McCain chooses Alaska governor as running mate
Associated Press
Published: 29.08.08, 20:16
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31. Finally something intelligent from Alan28!
lois   (08.29.08)
32. McCain gives women a gift on his birthday
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (08.29.08)
I thought McCain would pick Romney to get Michigan and Nevada, or Pawlenty to get Minnesota. Instead, he goes for a woman Governor who can get him a chunk of the female vote (52% of Americans). He may even peel some Northwest states from Obama. And Palin has actually done something about the energy crisis in Alaska - she is building a natural gas pipeline.
33. Obama just doesn't get it. Huge mistake not to take hillary
A woman   (08.29.08)
Woman are fed up with being pushed to the sidelines. As a black man he should have realized that in order to win he should have taken hillary as running mate. But no the shauvinist took a man. BIGGGGGG mistake he will pay for. Bravo Mc Cain you are a smart guy! First excellent move to outsmart obama who is supposed to be bringing change, only he forgot that change has to include WOMEN!!!
34. SEXY TIME!!!
BORAT   (08.29.08)
35. why not a gay VP?
Yaakov sulleiman   (08.30.08)
36. My buddy coached Palins kids in hockey.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.30.08)
She is very well liked in Alaska. She has gotten a pipeline going when everyone else just talked about it for the last 30 years. Sarah Palin is one of the best speakers you could ever debate against. She is very smart and will be an asset to John McCain. She is very charismatic and it is very hard to find anything you really don't like about her, other than the abortion rights crowd. She brought her baby to term even though her and her husband knew the baby had Downs Syndrome before the birth. She cares about kids. She is a Christian and would most certainly be an asset to Israel. I would invite her to come to Israel, and show her what Israeli's have to deal with every day of the week from terrorism and suicide bombers. Palin wouldn't want her children to have to deal with suicide bombers anymore than the rest of us in Alaska. It's bad enough having to deal with grizzly bears attacking our kids on the coastal trails. A brown bear dragged a woman out of her tent yesterday and mauled her. We carry guns in Alaska for a reason. Israeli's also arm their military for protection against enemies of the state. We understand why people need weapons for protection. Palin should be invited to Israel immediately. Why waste time wondering who she is, when you can introduce yourself. Most Alaskan's are pro Israeli. She's a person you would invite to dinner gladly. Her husband runs in the "Iron Dog, "sled dog race..... in Alaska in the winter. It is a snow mobile race over several hundred miles in the coldest regions of Alaska. He has won it several times. They fish and hunt just like most of us in Alaska. This is common in Alaska. Hunting is the norm , as well as fishing. While I have pulled fish out of fish ponds at Kibbutz catch 140 pound Halibut off of charter boats like I did this summer. Salmon are plentiful in the Kenai River and the Russian River. 35 to 50 pound King Salmon are the norm. The King run was slow this year though. Palin is like every other mother out there....she loves her kids and husband who is part Native Alaskan Indian. She didn't grow up in a rich family like many of her contenders did. She isn't a zillionaire. Her husband is a Union worker on the North Slope oil fields. I think she will be a very compassionate person to run in John McCains footsteps. She won't put of with terrorism....or corruption. You can count on that. She is a worthy competitor to both Biden and Obama. She's real....not fake and polished, by a bunch of political fashion guru's.
37. #22 - She's not running for president
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (08.30.08)
Cheney got the US into trouble with his nonsense, and the VP is not the automatic pick if anything happens to the president. Besides, he's proven to have sturdy genes, and eight years will be a drop in the bucket for him.
38. #30 - Obama more typical middle American then McCain
GZLives   (08.30.08)
Hillary made the same mistake of assuming Obama is just some smart black guy and she lost to him in Iowa. reason? Those Iowans related more to him then to her. Those are his people. They are his grandparents and his mom. There's a reason why people relate to him. They identify with him and he will win by a landslide.
39. An astute choice.
Cameron ,   USA   (08.30.08)
Hard to think of a better counter-point to the Dem's deification moment with His Holyness, Golden Obama. Have been listening to the Dem reaction on various media sources today, and its been pleasing indeed to hear the dismay & uneasyness in that camp over this move. That good vibe I've always felt about the election swinging toward McCain, feels better, and more solid, then ever. Beware, Lil Dems, we is coming!
