ambition of bringing back the old Communist order. It is time the peaceful Russian people elect leaders that are representative of their Democratic values and aspirations for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And to work with other Democracies around the world for the common good of humanity and in confronting and defeating the forces of evil, terrorism and tyranny.
16. Russia considers...
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.17.08)
And why not ? It knows the West is pathetically weak.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.17.08)
Bush administration rushed into the so-called threat from Iran.This was a pretext which now causes a RESPONSE from Russia and there is no need to REGRET.You started the game.......................let the other side finish it.
18. A Leopard Never Changes His Spots
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (08.17.08)
Behaving true to its paranoid, militaristic nature, Russia last week finally cast off the veneer of civilized democracy and revealed its true, latent soul for the world to see. The picture is sobering, if not unfamiliar. As Russia used the pretext of (self-created) unrest in S Ossetia to invade Georgia, it will use the pretext of a missile shield to attempt to cower Europe into submission. Wait until winter when Putin shuts off Europe's gas. Europe: preach appeasement and negotiate with Russia from a position of vulnerability and weakness...what do you expect? You never learn!
19. 15 Brod: Boris Spassky was running for high office in Russia
Rivkah   (08.17.08)
who was the chess champion. But the old order knows how to put people on the sidelines. Do you reallly think elections in Russia are free and by secret ballot when workers were told who to vote for...or else? Even in America, the Presidential voting machines are owned by the mafia according to Hal Lindsey. It is all a charade. When Richard Nixon was elected President, he came out of a meeting with David Rockefeller, white as a sheet. Someone asked franticallly, What is the matter, Mr. President? Richard Nixon replied, I have just been told who my cabinet will be. The people in public office do what the shadow government tells them to do or they are killed or disgraced, etc. What does the Bible say to do? Pray for those in authority and all men so there will be peace in our lives. That is the only way to get peace: pray for it. God decides who to favor and who not to. The ELS Bible codes say, "HASHEM LOVES A(riel) SHARON." The rockets from Lebanon that could have hit Tel Aviv did not. Was that because of an umbrella of protection of the Lord's love for Ariel Sharon who was in a hosptial near Tel Aviv? Keeping that man alive should be a major concern to Israel because the Lord loves him so much he encoded his love for him in the Bible codes thousands of years ago.
20. #8 Rivkah
Connie ,   Virginia   (08.17.08)
Good point. Reading your post reminded me of a book I read not too long ago. In the book "Dead Heat", that is exactly what happens. The east and west coasts are attacked with nuclear warheads from ships off the coasts.The author is Joel C Rosenburg. The five books in the series are The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll and the lastly, Dead Heat, where this scenario happens. They are fiction based on Bible prophecy. So much of what he has written has come to past, it's eerie.
21. 15 Brod: See what T. Chase has to say about Putin...
Rivkah   (08.17.08)
at . I do not know if the English Bible codes she uses are as accurate as the Hebrew Bible codes, but she found that Putin will head an Islamic Crescent of nations to attack Israel, America, and the West. She believes Putin is the ruler who will say he is god in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. There are lots of candidates for the AntiChrist, but she explains why she believes it is Putin. The false prophet would likely then be a Roman Catholic Pope since the founders of communism were Jesuit trained and there is a connection between Marxism and Catholicism. Josef Stalin, Karl Marx, Lennin, Fidel Castro and other Communist murderers were trained in part by Jesuits.
22. Johan and MAHMOOD
Yaron ,   USA   (08.17.08) to ignorant peas in a pod. I can just see you two morons strolling hand and hand down a sandy beach in Iran. Your countries contributions to world events is a joke. The greatest contribution of the British is the mess we have in the ME. The Norwegians...don't even get me started. You would do good to spend your time contravening international law by hunting poor defenseless whales rather than weighing in on world affairs. As I already mentioned before in a talkback...go back into your liberal haze and don't forget to pray 5Xs a day towards Meca.
23. Rivka
Bill ,   US   (08.17.08)
Powell served as Deputy Operations Officer eight months after My Lai. He was charged was drafting a report concerning a rumor of a massacre at My Lai. In his report, Powell denied such a massacre took place. This was the source for declaring their was cover-up. Naturally, Powell denied that he had never heard of My Lai until much later but then why did he publish a report has if he done the investigation. Similarly, he declared Saddam had all these WMDs at the UN and now sings a different tune.
