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Leftists irritated by Palin
Sever Plocker
Published: 02.09.08, 12:02
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1. Palin the mother has more Executive office experience than
Rivkah   (09.02.08)
McCain, Obama, or Biden. She is MORE qualified for the Oval Office than any of them. Sadly, giving so much of herself to jobs, left her children to fend for themselves and the consequence is tragic like for King David: the rape of a daughter by a boy who says he will marry her since she is pregnant...duh, when? Fortunately for the boy he is only a year older than Palin's daughter. If he was more than two or three years older, he could be prosecuted which he should be.
2. obama's mother was pregnant when she married his father.
debra ,   usa   (09.02.08)
3. If the Leftists are irritated about McCain's
Miriam ,   Israel   (09.02.08)
"dangerous choice", he must be doing something good by electing Palin for VP.
4. For The Sake of the US: Obama / Biden in 2008
emanon ,   USA   (09.02.08)
5. Another good reason why Israelis cannot vote in USA
J ,   J'lem, Israel   (09.02.08)
A poorly articulated article, focused solely on foreign plicy without the nuances of domestic policy, tinges of racism...all the more reason why it''s great Israelis cannot vote in US elections. America is advanced democracy, something we in Israel can only dream of at this point. We should be salivating over the choices American get to make this November, rather than criticizing the candidates. If only our democracy was as strong as America's we'd see Americans lambasting Livni and Mofaz, Barkat and Porush, and we'd flick it all off like a fly on our clothes.
6. What's the difference between Obama and Palin?
Keith ,   Anytown, USA   (09.02.08)
One of them is elegant, attractive, dare I say, sexy. The other one kills her own food.
7. Reply to # 1.
Jas.   (09.02.08)
Rivkah: No one was raped.
8. Obama "present"
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (09.02.08)
Obama tries so hard not to offend he voted present over 100 times in the senate.
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (09.02.08)
simply put , the most rounded nonpartisan article I have ever read on YNET. Mr. Plocker you get an A+ for this.
10. Buchanan connection
Chuck ,   Chicago USA   (09.02.08)
At this point no one really seems to know Palin's connection to Buchanan, but if support of Israel is important to you, it really should be an area of concern. Though not taken seriously by most Americans, Buchanan is still more than a fringe figure who commends a following among many American conservatives including those who hold or have held office. He is also a reminder that isolationism is alive and well in America and that there are still many Americans who care little for Israel.
11. #1 I haven't heard yet that her daughter
Connie ,   Virginia   (09.02.08)
was raped. I just heard yesterday(Sept. 1) that just is pregnant. Maybe it's on a liberal news website such as Baltimore Sun. They wouldn't pass up a chance to smear a conservative candidate. I'll go check it out
12. Israel Can Breath More Easily! The Election A Done Deal
David ,   Marietta USA   (09.02.08)
The only question will be how bad the rout will be for the Dems. This is a redoux of Reagan-Mondale, only Mondale was infinitely more qualified than Obama. No matter how you look at he demographics, the US is a right leaning, centrist nation. McCain is as centrist as you can get. Palin has executive experience, a record of ending corruption in her own party in Alaska, getting rid of Federal pork barrel legislation (a very infamous bridge to nowhere, somewhere in the Aleutian Islands...), great speaking style, and yes, is a woman, with kids, and very real problems that REAL people here can relate to. Obama has spent 18 months trying to keep a woman out of the White House, he will spend the next 9 weeks trying to keep a different woman out of the White House. And he thinks he can do this with women's votes? Sechel this man is sorely lacking. He ain't got a snowball's chance in hell against McCain, even with all of his faults!
13. not irritated. scared.
Jim ,   Texas   (09.02.08)
Let's compare: Palin knows nothing about foreign policy (the idea, uttered by Mrs. McCain, that since Alaska borders remotest Russia qualifies Palin is a joke). Obama does know a thing or two, judging by his successful tour of the Middle East & Europe. And his VP pick, Sen. Biden, knows even more. Palin's 2 years of executive experience? She's being investigated for abuse of power by trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired. And how many years of experience as Governor of Texas (2nd largest state by GDP) did Bush have? How did that turn out?
14. Palin vs Obama
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (09.02.08)
Actually, both the Obama-Biden and the McCain Palin tickets do not show me very much. The reason I reluctantly lean toward Obama is that given the advisors and "kitchen cabinet" he would have, American policy finally will be "dezionized". America's interests and "Israel"'s most definitely do NOT coincide!
15. Gov. Palin
Cheryl Papke ,   Idaho Falls, ID   (09.02.08)
I totally agree with all of your comments with regard to Palin/Obama. Thank you Steve Plocker for finally being a true voice in this smoke and mirrors screen created for Obama.
16. Palin is a fiscal conservative!
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (09.02.08)
Look outside the box lefties! Palin has show the will and ability to take on corruption. In her Red state she has oust and even put in jail corrupt Republicans. She has show fiscal conservativism, but vetoing pork and wasteful spending, cutting taxes and balancing the budget (AK has a HUGE surplus). It is also no small thing that she has a 84% approval and 5% dissapproval rating. LOL Congress is currently at 16%. On experience she is the only one out of Obama, McCain or Biden that has executive experience. Also wouldn't you rather have the less experienced person at VP (in Palin's case) v the less experienced person as President (in Obama's case)?