40. Re: #4 & #9
Thundercloud65 ,   OKC USA   (08.30.08)
If you think that was brilliant you must be seeing things you wish to believe. Mr McCain is on Death's own door (4 cancer scares in a short period of time) and he has selected a first term governor from a wilderness state with less population than the city of Miami. She has never served in the Senate and her political astutenss is limited. This, former Mayor of a town the size of a speck of sand may be our next President? No, he has picked a running mate he can control and who will not eclipse his own image. Sounds like a run of the mill Republican to me.
41. #8 Semper Fi!, San Diego, disgusting racist and chauvinist
USA   (08.30.08)
You don't speak for all Republicans.
42. Re :16. Palin on Israel, anyone?
Roy Galutia ,   Selah Washington   (08.29.08)
I suspect as a evangelical christian ...she will have a strong pro israel position...
43. 15. It's a gutsy move. And it's not Rice.
Roy Galutia ,   Selah Washington   (08.30.08)
as an evangelical she is to the right of Rice
44. checkmate!!!!!!!!
robert   (08.30.08)
this was a move I never saw comming , I'm speechless , in the timing , they way it was kept a secret , but not in the pick she seems like a very strong woman ready to fill the position of vice president great move Mccain!!!!!!!
45. Since Governor Palin is using a lot of cell phones and black
Rivkah   (08.30.08)
berries which have a radiation factor that harm brain cells, she should wear a Tesslar Watch or Tesslar Pendant to stabilized th electromagnetic field around her body which is disrupted by cell phones and electronics. There is an incredible amount of electronics at airports and she will be traveling a lot. The watch costs from $70. to a couple of hundred depending on the setting and model. There is even a two watch face model.
46. 21 Brod: Romney is a Mormon and says Jesus is his Lord.
Rivkah   (08.30.08)
But the Jesus he worships is "Another Jesus" since Romney believes Jesus is the brother of Satan. Jesus (Yeshua the Messiah) comes from the breast tissue of Yahweh according to the book of Job and is Yahweh's son. The angels were created, not pro-created from God's own tissue and DNA. Satan became jealous and the first lie was Satan telling the angels that Yeshua was not the son of God, but an angel like the rest of them. A third of the angels believed the lie and Romney believes it, too, since Mormon Doctrine teaches that Satan and Jesus are brothers which would make Satan the DNA genetic equivalent of Yahweh which he is not. Romney also believes that after death, Mormons mate with spirit wives and have spirit children that enter into human embryos. Mormons are loveable outwardly but they are deceived by a non-biblical gospel. The last Mormon in high executive department national office caused the Great Depression by freezing home loans because he felt the public should save the money to buy a house instead of going into debt. Read Zane Gray's book, "Riders of the Purple Sage" to learn about the Mormon way. If a Mormon elder tells a widow to marry someone, she is run out of town if she balks. The Mormons run people out if they cross a Mormon, so many moved away from northern Arizona towns after upsetting a Mormon. When they are in the majority, it is like an Islamic village and many Mormon women are told who to marry and who to divorce. The patriarchal society is so intimidating that when a Mormon woman friend told me she had cancer and I suggested some treatments that are proven and recommended by outstanding physicians that would probably save her life since her cancer metastacized to the liver, her husband forbade her to write to me again and will not let me speak to her on the phone when I call even though we have been friends for 17 years and worked together at t drugstore for four years. It is like her husband wants her to die and she is afraid to think for herself for fear of being cast out of the Mormon community.
moira   (08.30.08)
48. Gosh. McCain throws the election!
Efroim ,   Washington DC   (08.30.08)
McCain never really tried. He runs around with his silly baseball hat. Does a leader look like that?? His mind is gone. Finished! Now we have to pray the Obama makes good decisions.
