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Leftists irritated by Palin
Sever Plocker
Published: 02.09.08, 12:02
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31. Sarah Palin, Thank God!
Tony Andrade ,   Sacramento, CA, USA   (09.02.08)
Sarah, a name from the bible, is a breath of fresh air. She represents family values that includes love for everyone. "I have no time for the way of children for now I am a man" from Paul's letter to the Corthians CH 13 is her agenda and the reason for her many accomplishment. She does not play silly political games. NoBama on the other hand is dirty with corruption and his voting record is totally party line. Futher he is not half black but is half Arab from the Luo tribe. He is 6% African. He has stated he will side with the Muslim world. To give the enemies of Israel the gun to shoot you is suicide. NoBama is evil!
32. The bright side of Palin's daughter's pregnancy is that
Rivkah   (09.02.08)
she is very unlikely to get breast cancer later in life. Women who have a child before the age of 18 are the least likely women to get breast cancer at any time. Females who have an abortion before the age of 18 are the MOST likely group of women to get breast cancer by the age of forty, especially if the abortion is first trimester when the mast (milk) cells are forming. If there is a family history of breast cancer, then the risk is 100% if there is an abortion before the age of 18. See John McTernon's book, "God's Final Warning to America" for the medical study references on those facts.
33. isn't the chap from the tribe of Levi
observer   (09.02.08)
34. Palin is the next Harriet Miers. Expect a breakup.
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (09.02.08)
So far Palin: 1. Has been confirmed as supporting Alaskan secession in the 1990s 2. Has a family values issue in her family. 3. Is involved in an abuse-of-power investigation regarding firing a state employee for personal reasons. 4. Tried to ban books at local libraries. She's the next Harriet Miers!
35. 21...
Irmo, think of the blessing of being kind to me and letting me see your Abba and check to see if he is being sedated too much and if his tissue oxygen levels are raised to 14 ppm which is rarely done in modern medicine, but is so healing. Blessing me is blessing yourself and hindering me is cursing yourself. I am descended from Jews in Britain. Look up the name Gilbert in the Dictionary of Surnames and see that it is Jewish in origin. That makes me a part of Israel that you should bless and not hinder. R.
36. 7 and 11: A girl was raped. I was young once and I know the
vile and brutal nature of a male on the make. A stiff penis has no conscience. Maybe you don't think male coersion is rape, but it is. She is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome in my opinion, a bonding to an attacker or rapist for fear of what her life will be like if she does not marry him. Girls don't get pregnant all by their onsy wonsy. They are raped and society coerces them into calling it consensual sex when it is anything but that. Rivkah
37. 2 Debra: Obama's mother never married his biological father.
When he would not divorce the woman he was married to when Obama was conceived, Obama's mother left him for an Indonesian man who would marry her. His name was Soetoro, which is what Obama's name was in Indonesia and growing up. He did not appreciate his stepfather and took the name of the scoundrel who commited adultery at the conception of Barak Obama. Obama did not appreciate the White Grandparents who raised him in his teen years because he joined a Black Liberation Church that preached hatred of Whites and loyalty to Africa. He listened to that hate talk for 25 years, so that tells you what he is: an unthankful hater. Watch out. He is also a closet Muslim and admits it in the books he has written.
38. Predictions For Now Until Bush Leaves
emanon ,   USA   (09.02.08)
If McCain / Palin wins . . . Actually, let's start with Bush the Second's October Surprise. He will attack Iran. In retaliation, Iran will attack Israel, because it can't reach the US. Since America will be at a state of war with the arab world, the Republican party will make them, the arabs, the scapegoats for all of America's problems. Hawkish McCain will win. As part of an economic strategy against the US, Iran will persuade the rest of the OPEC world, majority arab dominated, to withhold oil from the US. To broker a peace deal, and restore oil, McCain will first give all of Jerusalem to the arabs, then force all of Israel to vacate most of Israel and move, just like Gush Katif, to a small patch of land near Beer Sheba. The Israel government will back it because they will then have a majority population in the area. (Was that not the logic behind giving away lots of other areas?) The arabs will let this be for a short time, then pounce on the remaining Jew left in Israel and wipe them all out, or at least force them to evacuate. McCain will do nothing because oil flow to the US is at stake. Listen to Rice's latest words and see how the aggression against Iran is heating up. This is not so far fetched.
39. to #36
Alonso ,   Texas   (09.02.08)
You claim that very long time ago you were raped. That is all we know about you. Since you don't have other info about Palin's daughter, you silly remark makes no sense. Now, some 50/60 (?) years after your rape, many things changed. Since Clinton's years in WH girls are very different. He, his wife, and their family made sex in US schools much more popular and accepted.
40. #36 show us where
Connie ,   Virginia   (09.02.08)
you got your information that she was raped and how do you know if she is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? You are reading too much into this.
