Medvedev, Olmert discuss Caucasus conflict
Roni Sofer
Published: 20.08.08, 23:14
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1. putin's the boss
2. If Medvedev were smart
Brod ,   USA   (08.21.08)
he should have replaced Putin with a younger Democratic leader. It looks like he is not exercising his power as President. And instead of leading his country on a high road of having peaceful relationships with their neighbors and other countries in the region, he seems to allow himself to be led by Putin who is reverting Russia to the old Communist order of gobbling its neighbors and threatening regional war over nothing. It is time Medvedev surrounds himself with better and wiser advisers who are Democratic. It is time he takes control of his Administration instead of allowing Putin to manage him.
3. 1st Putin took back Oligarch's Oil -now take back old USSR
Alan ,   SA   (08.21.08)
4. president medvedev-you look more jewish than olmert
virginia orrall   (08.21.08)
who looks more russian than you----would you please consider exchanging positions with our socialist "leader" so we could have the kind of right wing leadership israel needs ?
5. Putin fears President Bush
Mark Kleiman ,   Florida, USA   (08.21.08)
6. Russians in Georgia
Zuri ,   Sydney Australia   (08.21.08)
The act of invading Georgia shows that Russia still want to flex it's muscles and shaw the former breakaway republic "who's the boss" Taking advantage of weak Georgia, Russia decimated Georgia, killing innocent people just to prove the point Time after time they promise they are about to withdraw their forces but the make mockery to any cease fire, as they keep on shooting, they have no respects to any agreement and the want shaw the world they are not scared and keep on violating sovereignty of independent Georgia. instead of keeping away, Russia getting itself into ugly mess that eventually must give up...and sooner is better
7.  No.4 medvedev look more jewish than olmert????
Zuri ,   Sydney Australia   (08.21.08)
I am do not know how you managed to work such a clever remark, but let me help you.. 60% of "white Jews" originated from Khazars, This Khazarian converted to Judaism between 7-9th century. after the fall of the Khazars they have dispersed to Russia Poland area, and Pre-Germany and later Hungary I am certainly not saying they are less Jewish, but they are not originated from Israel/ Jewish stock However the Khazars are the ones who assimilated into eastern European and also put foundation to Ukraine and Russia, Stalin himself was of Georgian family with Jewish blood,His father Ukrainian Jew that later been baptised Soviet Jews were many among the founders and pioneers of Soviet Russia : Trotsky, Kamenev, Yakov Sverdlov ,Grigori Zinoviev , Karl Radek ,and many more So if I am white Russian ......yes there's a good chance I am white Jew or carry Jewish go and read more about them in wikipedia
8. In the strategic point of view,what was the use for Israel
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.21.08)
in supplying Georgia with arms?What could had been Israel's gain?I don't understand.That's true,the Russians are supplying Israel's enemies,but what was the gain for Israel to supply such a weak enemy of Russia?It seems they would never gain.What was the gain for Israel,again?Bully Bush,him, yes had interests along with EU,because of the oil pipe reaching Europe,but Israel...?We,hopefully, are advancing in alternative energies,and ,I guess,for Israel that pipe was not so important. I don't see the gain,rather the opposite.Israel,maybe ,could had pleased his "ally"US,in different ways,not by endangering itself to please Bush and few others. I think so...
9. Talks with russia
alexi   (08.21.08)
Israel should strive to have good relations with russia. However,israel has to be strong in its talks, that it will defend itself against any foe, that it will not be intimidated. Putin is doing exactly as old soviet union, arming arabs. Olmert is not the one to represent israel. He is the weakest leader israel has ever had and has been rejected in every poll, by winograd, by labor, by everyone who matters. The fact that hanegby and ramon are his friends is good. They can go for dinner with him and smoke cigars and tell themselves how wonderful they are.Hanegby in particular acts like an olmert stooge just like ramon.They can all reflect on their friend olmert taking israel to the depths of despair and weakness. A lot of israelis have shed blood and some have died because of olmert, while his 2 sonis are out of the country hiding from doing service. The whole group of kadima are a bunch of asskissers and weakneed politicans who have brainwashed themselves with peace, oslo, bull. Talks should be suspended and the arabs paid to leave the west bank. They have to sign papers that they did so willingly. We don't want them in the west bank anymore.
10. Russia
Madison ,   US   (08.21.08)
Was Pres Medveded trying to reassure US via Israel? If so did Olmert counsel firm adroit manner how to guide Russia to back track and remove itself from Georgia. Did Olmert assert Isreal's position forthrightly about arms sales to Syria and Iran ?
11. For >50years Russia has given every Arab Terrorist weapons
Myron ,   UK   (08.21.08)
to kill Jews.Also has sent Military Personnel to fly Migs+Suchoi. Now Russian General complaining about Israel sales of equipment and training. Really the Russians show their real face!
12. Medvedev and Olmert
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (08.21.08)
I would trust Medvedev and Putin more than I would Olmert
13. Fear
alex ,   arava   (08.21.08)
I seriously doubt that is the case. Putin, as we all know still runs Russia, since the start of his "reign", he has closed the doors to the west, built Russia up to the Superpower it once was.If you look at the sequence of events that has taken place over the last 5 years or so, Russia and Putin clearly fear nothing. Judging by the situation in Iran and Iraq, it is quite clear the USA has lost its ability to "police the world". I would go as far to say that it is Bush that fears Putins Russia.
14. Considering every weapon ever fired..
Stan ,   Johannesburg RSA   (08.21.08)
Considering every weapon ever fired against Israel by the Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqi's etc. was either made in, copied from, given by, or bought from the Russians, how well did the Israeli weapons perform in the hands of Goyi'm ? Anyone know? Russia fishes in troubled waters and now Israel is the Shlemazill providing an excuse to a Shlemiel.
15. # 13 Really?
Bill ,   US   (08.21.08)
Clearly, the Georgians, the Ukranians, and the Poles don't fear Russia. Why would the US?
16. I thought PM Putin!!
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (08.21.08)
Does not fit. Dirty Politics.
17. the Georgian agressor should pay
Veles ,   Svarga   (08.21.08)
for his crimes, and everybody who helped them, including Israel.
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