7 Questions for Israel
Farid Ghadry
Published: 21.08.08, 09:24
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1. It was never Israel's intention to live in Peace
lydia ,   Brisbane   (08.21.08)
With the US backing Israel terrorized the neighborhood intent on stealing Arab land. Their daily incursions into Arab land. air and sea is documented. Dropping duds on the Saudis runways, staffing Assad's Palace dropping mils of cluster bombs on innocent Lebanese, beating war drums on Iran etc. etc. No one could make the error of their ways "Our American friends offer us money, arms, and advice. We take the money, we take the arms, and we decline the advice.Moshe Dayan
2. We have stupid leaders, sorry.
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.21.08)
Assad Sr. was always touted as a 'pragmatic leader' even though we always knew that he was a vicious street thug who seized power by force and used even more force to retain power. Still 'you make peace with your enemies' is the slogan, so the greater the enemity the better ther chances are for peace. It isn't logical, but the Foreign Ministry likes the simplicity.
3. Interesting guy
Aharon   (08.21.08)
With him in power, returning the Golan would be a far less frightening prospect. Too bad it will never happen, unless the Americans suddenly decide to invade Syria.
4. Change your own country
zach ,   us   (08.21.08)
Such a crime when Bush changed Iraq. Now you want a regime change in Syria, and you pretend that Israel and the West are responsible for Assad remaining in power. If you want change, do it yourself. It's always everyone elses fault but your own, typical Arab nonsense.
5. you are right M Ghadry. outr governement is a total shame
they are cowards !
6. Sadly, Israel hasn't had a government since Jan 4, 2006
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (08.21.08)
7. All these questions are irrelevant
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (08.21.08)
The point is that Arab/Muslim dictatorships/monarchies are a threat to their own populations and a threat to neighbouring countries. Arab/muslim democracies such as Lebanon ,Gaza Pakistan, and Iran are a threat to their own populations and other countries .The attempt to make tolerant,liberal,western style democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan are a dismal failure .Arab /muslim societies are degenerating into lawless states and chaos I ask one question In the modern world in an era of Weapons of Mass Destruction ,What state of governance is suitable for Arab Muslim societies whereby they are not a threat to their own population and other religions and countries? I believe Arab Muslim societies are well past their sellby date.
8. what do you want, Mr. Ghadry?
israeli ,   israel   (08.21.08)
Do you want the IDF to march into Damascus, oust Assad Jr. and give you Syria on a golden platter? You know, when the French got fed up with Marie Antoinette they got off their butts and did what they had to do. Besides, I think Syria is a vassal state to Iran and Russia, not Israel, so don't expect Israel to go fight your wars for you, or to save your skins, like we saved Fatah from Hamas.
9. This gay is an opposition leader don't make me laugh
George ,   Canada   (08.21.08)
10. Israeli Governments: Always Lying!
Sharif Hafez ,   6 of October, Egypt   (08.21.08)
"if the Israeli government does not interfere in the Syrian opposition efforts to build a democratic, free, and a peaceful Syria." WAW! That is a new info for me! Israel is cooperating with Assad to keep him? Great! And Israel is talking of Bombing Iran? Also Great! What kind of lairs are in Israeli governments?