17. Palin
R. Bonk ,   Canada   (09.02.08)
It would be an interesting exercise to discuss the merits of, or lack of, Palin without tying back to other parties or candidates. Palin's inabilities are not erased by others inexperience or knowledge. Simply is she the right choice to function as a the VP. Typical slanted political opinion that accomplishes nothing.
18. Let's get real
Etana ,   Texas   (09.02.08)
Here's an idea, maybe the left is so upset about Palin because the McCain has her in the correct position as number 2. It's a better spot to be in for on the job training. McCain is stealing the lefts message of change by picking a fresh face.Remember, her job as Vice President is to oversee the senate. With her strong stance on useless spending maybe she will get the old boys in the senate to be more responsible. If you have problems with her conservative beliefs, remember too that she isn't going to be on the supreme court. All these attacks on her are silly. After months of listening to Obama sidestep, flip-flop, and rescind comments especially about Israel, I would think that most Israelis would find McCain-Palin ticket more assuring.
19. leftists [always] irritated
elliot ,   point roberts,usa   (09.02.08)
and arrogant and wrong...governor palin is the new face of feminism and there is no glass ceiling in the republican party...she has more executive experience than biden too!
20. Because she shows the weakness of lefty ideals
Suncountry ,   U.S.   (09.02.08)
Most silly of the lefties is comparing a vice presidential candidate to a presidential candidate. John McCain's mentorship of Sarah Palin (underway as we speak) will finish off her fabulous prinicipled leadership tool set. Her principles increase trade and liberty wherever they touch. And her mentor, McCain is the one who had Iraq figured out and pursued Petreus's different approach until it was implemented, resulting in the Iraqis standing up. He also has had the new USSR figured out. If she follows this path smoothly with McCain, Palin will be a jewel in the world for years to come.
21. #14 And Hashem said regarding Isreal"I will Bless those who
bless you,Curse ,   those who curse you"   (09.02.08)
22. What are those "conservative views" you find "intolerable"?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (09.02.08)
Plocker refers obliquely to Palin's conservative views he finds "intolerable", but doesn't specify them. Is it her views on abortion? Irrelevant. Abortion remains legal in Alaska, and with Democrats in full control of Congress, nothing will change in the US. Creationism? Let her believe what she wants. Guns? US Supreme Court stands with her. Unlike Plocker, I *am* an American citizen, and find much to admire in McCain-Palin. And much to be concerned about in Obama-Biden.
23. Palin is good choice for the US and Jews.
Y ,   Nitzan, Israel   (09.02.08)
Congratulations Sarah Palin - your first endorsement: "the leftists dislike you". To some of us American and former American Jews character matters and you have it! Not all of us believe in killing fetuses, "separation of church and state", giving up the right to own a gun, "gay" marriages. You're a breath of fresh air in American national politics, if only we had some of that character here in Israel...
24. Voting for Obama
Howie S ,   Westwood, NJ, USA   (09.02.08)
Why is it that many Jews will vote for an inferior candidate just because he/she is a Democrat? What ever happened to reviewing their platform or their specific positions on pertinient subjects? Remember Richard Nixon? He was not considered a friend of the Jews or Israel, but when the chips were down he sent the planes and tanks to support Israel. This should be the criteria by which we choose our leaders. If McCain/Palin were Independents would that make them acceptable candidates?
25. 100% correct! And nicely written
Benny ,   Beersheva, Israel   (09.02.08)
And I think this is the most convincing argument that I've heard for Mccain choice for a running mate.
26. palin & Israel vs obama & soros
Manners ,   NYC, USA   (09.02.08)
"“The email is being distributed online by followers of the MoveOn movement” Jews are supposed to stand by an organization funded by the notorious Soros, a man who hid his Jewish background and helped the Nazis?
27. As one of the most liberal nations on earth
Syracuse, USA   (09.02.08)
It is no wonder that an Israeli would find conservative views intolerable. You don't find 60 years of living with terror intolerable, but you find conservative views intolerable.
28. This article is just as stupid as McCain's choice....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (09.02.08)
Americans are not stupid. They will realize that Sarah Palin is Dick Cheney with a vagina. She is a completely meritless candidate. Obama is going to win by a landslide of Nixon or Reagan proportions. This is not a "right vs. left" issue - its just a "smart people" issue. The policies of W have ruined the US economy, its military and its standing in the world, and, for those who are not paying attention (listen up Miriam), haven't made us any safer.
29. McCain is going to loose in a LANDSLIDE
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (09.02.08)
30. reinforces my view that you should stay out our election.
dave   (09.02.08)
The lefties irritation is eclipsed by the stupidity of this article. Only shows how little of the US culture and US Jews the author grasps. First, there are both republican and democratic Jews. Historically Jews have voted democratic, and it will likely continue in this election. Especially for those nonorthodx jews and those under 50. Which is a helluva lot of people. Second, the Palin candacy is being received here in the US as a joke, with some well meaning debate about the role of woman, and some efforts by the diehard republicans to put a good face on this. But most demcrats and many republicans are kind of shocked. Its possible that MCCain could pull something off, but most people really are skeptical.
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