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Israel at the Olympics – Thursday roundup
Published: 21.08.08, 20:48
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1. ???
RT ,   Israel   (08.22.08)
How many of our athletes here are actually Jewish??
2. #1 Jewish athletes: Bravo!
Deb ,   USA   (08.22.08)
Eat your heart out RT.
3. Who Cares? They are all Israelis despite their surnames.
Adam ,   Ramat-Gan   (08.22.08)
I dont care if there name is Abdul Bin Aziz as long they compete for Israel.
4. Funny names... but they all Jewish
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (08.22.08)
anyways good luck to them all, and to Shaun Rubenstin, the only Jewish athlete from South Africa
5. No. 4 Adam
NYC Girl   (08.22.08)
You can say that again. All these athletes deserve our praise regardless of whether or not they're Jewish. The point is that they're Israelis and that's what counts.
6. Pathetic
Josh B ,   Rehovot, Israel   (08.22.08)
1 bronze medal. WOW! So Israel is on a par with Togo. Stick with your national sport, which is talking bullshit. At that, Israelis excel.
7. #6
Natan   (08.22.08)
Pathetic??? Some one once said that it is better to keep your mouth shut. This way you keep your intelligence level a secret. Now the secret is out...
8. Israeli? athletes
VMR ,   NYC   (08.22.08)
Where would Israeli olympic sports be without the Russian/Soviet olim? I know, in der tuches.
9. #8 - The only bronze medal was from a Sabra
Nice try.
10. olympics
sas ,   israel   (08.23.08)
we've wasted alot of money by sending over so many poor athletes to participate. i think that we need to re-evaluate the qualifications one needs to be sent over. some of our athletes have been an embarassment to the country.
11. #9 Yep. And he's Mizrahi to boot
Noa ,   Tel Aviv   (08.23.08)
Way to go Shahar Zuberi (Yemenite). We are so proud of you and they toasted you in the Tikvah shuk in south Tel Aviv! :)
12. Congratulations to Irina Risenzon
A. ,   Qyriat Ono   (08.23.08)
This girl is really a very strong person. She took all of her force to go on competing from herself, because her parents don't support her about anything. I was shocked with their interview. No pride, no emotion and no positive word to their daughter. Her mother even said "This is enough. No more Olympics, now she goes to University." They really don't know the meaning of going to an Olympic final... Brave Irina!!! You're a great one!!!
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