Congressman: Choosing Palin an insult to Jews
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.08.08, 18:37
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1. Wexler
Isaac G ,   Camarillo, USA   (08.30.08)
Wexler is a liar, moron and anti Israel, so he has no right to talk about anything and he is also a far left anti Israel Liberal. Mc Cain/Palin 08 go go!
3. Florida Congressman slams Palin
DT ,   TA Isr   (08.30.08)
Here we go again ! The news is not 24 hours old barely and then there is the rush to see if there is any clues as to whether Sarah Palin is "pro Israel or anti Iisrael" and the "straw clutching" begins. Wexler is a Dem. and I have little doubt that his motives are that of a questionnable politician who is wasting no time in trying to make a few cheap jibes to gain a vote. So what if he is correct ? Maybe a good thing as it is time to cut the umbilical cord and be a truly independant state and not dependant one.
4. Wexler better check outObamas friends before picking onPalin
5. The pot calling the kettle black!
Prof. Reuven Bar-On ,   Israel   (08.30.08)
Unfortunately, it has been the so-called liberal non-Jews as well as Jews in the Diaspora and in Israel who have typicaly held anti-Israeli/Jewish positions. Without getting to the psycho-dynamic reasons for Jewish self-hatred, it is important that Jews make a wise decision between who has the greater potential for being more pro-Israel/Jew: McCain or Hussein? After our experience with Germany, Russia and the Islamic world to mention a few of the more dramatic examples of sever Jewish persecution in our life-time and the life-time of our parents and grandparents, Jews like Wexler in the Diaspora and in Israel have an OBLIGATION to protect our people in various ways (one of which is to know which non-Jew to support and which to reject). It is a case of simple problem-solving, which shouldn't be that difficult for a Jew... especially for a Jew.
6. Why Is Israel A Litmus For All American Politicians?
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.30.08)
American politicians should be for America first before they start talking about how good or bad another politician is for Israel. I would imagine that saavy Americans are fed up with so-called American politicians that judge every domestic or foreign policy based on whether or not it is good for Israel. If these Israel-firsters love Israel so much why don't they move there?
7. And who has Obama supported?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.30.08)
Wright who openly condemned "Jew-control" int he US; Farakhan who refers to Jews as 'scions of the devil" and "monkey-children"; Carter is openly-hostile, never met a terrorist he didn't adore, and actively fought against punishing nazis who had escaped after the Shoah. What a toss up!!
8. Actually, since the war in Iraq
Thomas   (08.30.08)
alot of left-wing Jews have had no problems embracing Pat Buchanan for his assults on the neocons. Nevermind his attacks on non-white immigration, his praise of segregation, and his defense of wanted war criminals.
9. hypocrite Wexler
Mike ,   New York, USA   (08.30.08)
This is the same blowhard congressman who was recently exposed for not actually living in Florida, the state he is supposed to be representing....nice try jackass
10. Wexler & Palin
Jack ,   Bogalusa USA   (08.30.08)
Wexler is an insult to the human race. His mouth is always open, usually with his foot stuck in it. He is also a fraud as he did not live in the district he represented. Thanks Jack
11. Palin for VP
Rich ,   Boston MA USA   (08.30.08)
Obama is not good for the Jews or Isreal. Vote McCain/Palin for security and ecomomy.
12. Guess What
allan ,   Los Angeles   (08.30.08)
since I don't have ability to contact idiot Wexler, would somebody that has tell him this Jew is in love with this women and is energized as I've ever been since Pres Reagan.
13. Wexler Continues To Be The Disgrace To Jews
Dan ,   USA   (08.30.08)
Wexler is a disgrace. If he wanted to be truthful, which he never is, he would say the Democrats electing Obama is a slap in the face to Jews. But like most politicians he will say anything to hold onto power. As an American Jew I will vote for McCain and Palin.
14. Good for the Jews? Bad for the Jews?
shrinkDave ,   Miami USA   (08.30.08)
Historically, the good for the Jews/bad for the Jews dilemma has proven irrelevant to the suffering of the Jews, especially when the Jews are strong. When Jews are good for the Jews, maybe we'll worry less about others' attitudes toward us.
15. Wexler should look on Soros support of Obama
Tomas ,   NY   (08.30.08)
Wexler is typical progressive American Jew who would sell his grandmother for being accepted by the progressive. He should look at the support that Obama gets from Soros and Moveon .org. Soros by his own admition help identify jewish houses in WW2 in Budapest to the SS. He also funded 2 organizations in Hungary and Ukrine trhat are the most anti-semetic in those countries. is the most anti-Israeli web site run by the progressive. In short Wexler is an example of "useful idiot" that American progressive Jews exel in.
