Iran says its warplanes can fly to Israel and back
Associated Press
Published: 17.08.08, 15:51
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1. Bring it on, Ahmonkeymadijahd!
2. Last iranian joke
Francisco Scaramanga ,   Hainan Island   (08.17.08)
What a joke ! Iranian air"force" jets are outdated cannards. Please, I beg this ayatollah general, send us your planes, this will be pratice shooting at no cost ! Aprt from that their planes should overfly Iraqi, saudi or Jordanian airspac e guarded by US airplanes. Yet another ayatollh loophole that launch ludicrous threats believing it will deter the Israel to strike their terrorists nuclear sites ! I will finish to believ ethat Shi'as can't have a rational thinking on either subject
3. "Iran says its warplanes can fly to Israel and back "
Sami Abu Gamal ,   Amman, Jordan   (08.17.08)
Another Arab (yes, ARAB) myth/boast. The BIG question, seeing previous arab flying experience, is how well they can land, or crash & burn. remains to be seen.
4. Why is Ahmadinejad afraid ?
Robert Bernier   (08.17.08)
The economic situation of the Iranian population is dreadful, Iranian jets are outdated and are certainly no threat to Israel. Ahmadinejad cannot afford the risk of an Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear installations and/or other vital targets – he might face a popular revolution supported by a part of the Iranian army. That could be the beginning of the end of the fanatical Islamic regime. Would Ahmadinejad take such a risk ? More about Iran today at :
5. Reach, Perhaps. Enter, That Is Something Else
David ,   Marietta USA   (08.17.08)
Obama is slipping slowly, progressively in the polls. That buys Israel a few extra weeks for training. Regardless, the war is coming, and will happen before January 21, 2009.
6. Please do us the favor.
Uzziel   (08.17.08)
The Iranian air force should attack with all its planes Israel. They would be downed till the last of them way before reaching the country. Pls do us a favor and save expensive military fuel to the IDF/AF and boring flight hours to the pilots.
8. Iranian planes
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.17.08)
Thats good we could use the scrap metal !
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.17.08)
Capability to fly 3000kms achived by by the Iranians is what is bothering you,isn't it?Nevertheless,your masters are wondering what to do in the evnt they try to launch an attack on Iran.Do you know what the taxpayers in USA are paying for at the moment having sent all the ships to the Gulf?I am sure you have no clue.Then what are these sailors doing in the Persian Gulf?60% of these sailors had already been rotated in the last 3years.Since you make it sound so simple,why don't you suggest saving hell of a lot of tax for the Americans and get the job done? You seem to be living in the dream world and not yet overcome the debacle of 2006,it seems.
10. More Iranian Lies....they think all infidels are stupid!
Jayyy ,   Israel   (08.17.08)
11. Secrete info for Iran
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (08.17.08)
Israel have only 8 (working) warplanes. 16 pilots on duty from Saturday evening till Friday afternoon. Now here is the hint for Iran to win the war for the airspace domination. Our pilots go to sleep at 10:30 PM and Wake up at 6:45 AM. Take them exactly 1 hour and 55 minute to go to toilette, shower, shave , dress up,, put Teffilin on , pray, have breakfast , call mom. If the Iranian air force can reach Israel (In day light not to loose the way) during this window of time they will be able to annihilate the IAF. But be careful, 5 minutes delay in air operations and all the Iranian planes will vanish from radar screens as fast as they will appear .
12. Please come to visit us !!!
Isaac ,   Israel   (08.17.08)
It will be so good to have the Iranian visit at home, it will be our pleasure to take care of you here. LOL LOL I just can stop , this peopel have the mouth so big that if the fuel tanks are this sise they can reach London also...
13. So What?
TerrifiedTerrorists ,   Hamastan   (08.17.08)
The Iranians are overplaying their "macho" card. They will be humiliated in front of the whole world soon. Bad enough already with that bearded thug in a monkey suit.
14. They can make it to Israel - but not back
Aharon   (08.17.08)
But that doesn't matter. They wouldn't make it out of Israel in one piece anyway.
15. #9 I'm an American & DON'T mind my tax dollars being spent
on taking out ,   terrorists. JP.Texas   (08.17.08)
16. oh please, send them lol
imma joke   (08.17.08)
hahaa fun way to get my morning started. best article on ynet for quite awhile. i'll get through the entire day with a smile on my face. hahaha still laughing. Please let the moron send his planes.