11. Boy I thought this guy stupidity took the cake...
Danny ,   America   (08.21.08)
until I read Lydia's remarks. What a buffoon. She is just unbelievable. But then again look at the at the stuff that comes out of Iran's mouthpiece. Just because you think something don't make it true. Time (eternity) will prove Israel is Just and true and not the villian
12. Great - this new "freind" advocates assasination
Andrew ,   Miami,Fl   (08.21.08)
Dear mr ghadry based on your statements - you would like him assasinated you are no different than the other arab hyenas you may be a nicer dog...but your still a dog You see...Israel is waiting for a popular uprising in syria...so that when you actually have a functioning democracy...we can have a neighbor who will last more than the sons of a king Call us when you accomplish this.. Until then... Andrew
13. One big mistake
Said ,   London/Amman   (08.21.08)
Your mistake Mr Ghadry is believing rather naively that Israel wants peace with her Arab neighbours. She doesn't, Israel has an excellent arms production sector that needs the continued violence to flourish and maintain a steady stream of profits. Furthermore, Israel has proven time and again, to all and sundry, that she is far more interested in stealing Arab land, than making peace. From Ben Gurion's time till now, nothing about them has changed. There are still those among them who deny that Palestinians even exist, as a distinct group! All the while they hypocritically cry hot tears for their own calamaties, ignoring the ongoing catastrophe of their own making! And what of the pathetic Arab leaders who have signed peace treaties with Israel? They did it for personal peace of mind, so that they can focus on internal problems, like quashing any opposition and ensuring their Swiss bank accounts remain healthily in the 100s of millions of dollars. This is the Middle East Mr Ghadry, not Scandinavia!
14. #1 - It’s good to let off steam but knowing the facts would
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (08.21.08)
mean that you wouldn't have to. You're obviously in pain and care about people and even Israeli's so study, read and absorb and the pain will become less. A little knowledge is dangerous. Mike
15. Syria today.
Robert Bernier   (08.21.08)
Israel cannot be reconciled with the Mafia regime of Assad. Syria will wait till the moment that it sees chances of defeating Israel. Syria cannot efford good relations with Israel. The Assad family has established a hereditary dynasty shored up by repression within, and confrontation and terror abroad. The rule of the Assads is not aimed at improving the lot of their people or forwarding a particular ideology. They changed ideology from secular Arabism to a seemingly impossible confection of pan-Arabism and Islamist extremism because it was expedient to do so. Hafez Assad came to power following a dizzying succession of coups that had made Syria the most unstable regime in the Middle East. The Assads are seated atop a bucking bronco. They are members of the Allawi religious minority who are usually not even considered to be Muslims. They rule a country of disparate minorities with a potential for chaos almost as great as that of Iraq. The radical Muslim Brotherhood is always there, threatening to take over the country by fair means or foul, and the usual Ba'th party rivalries that have plagued all such regimes are also a threat to Assad family rule. Their rule is not about improving living standards for Syria. Syrian living standards have fallen behind the none-too-glamorous ones of Jordan or Egypt. It is not about democracy, a Western luxury Syria can't afford, according to Bashar Assad. The Assad regime is about stability, and it is about money and power for the Assad family. The regime is comparable in every way to the fictional Corleone Mafia family. Prosperity and peace would ruin the Assad regime. Therefore, Western assumptions that Syrian leadership must want peace and prosperity are mistaken, and it is pointless to "engage" Syria in dialogue except insofar as it is possible to confront them with their violations and insist that they mend their ways as explained at : http://xrl.us/bjcsd
16. The guy has guts
eh-oop ,   UK   (08.21.08)
A Syrian politician expresses clear thoughts with clarity and gets them published in an Israeli publication. Yes, he should reform his own country, but there's nothing there to say that isn't what he wants to do. May fortune smile on him.
17. I hate being a pessimist.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.21.08)
But when talking about Arabs, my experience is that they always exceed my most pessimistic expectations (no offense intended). Now, I admit that I don't know much about you. You may very well be sincere. But in my experience, I have seen Arab reformers come & go. Some were only opportunists seeking personal gain & advancement. Many were corrupt, mouthed liberal rhetoric for Western audiences, & were a pretty incompetant lot at best. Most, however, were in exile & ignored within their own countries, unless they were the target of assassins. None were particularly successful. As a group, most Arab reformers understand less about Arab politics than deluded Westerners. The level of wishful thinking, of unrealistic expectations, is astounding. Syria will not become democratic, free, & peaceful. This is just not the nature of Arab society. Generally speaking, your societies are headed in he opposite direction, towards some "Islamic" hell on earth. This could easily happen "democratically" - and it would be the last "democratic" event for a long time. I agree that Mr Assad has outlived his usefulness. I also believe that what passes for an Israeli gov't. these days has made one blunder after the other in dealing with Syria. But we cannot turn Syria into a democratic state. No one can.
