Biden in 2007 interview: I am a Zionist
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.08.08, 18:15
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31. Marlene N, New York
USA   (08.24.08)
You deserve to live under Imperial Japan is what you deserve and be forced to watch them massacre 30 million people and commit atrocities worldwide, you ungrateful excuse for an American. Go live in Sderot.
32. #27 Actually it's 'Pride comes befor a fall, & Prosperity
will ruin a fool". ,   Just being helpful.   (08.24.08)
33. #25 I just have 2 words for you:---Get Therapy!
34. 32: It is true that Proverbs says Pride comes before a fall.
Rivkah   (08.24.08)
But prosperity comes before a fall, too, if the people who are prospered forget the Lord. Prosperity takes a longer to bring about a fall than pride does, but pride in riches instead of trust in the Lord is prosperity that leads to a fall.
35. #31 No she should go live in gaza,yemen,egypt,pakistan,& for
sure iran. She'll be ,   a REAL woman then!!   (08.24.08)
36. At this point
Kim ,   former USA   (08.25.08)
in America, I would only whisper it.
37. I don't understand
Tony ,   Los Angeles   (08.27.08)
What exactly does the US gain from being Israel's friend except spending $4 Billion of our citizens tax dollars each year, & resentment from the Middle East & Europe? Do you think the average Joe American in Nebraska really gives a crap about the welfare of some religious fanatics kibbutz in the middle of the West Bank? Of course not!
38. one way track
mike ,   cal usa   (08.28.08)
there are two sides to every story
39. #33 - #25 just got her therapy
comquat ,   phila USA   (09.30.08)
by telling it the way she saw it 'cause she was there
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