16. Did / does Palin support Buchanan?
Steve ,   US   (08.30.08)
According to another news site: "Obama surrogate Robert Wexler, a Jewish US representative from Florida, lambasted her for endorsing Pat Buchanan in 2000. "But in a letter she wrote to the editor of a local newspaper at the time, she explained that she was willing to wear a Buchanan button "as a polite gesture of respect" during a visit, as she would for any visiting presidential candidate, but that it shouldn┬╣t be seen as an endorsement." I will be following this story. Obama's anti-Israel associations are very troubling indeed, but so is Patrick Buchanan -- a certified Nazi sympthizer if there ever was one; an inveterate Israel-hater. I am disappointed Palin wore a Buchanan button. Buchanan deserves no respect.
17. W. Citizen #6
Steve ,   US   (08.30.08)
Americans and American politicians should support Israel "morally." Because it is the "right" thing to do. Israel is on the front lines of the battle against the global jihad. I am not talking about aid -- I am against foreign aid. There are moral and spiritual reasons America should stand by Israel. If you do not understand this, you are just as wicked as the jihadist-warriors who want to annihilate us; who want to subjugate us to their ideology. We face a choice: conversion, subjugation or death. Whose side are you on W.C.?.
18. Wexler Is A Moron
MK ,   Philadelphia USA   (08.30.08)
19. Wexler
moish ,   Jerusalem   (08.30.08)
What are Wexler's "Jewish" credentials? Shabbos? Kashrut? Tefillin? I don't know I am just asking what qualifies this man to speak for American Jews. Look at Obama's friends, Rev, Wright, Calypso Louie Farrakhan, Brezinski, Mc Peak, Anthony Lake, Susan Rice and Robert O. Malley, James "F**k the Jews" Baker, Jimmy the Dhimmi Kakah (carter yimach shmo) his cousin Odinga, his Hamas friends, his Marxist friends etc. his willingness to be friends with ever despot 'Nuff said?
20. MacCain and Ms.Palin
anonymous ,   Israel   (08.30.08)
To the naysayers I say ,boo,hoo. MacCain's choice is an admirable one. Ms.Palin will be an asset to the Republicans. Let us wish both of them good luck and ignore the likes of Wexler.As someone here said some of our so-called Jews living in the diaspora,are mere poodles of the LEFT WE CAN DO WITH OUT. Thanks,but not thanks Wexler. So,just shut up and accept it,or hide in shame for idolizing your Obama/Osama
21. ANY Jewish democrat is weird.
Moe Ben ,   Brooklyn   (08.30.08)
22. Small gov't
Liron ,   Israel   (08.30.08)
is the safest for Jews and all minorities, incl. the most vulnarable and smallest minority, namely the individual. Since the majority in a democracy can be persuaded to vote for bad leaders that will make horrible policies, we need to protect the minority from the majority by taking away power from the political polite and transfering this power to the body of citizens. I'm a Libertarian, but Republicans tend to usually cut taxes and gov't programs more than Democrats. So McCain/Palin is the better choice imo.
Morty ,   USA   (08.30.08)
24. To Mike #9- Look in the mirror
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.30.08)
Although I detest the left wing, your assertions were issued ONLY by the person seeking to displace him in Congress. FACT in the US Congress is that ALL senators and reps maintain residences in and around DC, with most going to their real homes at varying times throughout year! Look in the mirror as to who is the jackass! Same is true with McCain, Obama, Clinton, and Biden!
25. Buchanan: Palin was a 'brigader for me' in '96
Steve ,   US   (08.30.08)
26.  slams her support for Buchanan;
Galut ,   Selah Washington   (08.30.08)
Many evageilical christians in 2000 supprted did I doen't mean were are anti-semic... I as a voter at the time was not aware of buchanans views on israel... when I did learn of them I was was I troubled with the Globalist positions of Bush and Gore...... The evangelical right of which Palin is a part is definately pro-israel. ....more pro-israel than Condelisia Rice....
27. Why is this news ?Wexler is a party Hack,
David ,   Israel   (08.30.08)
She is the real deal. He hates her because she's right wing,religious, conservative and Pro Israel ...isn't even a question.
28. Dems will say, try anything
rh ,   modiin Israel   (08.30.08)
I you vote for Obama let your right arm lose its cunning
29. Here's proof of Palin's support for Israel
Laura ,   Israel   (08.30.08)
"Jewish Republicans, Alaskans praise McCain's VP choice" Wexler is an Obama delegate. 'Nuff said.
30. Wexler
Rosy   (08.30.08)
Wexler and his friends are an insult to America, Israel and the Jewish people. As my father, a Holocaust survivor, said: "The greatest enemies to Israel and the Jewish people, come from within." Shama on Wexler.
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