Congressman: Choosing Palin an insult to Jews
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.08.08, 18:37
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61. Sarah Palin
nachum ,   golan   (08.31.08)
Sarah Palin is absolutely great! The American Democratic Party does not know what it is talking about... ever. Look at BHO! BHO's Campaign Slogan is "Change We Can Believe In". And it is perfect for him! Whenever a major issue comes up that Obama is criticized for, we can believe that his opinion will change!
62. Wexler, the WEASEL
Ray ,   USA   (08.31.08)
He associates himself with Obama, who has close life long affiliation with anti-semites that make Pat Buchanon seem like a nothing. Like other Jewish Democrat Congressmen we are ashamed of he'd do anything to defeat a Republican. It is to vomit.
63. Olaf Hage has a great essay on Sarah Palin, comparing her to
Rivkah   (08.31.08)
Teddy Roosevelt and John McCain to President McKINley whose assasination by a Moslem put Teddy Roosevelt into office. Palin and Roosevelt both wear glasses and have many things in common, including being outdoorsmen and having a reputation for cleaning up corruption in government. His website that sent the essay to subscribers of his lectures is
64. wexler is a frum Jew
avraham ,   borough park brookly   (08.31.08)
B"H ...who attends shul on shabbos, sends his kids to a Jewish school and loves amcha and his people. If he says Obama is not trief thats good enough for me. a good week to all and let us pray for the residents of the Gulf of mexico.
65. Palin
sas ,   israel   (08.31.08)
it will be an interesting campaign. we need to hear what they all have to say. but we have NO right to interfere in their politics. A GOOD president for the USA will be a GOOD president for Israel and the world.
66. All is fine.
stuart Clark ,   wisborough green   (08.31.08)
Contrary to what you people think, England is behind you 100%. The situation is complicated, however the facts are simple, therefore although we do not want to see another in the M.E, there is no option, what a shame, no matter how much land your (*****) pm gives up, it will not make any difference, but he will be gone soon, as much as I hate war, get the IDF into Gaza and a strike on varied Iran sites is essential. As was Sept 9 on Syria, what a shame the world is the way it is, the problem is not color or creed, the problem is Islam. Simple.
67. # 37 Steve in the US and his quandry.
anonymous ,   Israel   (08.31.08)
Steve If you are unsure of who to vote for,then the best thing for you,is to stay HOME! If it indeed it was the vision that Bush codified in your 2004 Republican party platform,and McCain had affirmed it, then damn it all too bad.Are you sure you’ve got it right? What I say is a no,no to an establishment of a Palestinian(so-called) state which in reality is supposed to be led by Abbas I hate to say it,but blame Olmert. He had better wake up before he begins selling our treasure of Judea, Samaria & Gaza to (an Islamofascist)neighbour no sane people will accept living next to. Steve you will find ( at least I hope)that MacCain will have shed his spots once he is in office. Especially with hisVP Ms.Palin. He will ask,but she will pull in the reins..
68. Wexler is an insult to America, the Jewish people and Israel
Eve   (08.31.08)
I did not hear any words from him about Rev. Wright-a anti-American, anti-semite and anti-Israel best friend and role model for Obama. Obamam sat in his church for over 20 years and claims never to have heard his terrible speeches...what a BIG FAT LIE. How about Rashid Khalid, Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernaardine Dohn, Tony Rezko to name a few questionable friends of Obama...are these friends lovers of the Jewish people and Israel. Wexler and his Demo friends need to WAKE UP to the reality of their candidate and not slam McCain.
69. 51# I live in Anchorage and my friend Rob Larkey
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.31.08)
coached Palin's kid in hockey. He also coached Scotty Gomez who plays for the New York Rangers. Palin is not an anti semite. Wexler is blowing air out his blow hole again. Buchanon has campaigned for President in Alaska. A lot of people didn't know how much of an anti semite he was, because he kept it under wraps for quite a long time. Some just didn't follow him on the channels he worked on in television. Most of us know his political aspirations towards Israel now though. Palin is not one of Buchanon's followers. She likes the Jews in our community and Israel. She will be an asset to Israel.
