Police fear for life of missing girl
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 24.08.08, 17:50
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1. She disappeared 3 months ago and was reported 2 weeks ago?!
mubster retaliation? ,   NY,USA   (08.24.08)
2. Strange
Natan   (08.24.08)
When a child goes missing in the US, an alert goes out instantly to the public via radio, TV and billboards. 3 months after the girl went missing the police is asking for the public's help??? This is the same as closing the gate after the horses left the barn. On the other hand, though there might be more to the story that we don't know about.
3. Rose
Millicent ,   Israel   (08.24.08)
This case sounds similar to one happening right now in the State of Florida, where a young child is also missing and only reported missing after the child was gone for over two months.In that case the child named Caylee was reported missing 2 months after the fact, and the mother is the prime suspect in that case. I pray that both these young girls will be found safe and returned to their families unharmed!
4. We need a lot more information about Rosee
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (08.24.08)
Was she from a broken home? and with her Father/Mother. How come a child of 4 is left alone if abducted? Why oh Why did it take so long for the police to get involved. However, I must say the look on the child's face in the photo did not look a happy one. There is no smile. Please G-d she is safe and found soon.
5. Let's pray for her safe return
Adam ,   Ramat-Gan   (08.24.08)
6. As a father of a much loved little girl.
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (08.24.08)
I can't imagine what the family is going through. May the guilty party of removing this child from saftey pay the ultimate price. It's time we as a society quit worring about coddling the criminal and start worring about those of us who are their collective victims! Anyone who hurts a child should never see the light of day again.
7. I pray she is safe !
rachel ,   usa   (08.24.08)
8. May The World World Pray for This Little One
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.25.08)
It is an incident like this that make all of us realize that we are all children of God. Everyman, whether he is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or any other religion or non-religion cannot help but understand the sadness of losing an innocent child. May God grant her peace.
9. WHAT is going on in this country??
Keren ,   Haifa Israel   (08.25.08)
First, a 3 year-old girl is left in the airport duty-free shop while her family takes off for Paris - not even noticing her missing until informed by the pilot. Then a little boy of the same age is left in a public park while the rest of the family continues on the day's outing. Now a 4 year-old girl has been missing for 3 months - and it has only been reported to the police 2 weeks ago?? WHAT is going on in this country??
10. rose
ss ,   israel   (08.25.08)
very weird.................................... and her photo looks as if she is an abused child....................................
11. Rose
Rita ,   tel aviv   (08.25.08)
She indeed looks like an abused child which is probably why her disapearance was not reported until others outside the family started to notice her gone. The odds on finding her is almost nil. Either she is being held somewhere by perverts or she was killed and disposed of into the sea. It's time to start looking at the parents, and why is the police withholding information? Why wasn't there an immediate alert 2 weeks ago when she was reported missing? The clandestine way the police works in Israel regarding these cases are abhorrent. Who are they trying to protect? The poor little girl? It's too late for that, she is missing.
12. i agree with # 9 Israel became a dirty State
with no law, no order, no faith, no education..
13. Are the police maybe 'frightened'
la bella Natanya...   (08.25.08)
of one of her parents/ guardians.Stinks to high heaven. Cherchez la femme/mother monster I would think.
14. 1.Who is the fat creep
la Netanya la   (08.25.08)
digging his smelly fingers into her in both pictures? Paedophile? 2. France /Netanya Surprise Surpris 3. A ' foster guardian' as usual. What else is new? Hello there social sevices, encore c'est vous? 4. Send the perps with the smelly cowards A Bar jil (Bar = wild animal no?) to where they are hopefully going. Merci.
15. Rose isn't the only abused child in Israel
Rene ,   Haifa   (08.25.08)
Welfare workers send battered and sexually abused children back to their fathers for more abuse. Lately, one girl who has come of age sued the services and won!!!!!
16. What's wrong with you, #9 & #12?
Shame on ,   you   (08.25.08)
A poor little girl with sad sad eyes has gone missing. We are all hoping and praying she is alright. The police are working round the clock to find her - and this is all you can come up with in response?
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