49. Palin will surprise the doubters
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.30.08)
Wasilla and Anchorage might as well be two seperate areas in L. A. California. The two are close enough to be one and the same, as far as Anchorage is concerned. We have over 350,000 people in our cities. This paltry figure quoted on the news media is very misleading to voters and the general public. It would be like compairing a leader in Orange County California with his lowly population count ,while leaving out the rest of L.A. that surrounded his city. It's a play with numbers. Wasilla, Eagle River, Palmer, and Wasilla are interconnected. The population is pretty big. The news media, and Democratic party, will make her out to be a leader of a two bit town. This will be their undoing though. Sarah Palin is an excellent person in debates. She is highly intelligent and knows more about oil development, than either Obama or Biden will ever comprehend. They had better know what the heck they are talking about in the debates, or she will rip them to pieces. Everyone thinks Alaskans live in little igloo's, in little towns, in the middle of nowhere. These democrats that are spouting this nonsense are in for a world of hurt, when they start this garbage, during the debates coming up. We have the internet....We don't live in igloo's.....and Sarah Palin just ran a suburb which is connected to a population of over 350,000 people. Now she runs a state of 650,000 people. Since the time in the day is limited. You really don't have to go visit all 650,000 people a night. You couldn't if you tried. There are only 86,400 seconds in a day. This means logically, that Obama doesn't talk to, or service anymore people, than Sarah Palin in a day. Obviously they are both qualified since they have both held office. Palin a governor.....Obama a Senator. Obama deals with 49 Senators. Palin deals with 650,000 Alaskans every day of the week. All Obama has to do is go vote on the chamber floor, and make up stupid new laws to shut down oil development, when he isn't voting and filibustering oil development. Obama hung out at Harvard, and smoked weed, while reading about what america was all about. Palin lived in the woods....hunted...fished.....and lived in America, rather than reading about it in a book at Harvard. Palin birthed her children, and stayed with her husband, rather than running to the nearest abortion clinic to dispense with her children. Who says she doesn't have experience. She's done pretty good so far. 80 percent of Alaskan's like her.
50. clever move
Septimus ,   Rome   (08.30.08)
I se ethis choice as a strategic move. Mac Cain took a women to get a higher score with women, who according to polls favored before more the Obama camp. He choose a presviously unknown politician, because his ticket can give a image of change by regrds of the former administrtion. Future will tell us if I took the right choice
51. Relax, naysayers. She'll get plenty of experience as VP
Rodin   (08.30.08)
The worries about McCain's health are justified. Would Palin be able to take over if need be, and handle serious foreign policy challenges? Maybe not on day one. But let's say McCain serves at least two or three years of his term as President. That means Palin will have had two or three years of VP experience under her belt. Her learning curve will skyrocket every day she's in office. If she's not quite ready to ascend the throne on day one, she'll probably have more than enough time to learn the ropes.
52. #22 - how old was Regan when he got elected?
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (08.30.08)
He was two years older and he reshaped the Republican party, gave rise to the modern conservative movement, and altered the political dynamic of the United States. Only democrats are making a big issue out of his age. It is not clear to me how any thinking person could contemplate voting for Obama and they probably won't. Would you buy a cat in a sack? Mike
53. #41 the COWARD and other selfhaters!
Semper Fi ! ,   San Diego, USA   (08.30.08)
You don't have even the courage to give yourself a nickname, you don't represent the USA, you call me racist because I dislike Obama, you stupid moron. Do you know what chauvinist stands for, idiot? If I was that I wouldn't be applauding the future election of Gov Paulin. You are either one of those liberal idiots propalis or one of them, so go back to your cave, you ain't a republican anyway...
54. #35 - why do you spend all your time thinking about
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (08.30.08)
homosexuality? Do you think heterosexuals spend all day thinking about heterosexuality? The 95% are fed up with hearing about your sexuality and there will soon be a backlash. Please stop trying to push your sexuality down our throats. Do whatever you want to do with consenting males but please keep quiet about it. Mike
55. She is a good homophobe like most Republicans
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.30.08)
Like most Republicans she is homophobic and does not wish to grant gays in America the right of civil unions. She is narrow minded and intolerant.
56. #54. Good example of Israeli Gay Intolerance
Liliane ,   Brighton, UK   (08.30.08)
#54. Israelis seem to be pretty uptight about gays. If you are a democracy give them their Equal Rights.
57. Question: Why not a Muslim Lesbian for VP, Souleiman?
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (08.30.08)
Answer: Because there is already a Muslim straight running for President but the more important question is why the Muslim Straight Candidate did not choose a Muslim Gay for VP Come back with a good answer if you have one
58. Qualifications
Mark ,   Kibbutz Elrom   (08.30.08)
She likes to hunt and fish. What more can I say?
59. #53 Gimper Fi - The criticism had nothing to do with Obama
Nickname ,   USA   (08.30.08)
60. #56 God gives gays equal rights.They have a right to choose
heaven or hell.He's ,   a equal rights God!!   (08.30.08)
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