17. Another greatphotoshop success for the Maadi army ?
David ,   Paris, France   (08.17.08)
I guess that this general has cut and pasted IAF warplanes capabilities on an paper found on internet ?
18. Now that's really scary!
Raoul ,   Israel   (08.17.08)
This made my day, relief from all the tensions! We need more news like this!
19. I hear the IAF is on Photoshop alert
thefacts   (08.17.08)
Careful, Iran. You're wasting valuable pixels.
20. Iran is the worlds only superpower
zionist forever   (08.17.08)
The Iranians are the global millitary superpower of the 21st century, they can take on and destroy anything any army throws at them US included. The Americans make antiques while Iran makes super weapons. Some previous Iranian claims Their new revrse engineered F5 Tiger is more advanced than the F/A 18. They are in the process of developing a stealth fighter. They have developed a stealth balistic missles thats invisible to radar. They have developed an undetectable submarine. I hope they are telling the truth this time about their planes being able to reach Israel afterall its not everyday the IAF gets a little live fire target practise. I hope they thought to install ejector seats in these new super planes
21. The picture looks like the Blue Angels not Iranian planes
World   (08.17.08)
22. Dr. D. , excellent humor
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (08.17.08)
Now let`s examine the Iranian pilots`s scedual. They go to bed at 10.30. They can`t sleep at all. Even the hot Iranian climate of August does not prevent them from shivering. They are officially awaken at 04.00H., time to get rid of their diarrhea, eat some pita, vomit it , call their mother for the last time and get into the planes, being fully aware that there is no fuel to return. At 7.00 H, they are intercepted . They are not surprised as they know very well that those planes can fly only 500 km/h. Those not intercepted nose dive to the ocean some km from the Strait of Hurmuz.
23. He meant Hot Air Balloons.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.17.08)
Personally filled by Iranian gov't. spokesmen. I hate to say it, a lot of our politicians are pretty good in that dept. I bet Barak can fill a balloon faster than Ahmedinejad.
24. DON'T MIND THE TAX?..............#15
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.17.08)
Avoid saying it public in USA.Last time someone tried to say what you write got a straight punch from fellow Americans.Anyway,you may be different.Keep paying then,and see what happens in the Persian Gulf
25. tugging on superman's cape
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.17.08)
ok, so the boasting sounds ridiculous (flying scrap iron, magic subs, and photoshopped ballistic missiles), but WHY are they doing it? on the one hand, puffing up to appear bigger and more powerful is easier and cheaper than actually being bigger and more powerful. however, the downside to this kind of bluffing is that both israel and america have intelligence resources that can see through the bluff, and the real weapons systems to punch holes in it. born of desperation, it's not a tactic that is likely to end well for iran. the other possibility is that iran actually wants to be smitten. either as a way to solidify its internal power, or for the fulfillment of the prophesy of the mahdi, for whichever reason, this big show seems INTENDED to provoke an attack. but iran really isn't worth attacking, unless it poses a threat, so the iranian government is going out of its way to make threatening noises. this would not be logical, except if one believed in an apocalyptic end of the world, and the ultimate triumph of the faithful - sort of like a suicide bomber, but on a national scale. but whatever their reasons, tugging on superman's cape can be bad for your health.
26. #20
yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (08.17.08)
You said it. Iran is the world's only superpower, while israel is weaker then lebanese fire department (as we have been told millions of times since 2006). That means that defencless israel has right to use any amount of force to defent itself from such a powerful enemy, including nukes, chem and bio weapons. It is a true case of israeli david against iranian goliath. Cool, thnx #20.
27. The USA refused to help its ally, Georgia
Gur   (08.17.08)
It is certain that if they will not help a country for which they lobbied to become a NATO member and where a chief USA asset, oil pipeline, is located, they will not lift a finger to help oil-less little Israel. Israel needs a government that understands Israel is on her own. The USA is good at jaw-jaw but useless as a friend in time of need.
28. # huh. I rebemer when bush said "bring it on"
sami ,   son of yaffa   (08.17.08)
we all know what happened
29. #24 Trust me, I will never get punched in the face! Don't
speak for all of US. ,   You don't live here.   (08.17.08)
30. #9, as an American Taxpayer,every cent of it is worthed to
Asher ,   NY,USA   (08.17.08)
crash the regim that supports terrorism and planning a Nuke disaster in the world. Plus actually you will pay for it with your oil and you better be more concerned with the amount of wealth is going to the pockets of the Mullas( But not Iranian People who are suffering so much) which can afford to send their kids to live in London and pretend only be concerned about American taxpayers!
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