Iran says will soon launch 'national satellite'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 18.08.08, 13:58
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1. When does BIBI
DM ,   Amsterdam   (08.18.08)
Tell the white house to attack?
2. In Iran ...
Jul ,   Liverpool, UK   (08.18.08)
... nuclear technology is for the well-being of the people, not for making bombs. In Iran, missile technology is for the well-being of the people, not for intercontinental missiles. In Iran, they take the rest of the world for donkeys.
3. Iran & technology
Bobby ,   Canada   (08.18.08)
They are way to slow minded to have built this themselves. The average IQ in Iran is around 70,just above a monkey
4. We should not wait : tomorrow it might be too late.
Robert Bernier   (08.18.08)
A nuclear Iran has become an increasingly contentious issue as Ahmadinejad will not have any moral consideration keeping him from using the atomic bomb. A preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran, will be a severe blow to world terrorism and will reduce significantly our problems with the terrorist state of Syria, the Hizbullah and Hamas. It will also remove the threat of a nuclear missile attack on Europe, Russia, China and India. The population in the West, as well as in the other peace loving countries will feel safer again. Learn more about Iran at :
5. Hysteria
invicta ,   europa   (08.18.08)
Same old hysteria and insults (Iranian's IQ just above a monkey's etc) Why do you all demand that the US attack Iran because it may send a satellite into space? And you forget, of course, that Israel -a colony in the ME - has nuclear weapons. So doesn't that threaten Iran? And of course there is he issue that Iran has not attacked any of its neighbours or any other country for that matter. Unlike of course Irsael and the US. Iran has not launched pr-emptive strikes against other sovereign countries - unlike US and israel. Iran has not used its secret services to undermine sovereign government s - unlike US and Israel. So, no wonder Iran feels threatened and is bigging itself up. It has a huge US army on its doorstep and a hostile nuclear country in the region. If your country were in the same predicament wouldn't you build up its defences? Don't be surprised that Iran is doing the same.
6. response to post 4
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.08)
like it or not but it is already too late to attack Iran now and get this issue resolved; as attacking them will result in more problems created than problems resolved, it almost a suicide! What we need to do is to get Iranians to change their system from within! Iran is not Iraq and even if it is we cannot afford to have another unstable nation in the region! Its a loser loser situation either way for Israel and I am smelling a very harsh and painful consession :(
7. #5 invicta
with all due respect to your stated opinion, may i remind you that the same "hysteria" you are reffering to DID NOT MATERIALIZE during and preceeding ww2 and hitler's rise to power and mayhem on the world and civilization as we know it. it behooves me to tell you that, should the world have shown much more of the "hysteria" you are talking about, 6 million jews and millions of other non jewish innocent people would not have perished in this most dastardly manner by hitler's hand and his maniacal decision as well as his maniacal and hysterical need to be the world dominant, the "new order" in europe and beyond and the new "mullah". since history does indeed repeat itself and since there has never been a lack of hitler, ahmadinejad, chavez, stalin, etc...cropping up every century or so, the "hysteria" you are reffering to, is very much in order and very much needed so that we may never again witness or bear responsibility for our silence and poor judgment in how to deal with such monsters. contrary to what you think, iran and ahmadinejad, do not need security since israel has never attacked or challenged iran or its leadership. for this they are thanked by iran with comments like zionism is a corpse and we should wipe israel and its regime from the map. until ahmadinejad came to power, the iran regime has never called for israel's demize, never hosted holocaust denial conferences, never threatened israel and jews around the world and has never vigurously used proxies to attack, kidnap and create mayhem on israel's borders. that has changed with ahmadinejad's acention to power and his megalomaniac tendencies and desires based on his views of religion and theocracy. every century the world witnesses a person who is given power in a country and who takes this power and abuses it either via rhetoric, via proxies, via nuclear lying and trickery, etc... using his power to create mayhem, instability and danger not only to his country, but to others close to it. the difference between ahmadinejad and other leaders is that he's mostly similar to a little hitler of the 21st century, where his people, their wellbeing, their economy and their education and stability is secondary to his megalomaniac desires and its consequences. iranians are peace loving people and do like israelis, believe it or not. most respect israel and have no problem with it whatsoever. it is their leaders that do. not only that, but iranians that are usually smart and free spirited people are presently ruled by a little hitler that robs them of the opportunity to be included in the coalition of the civilized nations of the world and are taking the iranian nation on a path of isolation and hate. these leaders, like hitler, have created a fear police in iran, a religious ss, if you will, that is very much against the iranian national spirit and desire. people there are HELPLESS! JOBLESS, HUNGRY, NOT FREE, SUBJUGATED, HARRASSED, AND ABOVE ALL YOUNG AND DISSOLUSIONED. contrary to what this regime believes, iranians do care nothing about the "so called bogus space acheivements of their regime". they want jobs, they want to eat, they want to dress the way they desire, they want free press, they want a life with free thinking, freedom of speech and better economy. iran is in shambles economically. they can't feed their people and can't give them jobs. the glory of a nation, contrary to what ahmadinejad believes, doesn't lie in missiles, nuclear war heads and threats on other nations. it lies in a great weconomy, a great gnp, a great employment opportunity and a great desire to contribute medically, technologically and researchwise in the world community. when all the rhetoric and energy of a nation leans towards megalomaniac tendencies and their desire to be "on top" and the top gun in the region, you know their intentions are not peaceful and do not spell a stable future in the region.
8. Iranian almost ICBMs.
Buick from Boca ,   US of A   (08.18.08)
Don't worry. Israel's ABM system had a radar lock on that missle in an instant. And with the US patriot system, soon to be based Poland, everyone should feel real safe. BTW, the range of a patriot is about 74km... how far is Israel from Poland?
9. Uuuuummm...NO your rocket didn't work. You're lying again!
Yonatan ,   USA   (08.18.08)
10. Orbital = ICBM
ben Ish   (08.18.08)
If a nation can launch a satellite into orbit, then ipso-facto it has ICBM capability. Orbital -means- orbital. It does not matter one iota what type of payload you are orbiting. The only salient point is what is the weight of the payload. This is kind of a strategic blunder on the part of Iran, because now the US will have to be concerned as to what size payload can Iran put into orbit. 20kg is laughable. 100kg is not. If Iran actually orbits an 800kg payload, then they have the capability of putting a 100kt device anywhere on the planet. Washington may not care about Iranian 300kg HE with 1400km range, but start talking about orbital-capable MIRV's, and they will change their tune.
11. #5, usual level of accuracy
Danny   (08.19.08)
"Iran has not used its secret services to undermine sovereign government s - unlike US and Israel. " - one word, Hizbollah....
12. yet more claims of "progress" from Iran
Danny   (08.19.08)
why does YNET and other press insist on publishing uncritically Iranian lies about what they can and can't do. Iran just launched a BM missile from the DPRK over a year after it bought them congrats, you have a missile from the 1960s....
13. Germany? WWII? Hitler?
Simon ,   Florida USA   (08.20.08)
The Idea of comparing everyone to Hitler does two things. Cheapens what the Germans did in WWII and over use of the parity. If there is one lesson to be learned from both WWI and WWII is that western civilization is blood thirsty and can not be trusted. Every independent nation has a right to defend itself and achieve in the field of technology. If the Iranians do achieve greatness in the field of science would you be happy about it or boil in envy?
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