Report: Holland believes Iran to be attacked soon
Published: 01.09.08, 09:06
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1. Mazal Tov!
Frank ,   USA   (09.01.08)
2. I hope they're right.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (09.01.08)
Military action is long overdue.
3. April Fools!
Ben B ,   Foster City Californ   (09.01.08)
Otherwise, why would this be released to the press? To scare Iran. They only fear allah.
4. The mullahs are scared like mice, tremble like squirrels
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (09.01.08)
Can you feel it ahmadinejad? What do you think your people will do to you once the revolution for freedom in your country starts? Tip: Google this: Nicolae Ceauşescu
5. The world is ready
Septimus ,   Rome   (09.01.08)
The strike on the shiite entity nuclear project is inevitable. the world can't liv e with people hearing "voices", vowing to exterminate others, with a country vowing on hegemony, using terror and blackmail on a regular basis, wishing now to became holder s of nuclear weapons. This is by no way acceptable. If war is needed to prevent such situation, then we should not hestitate to go to war and to inflict that satanic regime the havoc it needs to fall once for ever. A good managed a erial bombing campaign against Iran nuclear targets, but also against the pasdaran appartus, and its missile factories, will deliver a deadly blow to the fake iranian regime.
6. Iran
DT ,   TA Isr   (09.01.08)
IT HAS TO BE !!! The sooner th better. I just hope the dead heads we have running this country are gone by then
7. AIVD intelligence operation in Iran = Dutch B.S.
Stinkende Kaasbol ,   Lekker - Lekker   (09.01.08)
8. Old news
Papi ,   Beerotaim   (09.01.08)
This article is from 1 week ago, and the Telegraaf is better in fairy-tale's than true story's.
9. clock is ticking
tony ,   socal   (09.01.08)
To defeat this unprecedented danger to the world and for the survival of humanity the following two things are essential. . 1) Destruction of their nuclear, WMD’s capabilities post haste. Now and in the future immediately if they persist with these efforts. 2) Decapitation of their leadership or forced cave isolation ala bin laden. A bomb in their bedroom will awaken greater lucidity than the distant destruction of an inanimate edifice. Item two is key. You have to not only destroy the weapon but more importantly you have to extinguish those who are ready to kill you. Rain fire on the bastard lunatics of Tehran, and any leader who will kill you the first opportunity they get.
10. #8 Actually this article appeared on yesterda
and has a lot more ,   details. Rueben   (09.01.08)
11. why doesnt someone do it already
birdy ,   citzen of the world   (09.01.08)
this is speculation. and i doubt anyone is gonna do anything cause it would have been done already if it was gonna happen
12. #10
hube ,   dord   (09.01.08)
And one week ago in the daily !!!!! END
13. 11#,Birdy, its going to happen
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (09.01.08)
There has not been an attack on Iran so far due to many political and diplomatic factors. Yet time is almost up. Iran will have nuclear weapons(2009 or 2010) in the very near future unless they are dealt with. The diplomatic negotiations and United Nation sanctions have proved useless. Expect the attack by America and or Israel within the next 15 weeks.
14. i know for a fact that it is not true
rashid ,   palistinian   (09.01.08)
my mate who has a second hand donkey dealership in down town teheran said that there is no such country called holland where the people there are called dutch and it is actually the netherland yaani lesh? there names for one place? how can this be and he knows he has been to swidenland he also said that this country is lower then the sea and that it is guarded by a bunch of dykes so how do these women breath under water believe me it is not true
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (09.01.08)
The Telegraaf from the Netherlands (Holland is the wrong name ) is at best a third rated gossip boulevard publication , so to quote them as a reliable news source is not very clever. Not that Ynet is overly concerned with proffessional journalism. On top of that The level of Dutch military intelligence (did not know that even existed) should be not be taken to seriously. Besides that all this media hype about an attack is counter productive, either shut up or attack already , all this talk shows weakness , fear and lack of resolve.
