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Now it's official: Paul McCartney coming to Israel
Or Barnea
Published: 23.08.08, 22:01
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1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mish   (08.23.08)
cant wait for the best concert of the year!
2. That is great. Wish I could go to it. His divorce cost a
Rivkah   (08.24.08)
fortune, but as Monty Python actor John Cleese said of his own recent divorce, "It cost a fortune, but worth every penny" get rid of her was the implication. Maybe Sir Paul's grown children will like their next mother better. It is possible for step-mothers to be liked and even loved. Katie Holmes won over Tom Cruise's children who love her as if they have two mothers, which they do. May Sir Paul be so fortunate in his next marriage since he is a decent fellow and prefers marriage.
3. better late than never
zionist forever   (08.24.08)
Its just a shame that the Israeli government refused to allow a concert in the 60s when Paul wanted to come with his 3 friends John, Ringo and George.
4. Salem Fayyad to lodge his protest
israeli ,   israel   (08.24.08)
in 10 ...9 ... 8... 7 ...
5. Don't miss it...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (08.24.08)
I saw his concert in Quebec City a few weeks ago. Ansolutely worth it!
6. production costs are estimated at several million dollars
ha ha ,   dig it baby   (08.24.08)
you guys can contribute to that. Gimme Billy Bragg and his guitar any day over Fraud McCartney and his money-making machine.
7. Great news. Paul is a good man.
Eric...... ,   Israel....   (08.24.08)
Welcome too ISRAEL.....
8. Macca
rick ,   jerusalem   (08.24.08)
What an awesome way to celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary. The very fact that Paul is coming shows how he feels about Israel. We are lucky to be able to host one of the greatest composers of the the last hundred years. ...And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
9. Who Cares
Michael Ezrachi ,   St. Louis, USA   (08.25.08)
Wait till he backs out at the last minute because of anti Israel protests. I think it is disgusting how many artists refuse to perform in Israel because of anti Israel protests. Also that boat load of idiots that landed in gaza repulses me. Why no protests for Sderot, or Gilad?
10. How about the Beach Boys in the Galil?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.25.08)
11. Paul McCartney's visit to Israel.
Joanne ,   Gloucestershire Eng.   (08.29.08)
I hope that Sir Paul will visit the West Bank to do a concert in Ramallah and Bethlehem, as the people there are not allowed to go to Tel Aviv. Jo
12. McCartney
steven cook ,   Devon, England   (09.03.08)
Like any right minded person, McCartney should be boycotting Israel until they stop the illegal building of settlements in the West Bank (does not belong to you greedy) ethnic cleansing of Palestine must stop now. Also end the blockade of Gaza, people are starving you hideous rascists. Your blog name does you no credit. Zionism is evil. Non zionist Israelis like Ilan Pappe I love.
13. Paul MacCartney told Shahar Ginosar his truth
politics-irrelevant   (09.22.08)
14. Paul welcome to Israel we love you.
People People   (09.24.08)
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