Assad’s reckless behavior
Farid Ghadry
Published: 02.09.08, 02:06
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1. That is all well and good
Ben ,   Charlotte   (09.02.08)
But what power does Ghadry have? What is his support base? He does not even live in Syria anymore, does he? Israel needs to deal with people IN power, not people who WANT to be.
2. ghadry's explanation
alexi   (09.02.08)
Ghadry makes a very good argument but I will answer his question. Why did israel agree to negotiate with Assad.It is because Olmert is a fearful gutless coward with zero, zero military understanding. So he lost wars, makes stupid decisions and lives in fairy tale land. Israel has never had such an imcomptent and hopefully he will be replaced soon. Israel cannot simply enter syrian politics.Neither should it make concessions.The only solution is for israel to remove olmert using other means.
3. Excellent Article
Jeff Ryan ,   Toronto   (09.02.08)
This Article is the real deal. One day I hope the great Country Of Israel will come back to her senses and be "drinking Tea In Damascus one hour after the War Started". Syria is Not a Peace Partner.
4. Not many people know but actually Assad is an eye doctor.
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (09.02.08)
Amazing but true.
5. Israels politicians know the truth but it conflicts with amb
zionist forever   (09.02.08)
Israel's problem is not ignorance and blindly trusting Assad the problem is its Israel's politicians who have dreams of getting into the history books and getting themselves nobel peace prizes. Who cares what the cost to Israel will be or what happens the day after the treaties are all signed and the photographs of the handshakes on the White House lawn have been taken? The Israeli politicians will have earned their place into the history books, the international community will be calling them heros, visiories and peace makers etc to satisfy their egos and the rest of the country doesn't matter. Thats what Olmerts is, its what Livni will be as she is an ambitious career oriented woman. When the country is run by crooks then dont expect good government or politicians who put the country above ambition and personal glory.
6. Syrian negotiations
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (09.02.08)
I give little or no credence to what the renegade Farid Ghadry has to say. He has reneged on his sacred Arab duty to help liberate ALL of the Holy Land from Zionists. Sooner or later--hopefully sooner--the Syrian authorities will bring him back to Syria and mete out the proper justice to this collaborator.
7. For Israel Holding the Golan is more important than ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.02.08)
For Israel Holding the Golan is more important than peace with the Assad family. Syria should ask Israel for peace and offer in exchange the Golan. But of course that will not happen. So, there is no reason for Israel to be generous with the Mafia regime of Assad. The Assad family has established a hereditary dynasty shored up by repression within, and confrontation and terror abroad. The rule of the Assads is not aimed at improving the lot of their people or forwarding a particular ideology. They changed ideology from secular Arabism to a seemingly impossible confection of pan-Arabism and Islamist extremism. It is pointless to “engage” Syria in dialogue except insofar as it is possible to confront them with their violations and insist that they mend their ways as explained at : http://xrl.us/bjcsd
8. The demand of Assad to receive the Golan is the proof it ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.02.08)
The demand of Assad to receive the Golan is the proof it is not peace that Syria wants. Israel and Syria have never had diplomatic relations, and have been in a state of war ever since 1948. In 1967, Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria, which had used the area for years to pound Israeli towns below with deadly rockets. These attacks killed 140 Israelis, wounded many more, and inflicted heavy property damage. Since 1967, Syria has always demanded the full return of the Golan as a precondition for “peace”. Nowadays, the Golan is an integrated region of Israel More at : http://xrl.us/bmfrf
9. Assad's brains are in his knees!
Daniel ,   Israel   (09.02.08)
10. #6
ADI ,   HAIFA   (09.02.08)
I completely understand what you are saying and where you are coming from but why are you not living in Syria??
11. Why isn't this article on Hebrew Ynet?
Logic ,   Israel   (09.02.08)
I did a quick search and couldn't find this article on Hebrew Ynet. I wonder if there is a reason why Farid's articles only appear on the international site since Hebrew readers may also find his line of thought interesting.
12. Clutching at straws
English person ,   London   (09.02.08)
Why does YNET give so much prominence to the renegade traitor Ghadry, who is so much in love with the Israeli people and leadership that he fulfils condition number 1 of treachery - wanting an enemy to win a military victory over his own country. His English is obtuse - what is a "trepid decision"? but his thoughts are not - the personal vendetta he carries out against the Assads show him up for what he is - an adventurist and opportunist who is licking the backside of the country which has most damaged his own.
13. Farid Ghadry
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (09.02.08)
No. 12: My sentiments, exactly. You might add an enemy of Syria that has no legal right to exist. But you stated it very well.
14. #12 English person
Tahl ,   Israel   (09.02.08)
Your choice of words befuddles me. You refer to Farid Ghadry as a "traitor" - why is that? Do you view anyone who prefers peaceful coexistence and openness to the West, rather than Arab nationalism - as a traitor? A traitor to whom? To the Assad regime, perhaps. But to Syria? If anything, he represents the true interests of the simple Syrians. One can easily spot your disdain and hate to Ghadry, as you further denigrate him as "adventurist and opportunist". An opportunist?... Exactly what benefits does he gain from putting his neck at risk by speaking out against his government, who surely wants him dead? Had he been an opportunist, he would have joined the perks and security of serving under Assad's regime instead of living in fear in exile. He speaks out, because he cares for his country! And now, for your choice of words when describing Israel: "enemy", and "country which has most damaged his own". Do enlighten me - how is Israel an "enemy" to Syria? How did it cause it the "most damage"? What on earth are you talking about? Israel hasn't done anything to Syria for nearly 25 years, aside for wiping out their nuclear plant, which is ok since they say it never existed in the first place... Syria, on the other hand, aided and abetted Hizbollah, whose goal is to terrorize Israel. So if anything, Syria is more of an enemy to Israel than the other way around. And if your criterion for an "enemy" is territorial disputes - then in this case Turkey should be a much greater enemy, and caused a lot more damage to Syria, than Israel. Bottom line - your unusual choice of words puts you on the opposing side of Israel and the West, and on the supporting side of a dark, totalitarian, ruthless, terror-aiding regime. Which is quite typical of the British left.
15. best solution is emigration
16. Assad has the sexiest smile in the Middle East
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (09.03.08)
but Obama is the sexiest in the world!
17. #4, and I'm the king of England
18. Souleiman, what else did Assad do to you?
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (09.05.08)
Kiss of death maybe? or something else more pleasurable that Arabs are Masters of Still waiting your answers on the existence of composer Lermantoivsky and poet Pushin, repeating yur exact words and do not forget to report the promised adoption of that Arab child in Ramallah unless everything is a lie
19. Souleiman, name one patient of "Dr. Assad"
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (09.05.08)
Yaani if he is a dr.
20. Souleiman, do you know that "Dr. Assad" is also a colonel
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (09.05.08)
in the Syrian army and that he reached this rank in 1 year only? For sure this must be a coincidence that he achieved this when his Papa was alive and President of Syria This Al Assad (formerly known as Al Wahsh) boy has to be very talented
21. Ghadry is insignificant
Syrian   (09.05.08)
As some of the previous comments show, this dishonorable man is barely respected by Israelis to merit any such respect among Syrians. He carries no political weight even among Syria's opposition parties. What kind of a person, regardless of political affiliation, would embrace a warmongering rhetoric against his own country!! If anything, it is Bashar Assad who has demonstrated reason and moderation, and it is he who will ultimately achieve peace with Israel.
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