Netanyahu: Gov't crossing dangerous line by freeing prisoners
Amnon Meranda
Published: 20.08.08, 12:51
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1. Well, I mean he said it all didn't he?
Rueben ,   Israel   (08.20.08)
2. Netanyahu and the release of prisoners
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.20.08)
Bibi's comment is the "understatement" .The Govt never found 'it's way". My conclusion is that Kadima (and it's voters) want to give away the State so they can then seek asylum in a country of their choice which once again in their consistent misjudgement they erroneously believe will be better than the country they gave away.
3. Country has become a joke
Silly Gilly ,   Israel   (08.20.08)
4. This government is an abomonation
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.20.08)
The primary function of government is the security of its citizens. Yet it has done much to the contrary. This move is purely amateur. It is indicative of the general level of leadership in our current government. If our enemies had posted a puppet in our government I hardly think they would have done better. I'm neither right nor left, as I don't really care how the government fulfills its functions (as long as it does so morally). When it comes to the Palestinian threat Netanyahu is on the money. When it comes to internal affairs and promoting an opportunity for peace, I'm not so sure. See my post #29 on,7340,L-3583954,00.html
5. Bravo Bibi
Eytan ,   Israel   (08.20.08)
Why is this man and the fanatical elements in israel the only ones that have the clarity to see the on going catsrophe that is called kadima. this word means "Forward", but to what destruction? for all that is true and righteous let the people of this great nation rise as one voice and end this stupidity of shame and disgrace to all that have fallen to these disgusting murders and theives. has this generation fallen to the views of the world madia and opinion? Turn the channel off MTV before you start rapping and calling yourselves MC abdul weinstein. We are a great people and derserve to end this stupid cycle. Prime minster BIBI time is now end this for all of us before it is to late.
6. The public demand General Elections NOW!
JAyyy ,   Israel   (08.20.08)
Please Bibi. push forward this stance. Everyone is sick of the corrupt Olmert. The time has come to put a halt to the crooked Kadima , Shas and labours reign of appeasement. This government is far from democratic....purely autocratic and majority of Israelis have had enough! General Elections NOW!
7. Bibi u r 100% right.
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (08.20.08)
8. he is stil prime minister
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.20.08)
The criminal sits proud and preening like an peacock doing more and more damage to Israel with impunity and not in prison. That's a nation on the Road to destruction . How far Israel has fallen,all due to ignoring Hashem and Israel's marriage to their false messiah Bush and his Road Map to hell.
9. Wow
Marty ,   USA   (08.20.08)
The Kadima spokesman actually makes Netanyahu's point. The current Israeli Government is nothing but a dictatorship. It is time for its Citizens to rise up and demand democracy with open elections.
10. Why he lost vote?
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (08.20.08)
11. Terrorists are not entitled to the protected status of POWs.
Robert Bernier   (08.20.08)
Israel’s enemies, using guerilla organizations such as the terrorist group Hizbullah and Hamas operates outside the legal framework of the laws of war – routinely committing war crimes such as indiscriminate attacks (the deliberate targeting of civilians as such) and perfidy (disguising combatants as protected individuals such as civilians). The organizations’ fighters are unlawful combatants who are not entitled to the protected status of POWs, and are subject to prosecution as war criminals. More at :
Sergio ,   Israel   (08.20.08)
13. Apathetic country, apathetic opposition
yehudi ,   palestine   (08.20.08)
Bibi and Co., stop come and talk to Knesset, this is Hall of Shame. Take people to the streets now if you think you are a leader! This is still allowed in this country.
14. Netanyahu is Always Tough When He's Not in Office
Bill ,   US   (08.20.08)
Check out his book, "A Place Among the Nations". I believe the first page is about how Israel is tired of winning. If you don't like when former Likudnik Olmert says it you shouldn't like the originator of the idea either. He's also for famous for telling America during 9/11, "They don't hate us (Israel) because of us, they hate us because we are friends with you (America)." Israelis should thank their lucky stars that line doesn't get mentioned more often. If you ask me Netanyahu, by way of his colossal stupidity is the most dangerous man to lead Israel.
15. Why not send Olmert to Gaza!
Avi ,   Canada   (08.20.08)
16. Bibi is right
Brod ,   USA   (08.20.08)
He will be the best PM for Israel in this challenging time.
17. Prisoner exchange
JT ,   Tulsa USA   (08.20.08)
Since the terrorists always play dirty, I think Israel should kidnap their women, children, parents i.e. those not involved in direct terrorist attacks and then exchange them for the release of Israeli soldiers instead of giving them back their bloody murderers to continue to kill and kidnap again and again.
18. #14 We only thank God that you live there and can't vote
here.And by the way, ,   nobody asked you.   (08.20.08)
19. # 18 Awwww did I upset your Bibi-supporting feelings.
Bill ,   US   (08.20.08)
Too bad nobody on the Left likes him and nobody on the Right trusts him. You'll just have to pick a new hero.
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (08.20.08)
He gave up most of Hebron, failed to bring down the government when he was on the payroll, and aside from article 97b of the penal code that he was in violation of, punishable by life in prison/death the Friday night masacre including the murder of Col. Dror Weinberg was directly attributable to his criminal treason !
AVROHOM BILGREI   (08.21.08)
22. #19 Upset me about Bibi? No. But your ranting about our lead
ers is a moot point ,   w/the shape of yours   (08.21.08)
23. The incomprehensible absurdity of appeasement.
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (08.23.08)
Netanyahu is right - as usual!
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