18. He assumes we have a realistic Syrian policy.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.21.08)
It should be evident to the most casual observer that Israel has no coherent & realistic Syrian policy. As with all areas of foreign policy, Israel limps along with various collections of contradictory, often out-of-date, ill-conceived, & unrealistic assumptions & policies. Our politicians are not the best & brightest. Their intellectual level is not particularly high. Our often confused policies are the result of domestic political considerations rather than objective, rational analysis based on evidence, experience, & strategic advantage. Quite frankly, Mr. Ghadry, if we had a Syrian policy based on rational analysis & our strategic interests, we would have destroyed your country totally during the last Lebanon war. I am not talking about regime change, although that would have been one result. I am saying that we should have inflicted so much damage to your country it would no longer function as an organized state. This would have been the opening move in an attack on Iran. The elimination of Hezbollah in Lebanon would have been a by-product of a larger war. Fortunately for your country & unfortunately for us, this did not happen. But, there's always hope for the future. At heart, I'm an optimist.
19. #1..Peace was never the objective..
Edithann, USA   (08.21.08)
How could Israel do otherwise..if it wasn't for war they'd have no economy at all...It has to do with money...they have no manufacturing.. they tried it but had to import too many non Jewish laborers..They only exported fruit ..However, with instigating wars around the globe..and their international criminal activities of drugs and trafficking. and arms sales, oh, and the money America sends...they keep it going somewhat...
20. More evidence Israel feared Syrian "regime change"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.21.08)
In the immediate aftermath of the Lebanon War of 2006, my synagogue hosted a public forum with a senior Israeli political analyst. During the Q and A, I asked him why Israel had not only refrained from attacking the sites in Syria from which arms were being transported to Hizbullah but in fact Olmert publicly reassured Syria that it would not be targeted. He argued that Assad was a known entity, and Israel feared he would be replaced with a yet more radical bunch, like the Islamists. I had to wonder: Who is deterring who? It's no surprise that Syria has been emboldened. From the US side, we had Baker and Hamilton of the ISG pushing for the US to "engage" with Syria and Iran, Pelosi and others actually doing so. From the Israel side, Olmert won't act to deter Syria, and in fact worked to end Syria's isolation.
21. Our Job?!
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (08.21.08)
How is it Israel's job to determine the regime in Damascus? When America pulls that crap, the world goes ballistic. If Israel did it the world would suddenly praise us? YOU are responsible for the regime in Damascus. Get your people to go to school. Scrap the religious crap that keeps you in the 12th century. Provide health care for your people. Pry some money out of the ultra-oil rich Saudis, etc. and invest it in your people for a change. In other words, get responsible, and get your own house in order! Stop looking for "free lunch". There isn't one, Don't ask Israel to do what YOU should be doing.
22. Farid Ghadry and his 7 questions..
JohnPaul ,   France   (08.21.08)
Is this guy a joker? Has he or his mates at the "Reform party" enjoy credibility in Syria or anywhere else? The so-called party dubs itself a US-based party. It could have so easily bilked the Hariri billionnaire clan and set up store in Beirut or Cairo. Shurely shome credibility problem?