24. Russia (and Iran) prepare for biblical war...
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (08.17.08)
Russia and Iran are preparing for war. It's biblical. Why? Because G-d knew that nobody would stop them!
25. YARON...................LOST IN WILDERNESS....#22
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.17.08)
My sincere apologies for having upset you so much.Nevertheless,the stance taken by me and Johan are very pertinent and absoulutely logical.Coming days even will further reveal to you the blunders of the White House and everyone looks forward to departure of Bush and his failling advisers.Till then,you have to bear reading logic.
26. #19 Yes Hashem loves Sharon. He also loved King Saul. Both
disobeyed.Both were ,   taken out of power.   (08.17.08)
27. Putin is being pulled to center stage w/a hook in his jaw.
He & most of his ,   country are doomed.   (08.17.08)
28. Reply to 1 - 10
ben Ish   (08.17.08)
#1) Russia has plenty of money. #2) Russian submarines have always had nukes. Washington is not concerned Russia "may" arm subs with nukes, since they have never taken them out. The reason Washington is concerned is that Russia is talking about it. I would explain why that is a concern, but I don't think you can understand. #3) Knows what I'm talking about, apparently, however with the introduction of weapons 1.5kt and smaller, the MAD policy is no longer a deterrent to conflict. Ops view the smaller weapons as 'limited' and 'optionable'. #4) LOL. Submarines can cruise 10' below the surface. How much depth do they need? #5) Russia will not send first-strike ICBMS to the US. They will option first EMP devices already in orbit. #6) What??? There is no missile defense. It is only for psyops, and cover for expenditures. #7) ROFL. Sure the US and Israel thought Georgia could engage Russia head on. Can I have some of whatever you are smoking? BTW if GWB is an idiot, why can't a genius like you get into the white house and fix things? #8) Again, for the most part, missile defense is only psyops. At best, one or two missiles can be shot down. So 10 Patriots in Poland can conceivably defend against a rogue medium range, like Shahab-3. Thirdly, there is no US shield because they only need to defend against Russia, who are going to EMP first anyway. Poland shield doesn't cost very much since patriots are on-hand already, and Poland is paying some of the cost. The rest of your post is basic apocalyptic-delusional, so I won't respond here. #9) Putin is more concerned with money than anything else. Putin is Gazprom. Georgia is a pipeline. Do the math. #10) The shield is a cover. It may be effective against missiles that will not reach US, since ICBMS are higher and faster than Patriot interceptors. So, the only reasonable conclusion is that under the geodesic targeting domes is more than just interception batteries. Any moron can see that 10 patriot missiles threaten no one. Try to figure out then, why Russia with 6,500 missiles is making such a big deal. There is more going on in Poland than missile defense.
29. lol 'bible codes'
ben Ish   (08.17.08)
If we needed any further proof that "ELS bible codes" are a fraud, then you provide the final nail in the coffin for it. Does Hashem contradict himself????? Ludicrous and outrageous that you imply Hashem wants Israel to give Judea and Samaria over to Ishmael, and Gaza to the dogs. This is Ariel Sharon's idea, and it conflicts the entire Torah. Ariel Sharon came up with this disengagement that brings bloodshed and gives the land of Israel to Ishmael, and therefore defies the promise Hashem gave to Abraham, that all that land would go YITZAK.
30. 23 Bill: A low ranking US Army officer would naturally
Rivkah   (08.17.08)
ask a senior who would ask a senior how to handle the collateral duty. If Colin Powell covered up what a senior told him to cover up, then he was well rewarded for that and other "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" deals, considering he was promoted to four star General and became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Those jobs don't go to losers who tell the truth when told to lie. When I was a US Navy officer and was told to cover up the theft of prescription medicines, I refused to do so and that cost me my career. When my Daddy who was a 1936 West Point Military Academy graduate refused to purchase $300,000. in meteorology equipment at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, in the late 1950's because the equipment was not needed, he was not given a reward or a promotion or even an attaboy. He was reprimanded and transferred to the Far East. "Go along to get along" is typical in all organizations. I was wondering how Colin Powell got promoted since from my observation and personal experience, the worker bees get passed over or run out while the political butt suckers have a free ride on the "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" highway to success.
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