16. #14 Go back to school (END)
Hansi ,   Taibe   (09.01.08)
17. Don't Forget the Terror Organization Next Door
Walid ,   Riyadh   (09.01.08)
I pray for US to hit the madmen regime in Tehran and hope that Israel will obliterate the dirty turnbaned fellow next door
18. Attack Iran now !!!
madeleine7 ,   Marbella. Spain.   (09.01.08)
I wish it were so. The longer we wait, the worse it will be. The news is going to be taken up by the hurricanes over the next few days. Meanwhile, Russia is supplying Iran , at break-neck speed, with everything they need to withstand an attack. Time is of the essence !!! Trust no-one - except G-D. May He bless and protect Israel always. Pray for Good to conquer Evil.
19. After Iran is hit let's party!!
Petra ,   usa   (09.01.08)
The world will have a holiday, and we'll sing "hi ho the witch is dead.' Do it yesterday, already.
20. #14,,,,Hahahahahahaha!
Ehud Olmert ,   Israel   (09.01.08)
You got my envelopes this week? I expect my percentage from your uncles donkey payments!
21. #19 "after Iran is hit let's party"
English person ,   London   (09.01.08)
What an obscene little comment by a peanut-brained no-lifer. Are there any other wars which you believe give cause to party? Iraq? Afghanistan? And do you only party when brown people die or do you also party when white people die?
22. Attack on Iran
Millicent ,   Haifa Bay Israel   (09.01.08)
Excuse me people but why on earth should this information be revealed? So Iran can ready itsdefenses, and ready the missles to attack Israel? Wouldn't it be better to not mention the attack at all? Seems to me that the reason why the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor was successful because the Japanese kept it a secret! If they had blabbed then so many lives and ships wouldn't have been lost on Dec 7th ! Remember the old adage LOOSe Lips sink ships!
23. Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf
K.S. ,   US   (09.01.08)
Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf is not the most reliable source.....
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.01.08)
Before?Anyway, the photo above target the door rather than the dome.I wonder if it is a bomb or a cruise missile?
25. To #23 See #8 (End)
Hube ,   Paris   (09.01.08)
26. "english person"
johan ,   j'burg   (09.01.08)
why do you celebrate when "brown" israeli jews are blown to pieces by those infected with the love of islam, often funded by you darling regime of iran? and by the way, iranians are considered white aryans by most of the nazis who company you probably keep. twit.
27. #19 Obscene? Like when your country prevented saving Jewish
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.01.08)
lives in WWll? Like your country filled Israel with arabs during WWll and told the world there was no more room for Jews. Your whole country should have been put on trial in Nuremburg for so many war crimes against the Jewish people. What, we weren't white enough for you?
28. To #21
Noah ,   New York, NY   (09.01.08)
If having a strong opinion on this issue means having "no life", then what are you doing here? (Hey, what am I doing here?)
29. Israel doing the job ?
Richard Goj ,   Netherlands   (09.01.08)
US forces must lessen the chances of the US taking part in any strike against Iran. The US is already involved in Iraq and Afghanistan. So the possibility remains that Israel might undertake an operation against Iran by itself. Recent large-scale Israeli air force exercises have strengthened this possibility, according to military observers. BBC August 28
30. #26 and 27
English person ,   London   (09.01.08)
Well, obiously I bear personal responsibility for everything that happened by my co-religionists during WWII. Strange, isn't it - while my relatives in Ukraine were being murdered it was my personal responsibility according to your sophomoric and utterly inane comments. You both seem to have missed the point. Mr Joburg accuses me of celebrating the deaths of Israelis. Not so. That is a complete figment of your deranged imagination. The point of my note to the foul death-loving woman from the US, is that celebrating deaths and getting into a quasi-orgasimc state of excitement about a potential strike on Iran is obscene. If either of you could read or could put aside your knee-jerk imbecility for one second, you might stand a chance of understanding the anti-war nature of my post. But, no. Much easier to blame me personally for the holocaust in an example of mind-withering stupidity.
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