23. #19
you mustr be the world's most celebrated idiot and most ignorant person we have here on this forum. ISRAEL NOT EXPORTING ANYTHING???? what are you on? israel is the number one high tech power house in the world, exporting more patents and inventions in high tech in the world nezt to the usa and is even as we speak heading the usa. the medical advancements and medicines and drugs exports are astounding. israel is probably one of the leading countries in drug research in the world, not to mention that some of meds you are using had their discovery in israeli laboratories. more high tech companies invest in israeli companies and motorolla as well as ibm have their only sattelites and businesses in israel only! the cell phone chip and computer chip as well as pentech and voice mail you are using as well as the computer chip without which you would not be aBLE TO USE A COMPUTER WERE invented by israeli scientists in israel! israel exports only fruit??? you must be either mad or just plain a fool and an ignorant fool at that. the gross national product of israel doesn't depend on selling arms you fool. the usa has forbidden it a long time ago because they do not want to compete with israeli military technology, so they are supplying us the arms and we supply the tech to suit our purposes. we do not sell arms as export to the world. israel's gross national product is in the billions and is hundreds of times higher than all the middle east countries put together. DO YOU THINK THIS COMES FROM SELLING ONLY FRUITS? IDIOT! israel sells sophisticated high tech, medical discoveries, drug therapy discoveries, medical bio technology and anything to do with advancing human health and well being. THIS IS NOT FRUIT! israel is also THE LEADING COUNTRY WITH TECHNOLOGY FOR WATER CONSERVATION AND DESALINATION...which ALL THE COUNTRIES IN THEV WORLD ARE USING THIS KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE. you are right. israel is not lucky to have resources at all. no oil, not much water, not gas, etc... what we do have is incredible brains!!!!! we produce as jews most of the nobel scientific prizes in the world per the jewish worldwide population, more than any other nationality on earth. we have created a country from NOTHING, by sheer brain power, hard work, innovative thinking and research, etc.. i know the truth hurts you. i know you'd like to see the reverse and wish israel only tragedies. however, we are not isran, syria, etc... we do not export death, but life. we don't export terror and pistachios, but rather inventions to create a better life for mankind. our universities are some of the leading reasearch institutions in the world such as jerusalem university, the technion, weitzman research institute and yes, the computer chip you are presently using and the cell message phone and instant message you are presently using in your cell phone. more countries in the world rely on israeli technology and high tech to advance and more countries in the world are investing in israeli high tech than in any other country in the world. how ignorant of the actual picture you are. just because you hate israel and jews in israel so much doesn't give you the right to lie and twist the truth. what is right is right and you are wrong in all your observation which are based on hate and ignorance. no one ever stopped the arabs from advancing forwarfd except themselves, their ideology, their governments and their religion. do not blame us if you have the brains and the fortitude to create and advance despite what you wish for us.
24. When Israel does try to help an Arab leader, he's called
Vered, Israel   (08.21.08)
a puppet of the evil Israel and America. Arabs are the only ones who can reform themselves, we certainly aren't going to fight for you only to have you snub us in the end to ensure Arab honor. The only way for Arabs to reform is to keep watching Westerners and to absorb our values over time. I give it 400 years. Then, real change will take place, from within. You are still in your torturing-assinating-dissenters phase. No one can help.
25. To number 23
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (08.21.08)
Great reply Thanks. but you forot one thing, Israel also exports fruit - and not just any fruit, The best. o and flowers to Europe as well. In fact, Israeli farmers are amongst the best in the world. Because they use High teck to produce more and in a faster rate. Israeli technology feeds the world today, FACT!
26. # 4
Marty ,   USA   (08.21.08)
Do you know how to read or do you just talk out of your hat? The writer was very clear. What he wanted was non-interference. He wanted the Israelis to stop supporting the continuation of the Assad dictatorship. The Syrian people can take care of the rest.
27. Syria's 7 accusations...
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (08.21.08)
Typical enemy-of-mankind spin - blame the victims!
28. Why are we even considering this?
Avi   (08.21.08)
While it is commendable that there be a reformer present within that country, it is unlikely that there will be a change there soon. We shouldn't even be considering this until such a time when there are serious changes within Syria. I don't see Syria changing anytime soon-or for a long time. It definitely has to come from within. No, Israel can't and won't help to change it. Besides, Israel has a lot on her plate as it is.
29. #23 Why do you think I call him IDIOTHAN?!!!
Israel   (08.21.08)
30. Assad
AYbA ,   Shamrin   (08.21.08)
Assad is trying to play power politics w/ Russia. No educated person thinks that Assad has gained anything, even from his Hamasnik, Irani, or Hizbollah allies. What matters is that Israel project power and still act militarily to deter when obligated under threat. Suria consistently loses and will lose for its impedant lack of good will to it neighbors
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