70. Wexler: you are insulting our intelligence. Shut-up!!!!!!!!
You are an Idiot   (08.31.08)
71. Wexler is dead wrong!
Michael Ezrachi ,   St. Louis, USA   (08.31.08)
Wexler is a coward who won't debate anyone who disagrees with him, he is blinded by left wing liberalism that will destroy America and Israel, and benefit the jihadist. Obama said Israel was a sore on american foreign policy, and says the "palestinians" are the most oppressed people. Maybe if obama's friends at NBC would cover the news, obama would know that tibet is being oppressed, so are the tamil people, the Georgians, etc... Except for a few journalists, most of the american media is anti Israel, just like the BBC. Obama thinks he can win without the Jewish vote, so any Jew who votes for him is basically cutting their own throat. Wake up American Jews, anti Semitism is alive and well. Obama is no friend of Jews or Israel!
72. Wexler, Soros, Buchanan...Birds of a Feather
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (08.31.08)
Some Jewish Americans blast the Evangelicals for supporting Israel. They say, "The Christians are trying to convert us". Duh, all Christians try to convert us, but the Evangelicals are this time on our side (Israel). The Baptists, Mormons and Catholics say in the end of days, Israel will be invaded...only if the Jews convert will they be saved. Oh come on folks, give me a break. 4,000 Jews in Alaska, and already this Jewish liberal is making us look like idiots (which we sometimes are). Won't we ever get it? The world wants another Holocaust..1.4b Muslims want us dead. Iran will explode nukes over Tel Aviv soon..and we quibble. Maybe Hitler was right, we Jews cannot ever determine our own fate in our own state. We are a pathetic people of violin players and casino owners.."my son the doctor" you know. It's time the Jews stop thinking WW2 Roosevelt, and get with it. Most of Obama's supporters hate Israel and we Jews...left wing Demos are angry at our anti-Iranian stance..don't we get it?
73. Jewsh are going Crazy
Does jewsh people always need somebody who pleases them 100%. Logically No the worl is not created like that. It is time to see so many thnings that makes you so angry.
74. to #65 Right to vote
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (08.31.08)
Many of us certainly do have a right to interfere in this election as we are American citizens. Even though we live abroad, US law allows us to vote by write in ballot. I want to remind all of the American citizens here in Israel to register to vote if you haven't already. Go into the website of the Board of Election Supervisors in your home state, print out a Federal registration form and send it in right away. Time is getting short. It''s important that they know over there that we are here in Israel, we are watching them and voting our interests.
75. Palin is a great woman
alan ,   cape straight ak   (08.31.08)
Palin's 80% approval rating in my home state of Alaska is based on her sound judgements to make America free of foreign sources of energy. She pushed hard to get a pipeline built to the Mid West to deliver natural gas. There are trillions of cubic feet of gas in Alaska. Sarah Palin has my vote.
76. Congressman Wexler
Peter ,   Baldwin, NY USA   (08.31.08)
He is the typical totally assimilated liberal self hating California parody of a real Jew - he would rather support Obama and his cast of Middle Eastern Terrorist friends, fundraisers, and associates - just remember Obama and his friends Rashid Khalidi, Antoine Rezko, Hatem El Khadey, the charming Reverend Wright, etc; Robert Wexler is pathetic, and in reallity no better to his fellow Jews and America than Jewish kapos were 65 years ago....
77. Palin
Sharon ,   London UK   (08.31.08)
I only just met Palin when listening to her speech the other night. I think she is great, for the USA, for women, for the Republican Party and for the world including its Jewish population. If she supported Buchanan in the past, that is because she was new on the job. She now has McCain as a first class teacher and she I think is a fast learner. I take her to be a religious woman who cares about the Judeo-Christian ethic and about Western Civilisation. Perhaps all she needs is a little literature to bring her up to speed - how about sending her a copy of Eurabia - the Euro-Arab Axis by Bat Ye'or? She'll soon grasp the nettle and once she has visited Israel she will also be good for Israel. She said out loud and clear - her only utterance re foreign policy - that she stood firmly with McCain in that they will never allow Iran to become a nuclear power. Good enough for me. xx
78. Wexler Is A Sleaze
Stuart Bliwas ,   Hbg. PA   (08.31.08)
Wexler is one of the sleaziest members of Congress. I have so little confidence in what he says that I assume the truth is exactly the opposite.
