West fears Russia will supply anti-aircraft missiles to Iran
Published: 31.08.08, 13:24
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1. And the obvious conclusion ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.31.08)
Is a military strike before this system is delivered. Obviously.
2. Foolish Russians
Simon ,   Sydney Australia   (08.31.08)
Why would any non Muslim country assist a Muslim country (especially a fanatic one), when the ultimate mission of Muslims is a known public mission ie, to make the whole world Muslim by either converting or annihilating non Muslims. Classic Vodka poisoning.
3. So arming Iran is good?
Joe ,   Finland   (08.31.08)
While arming democratic Georgia against Russian agression bad? Russia should worry that S-300 system in Iranian hands will mean Israel & USA and NATO will find weaknesses in the system
4. Putin and the Islamist-Jihadist Fanatics
Brod ,   USA   (08.31.08)
Putin is playing a dangerous game. By arming the cultic and fanatical Islamist-Jihadist Ayatollahist regime with high tech armaments, they are facilitating Iran's aggression in the region and the world. It is time the West and Israel take a firm action to counter this menace in the volatile region of the Middle East where Islamist-Jihadism is being inflamed by Russia and Iran.
5. S-300s, Moon-Rays, Force-Fields and...
Yidzilla ,   Bergen new ,Jersey   (08.31.08)
Enough with the Bull@!#% already. The count-down is absolutely underway for the decimation of Irans Nuclear progam. The U.S and Russian deals are almost completed and the political posturing for public consumption is in its final phase. The Israeli attack will be tactcal nuclear and with deep underground shockwave properties to ensure underground destruction to all hidden sites. As for Irans retaliatory threats with upgraded 1950"s Shishka-Bob3missiles...Israel will have to take a couple on the chin. When Hezbolla makes its move , Lebanon will be Razed and Syria will stand down while witnessing the yet unleashed full fire-power of Israeli armed forces.Only after a devestating victory can real peace be achieved
6. 5What are you smokin. U couldn't even beat Hezbullah!
lee ,   Brisbane   (08.31.08)
A rag tag army poorly armed and U with all the American fan dangle and U got surely whopped by Hezbollah. The only scenario changed since then is Hezbollah has acquired even more weaponary. STFU then and return to Israel in your tin hat and wooden rifle and stop hiding out in NJ.
7. Iran Rights
Jose ,   Florida   (08.31.08)
I believe it is Iran Rights to acquire any kind of defensive weapons, as far as it is defensive. The way US and Israel pressure against Iran acquiring S-300 missile systems is ridiculous... Until now there is no prove that Iran planning to acquire nuclear weapons. The problem that American foreign policy misguided by Israeli lobby Washington, on the expense of American national interest.... Please nobody argue with before he read this book: Israel lobby and US foreign Policy
8. Strike on Iran
Septimus ,   Rome   (08.31.08)
If these news are confirmed itw ill only prompt the schedulded strike on the Shiite entity before these terrorist gets those system. By no way it will deter it.
9. (Israel) and West ...fear again
DT ,   TA Isr   (08.31.08)
Stop "quaking, "trembling" worrying "and being completely subservient to the U.S and get on and do something about it. Granted it may be hard why we still have the "Cretins" in Kadima in power so rid us of this disease and we can get on with doing what needs to be done
10. #7 - Really?
Shai ,   OC, USA   (08.31.08)
"No Proof"? Nice. I'm sure u will support the next Halocaust too.
11. #6
CEK ,   USA   (08.31.08)
Israel didn't defeat Hiz because their stupid government didn't want too. Do you honestly think that if Hiz felt as you, they wouldn't have counter attacked Israel by now? Hiz is going down along with Iran and Syria. I am hoping Bush attacks Iran after the convention. We need to utterly destroy Iran to send a message to the world not to mess with the USA. That means you drunken mother russia.
12. olmert on russia
alexi   (08.31.08)
olmert told us that russia was moderate and helpful in opposing iran's nulclear attempts. Nothing could be furthur from the truth. Russia has built the nuclear plant and now is selling an s300 system. Only a moron could misread russia's intentions.Now you entrust olmert to negotiate a palestinian nation with vital israeli estates.What a stupid people the israelis are. Remove olmert and his family now.
13. Russian systems suck, proven in Siria strike
D   (08.31.08)
14. Russian Junk. Dont fear their rubbish.
Efroim ,   Washington DC   (08.31.08)
We already know how to take out electronically the russian 300's. It will show what garbage the the russians always build. Nothing but dreck. Typical russian junk. Hezolistan will get hit so hard that it will take along time to rebuild. No holding back. Carte Blanche to blitz them where it hurts.
15. Time to return to the "Star War"
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.31.08)
program of Reagan. A neutron strike on teheran and all their military bases now. Time to get rid of these terrorists. The world should be on the look out for persian terrorists and their allies. An attack on so.leb and gaza would hurt the iranian enemy. Finally it is time to cut off russia from the west. We have to punish puta putin and make sure he cannot touch the 40 billion dollars he looted from russia.
16. # 7 ..and US Immigration Policy?
Thomas   (08.31.08)
Our legislators won't do anything about illegal immigration do to Hispanic voters. You want to guess which costs the American public more yearly? I know in the state of NJ alone, it costs a billion dollars annually to educate the children of illegal immigrants so can you imagine what it costs those on the border states?
17. OBVIOUSLY,TERRY?.........................#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.31.08)
We have heard this more than a year back.No S-300 missiles were issue at that time.And what about the software neutralising the operation of S-300?Anyway,Septimus also agrees with you.I feel doubtful,the delay could not be because of anything to do with/without the S300 installation.
18. olmert to the rescue
marv   (08.31.08)
Prince ehud, our noble hero will persuade russia not to install the s300 system in iran when he visits moscow. I recommend that he sample all the delicious russian food and drinks, especially the litvinenko-laced polonium specials.Olmert has brought death and shame to israel, broken bones, surrender. Olmert has given us ariel-who ran to france and does not serve in the idf and shaul who went to new york and doens't do reeserve duty.This is olmert's gift to israel.Soon he will leave the scene but it won't be over for him. Israelis will not forget. Dan margalit said it well, it will be the sad end to a miserable career. Neville chamberlain on his worst day was not as bad as ehud olmert.
Arik silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (08.31.08)
There's only one reason: the "West" intends to attack Iran.
20. #1 Check out debka files. I think one is well on it's way.
Rueben ,   Israel   (08.31.08)
21. Them in London certainly know more
Damir ,   Russia   (08.31.08)
Obviously James Bond has discovered some secret papers. We won't sell anything for anyone to infuriate US only, like Soviet Union did. So Britains, stop fear-mongering.
22. Send Georgia all the arms they desire now.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.31.08)
In fact....send them some nuclear weapons to counter Russia's weapons. If Russia wants to arm a terrorist state with nuclear weapons then Israel has the right to arm states that surround Russia with weapons also. If Russia finally realized Georgia isn't their neighborhood...and is someone elses country......they would get it. Russia hasn't changed a bit. It is still an enemy of the world by its aggression to hold other countries by force that surround it.
23. 6# ought to shut up.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.31.08)
You pansies could be Russia's next conquest....and you don't have enough troops to stop Russia or China, you cad. What are you know for....fighting a Kangaroo. Not much room to talk to Jews about fighting.
24. 7# Being the Jews were almost wiped out by the NAZI's
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.31.08)
...I'd believe them about the threat from Iran any day of the week. What do you want the United States to do....get in bed with Iran abd force sharia law down everyones throats? Then we can join the Jihadists and help them finish killing off all the Jews. Is that what you are advocating? Sitting by and watching the Iranians repeat what Hitler tried in WWII? I think I'll hang with the Jews any day of the week. Iran can go float their terrorism in someone elses pond. And we can stop it....and are required to do so for the good of the world at large. Do you knock jews around in Florida too. I thought your post was from Iran.
25. 19# Yeah we know....they want to take over Milwaukee
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.31.08)
and steal your beer. The West is tired of Iran's terror program....that is why it will take it out. And they will be more inclined to allow states to join NATO now.
26. #8 "Shiite entity": Good work! I like that!
NY ,   USA   (08.31.08)
It's great to see someone coin a new phrase that flips the coin over for all those who refer to the State of Israel as the "Zionist entity."
27. #7Jose-dude, eat 6 tacos and leave the real intellectual
talk to those who r ,   qualified to speak.   (09.01.08)
28. Russia
Marilyn ,   USA   (09.01.08)
It's almost like there's something to do with Georgia or in the other countries that the Russian government wants very badly. They are not so emotional like the US government. Is this possible?
29. US..u shows bad example...
mk ,   malaysia   (09.05.08)
its all about US policy creating trouble around the globe.invaded other countries as they like.ignoring united nation and international community.thats why russian do the can,why cant we..because u show bad example with no dignity to the rest of the world.Shame on u talking about democracy around the world.
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