79. Wexler Callining Himself A Jew Is An Insult To Jews
Stuart Bliwas ,   Hbg. PA   (08.31.08)
See my previous Post.
80. Political Leanings
Wally Hayman ,   Gladwyne, PA, USA   (09.01.08)
If Sarah Palin supported Buchanan because of his Domestic views, that's news in itself. Buchanan has never had a Domestic platform. He's always been a single-dimensional candidate and pundit focused on Foreign Affairs and campaign strategies. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and the majority of families out here are Jews. I have yet to meet a Jewish voter here or in town who is voting for McCain & Palin. I'm not busy counting all of the Jewish voters in America. Maybe they favor McCain and my observations are wrong. However, I visit a lot of sites, including Republican-leaning ones and I have seen very few with reader comments as overwhelmingly and suspiciously weighted against one candidate or the other as this site. Additionally, very few of the commenters seem to show any basic respect for those they criticize. Whether encouraged or not, when a site ceases to have civil dialogue it ceases to attract visitors who may be swayed to your viewpoint - or even have something to teach.
81. Pro or Con
Jake Stein ,   Philly, US   (09.01.08)
Palin has been nominated as a vice-presidential candidate of the USA, not Israel. Americans are finally waking up to the fact that forces loyal to Israel and a race that is not a religion and religion not a race constantly pass all questions of importance through the filter of its benefit to the Jews and/or Israel. That is arrogance at its very highest. It is also dangerous to equate "good for Israel" with "good for Jews," as one is a political entity and the other, well, supposedly members of a religion despite the evidence that most so-called Jews are atheists.
82. Palin Supporting Buchanan
Erik ,   Boston, MA   (09.01.08)
So Palin supported a conservative America First Republican, as an American that is a compliment. I put the health and well being of USA above that of Israel. Pat Buchanan was and is a great man. He does not have his "manhood" stuffed in a mason jar somewhere asking permission from AIPAC and the ADL is he can state his opinion. We need more politicians like Pat B. Wexler is a lapdog for AIPAC and he would not be in office if we was not such a puppet. His disdain for Palin makes me like her even more.
83. Insult to Israel?
S. Baxter ,   SF USA   (09.01.08)
The question voters should consider - is she good for the US?
84. Buchanan
S. Baxter ,   SF USA   (09.01.08)
Buchanan is not a Nazis sympathizer nor is he anti-semitic. Like George Washington he wants American foreign policy to be American.
85. Wexler
Tad Skeptical ,   USA   (09.01.08)
What I've concluded reading about Pat Buchanan is he is not a Nazi sympathizer but he dislikes evil including people or Nations that do evil to others then try to hide their evil behind the cloak of Anti-Semitism. He doesn't seem to like dual citizenship either where people of another Nation use their citizenship of his Nation to profit their other Nation when people of his own Nation are in need
86. Who care about the Jewish vote - it's nothing
Cadavre ,   US USA   (09.01.08)
Heres a graphic: Non US Jewish Vote ..................... ..................... ..................... ..................... ..................... US Jewish Vote: .. The Jewish vote is disposable - it don't man nothing,
Scott ,   Pittsburgh, USA   (09.01.08)
Palin was the co-chair of Steve Forbes' campaign in Alaska in 2000! Wexler is a liar and a smear monger!
88. Who Cares
Yentl ,   New Hyde Park, NY   (09.01.08)
We must vote for President, not VP and the record is clear tht McCain is pro-Israel and we have no idea about Obama. Biden isn't running. Obama is. Every Jewish person who cares about Israel must vote for McCain because we can see his record. I could care less about Palin.
89. palin
ira kaufman ,   israel   (09.01.08)
whats the excitement.ok she's a babe.but don't expect the goim to love you.if it will be live and let live we're doing ok.
90. The usual smears
John Green ,   NY   (09.01.08)
As Joe Sobran said, "It used to be an anti-Semite was someone who hates Jews. Now it's someone whom Jews hate." Pat Buchanan is not a Nazi sympathizer. But he refuses to bow before his Zionist masters like our house trained politicians do, and that's enough to make him an anti-Semite by Sobran's definition.
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