41. #36 SHE WAS NOT RAPED!!! She dated the guy for over a year.
Investegative ,   Reporter.Alaska   (09.02.08)
42. Palin is a socialist (I think)
N. David Culver ,   Fort Lauderdale, USA   (09.02.08)
Sarah Palin replaced 2 commissions in the state of Alaska in order to save a money losing state owned dairy farm which produced milk which was more expensive than milk imported from the state of Washington. This indicates to me that she is a closet socialist.
43. 1, 7 & 11 are reporting news that exists nowhere else and
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (09.02.08)
#36 obviously has major psychological problems. Plenty of young girls 12-18 are hornier than the boys. Believe me, I remember being a teenager :-) Can you imagine a boy having sex without birth control if he knew that he could get pregnant? But girls do it all the time ... Mike
44. Leftist would even be upset if Lincoln were the VP
Chaim ,   NJ USA   (09.03.08)
As Groucho said in Duck Soup, "whatever it is I'm against it, even if I first presented it, I'm against it."
45. Is it because she is anti abortion!
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.03.08)
I can definitely remember that children were seen by a doctor first on a Kibbutz. That was the law. If you were older.....you just got in line. That was one of Israel's best policies in my opinion.....they took care of their children first. Americans priorities are their pocket book first.......abortion clinic visit a must. Don't let little Johnnie or Suzie get in the way of a BMW purchase. The leftist, environmentalist tree huggers, have shut down development of ANWR, which involves 2000 acres, or the size of Los Angeles International Airport, in a state that is bigger than Texas. It would be a travesty to develop that oil, and get us off of terrorist oil. The pictures they show of ANWR to contest the development, show moose. There are no moose in ANWR. There are no mountains in ANWR. The Caribou population has gone from 12,000 to 36,000 since the first pipeline was built in the 1970's. Maybe it is because she is a Christian possibly that you don't favor her? She is-- pro Israeli.....almost all evangelicals are. Other than that.....why wouldn't you vote for her.........are you in a hurry to get to an abortion clinic? Do you want to shut down drilling for oil because you bed down with the environmental lobby? Obama might tell you he will do everything for Israel.......but in then end...you can count him out. He's going to bring the entire military home, and become a third world country without a military. He's going to talk with everyone.....convince them of his rightness. Hope that the Iranians will listen intently.....and then throw up his hands like Biden....and tell Israel that they will just have to get used to the nuclear nightmare from Iran. Gore...Kerry...and Obama tell everyone over a eight year span that things are terrible.....we need change. Then they open up the bags of loose change and hand out the coins. They always say everything is terrible...except when they are knocking off millions of children in abortion clinics. They just want you to forget about the children's needless deaths.... while they protest 4000 war deaths. They are complete hypocrites, running on an anti war platform, when they are at war with innocent american babies. They have no problem killing your kid, and telling you to go to the nearest abortion clinic. But by lordy......you better not treat that terrorist badly at Guantanomo Bay Cuba. That is a Democratic no no. They might as well run on the platform. Save a terrorist....Off your baby instead. Obama Biden 2008. I'm still trying to figure out these whining clowns....what do they really stand for? It most certainly isn't human rights. Maybe tree rights...animal rights....any rights that don't involve their babies rights.
46. 6# At least she knows how to kill her own food and cook it.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.03.08)
Obama can't wipe, without Bidens help, reading the instructions on the toilet paper roll.
47. 1# In alaska a 17 year old has the right to consent.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.03.08)
It wouldn't have mattered if the guy was 60. Now if you are a teacher....or a cop.....you will go to jail...don't pass go.....don't collect $200.00 dollars. Public officials who are held in trust go to jail for the offense......everyone else walks.
48. 10# Palin isn't a Jew hater. My friend coached her kid
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.03.08)
in hockey. Buchanon came up to campaign for president. Palin wore a pin to be polite. She also wrote to the local newspapers, and told them in no way does she endorse Buchanon. Palin is more pro Israeli than both Biden and Obama. We have plenty of Jews in Anchorage that know that this is the truth too. The leftist's in the lower 48 can tell you whatever they want about Alaska and their people. But most people in the lower 48 think we have three television stations....that we don't have running water.....that we live in igloos.....and that we don't have the internet. Anothewrwords....they don't have a clue about Alaska, or what Alaskan's think, or do, in their daily lives. Believe them at your own peril. They can't stand the fact that Palin will stick up for Israel. That could cost them the election. They surely wouldn't want that to happen. Hence...they print outrageous propoganda that isn't true.
49. 13# Palin is being investigated because she wanted the
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.03.08)
trooper fired for using a taser on her under age nephew at a picnic outing. That's why she wanted the idiot fired. If your nephew was tasered by a police officer for no reason....you would most certainly want the idiot fired also. There was a real good reason why she wanted Monegan to fire the trooper. He was way out of line in his behaviour.
50. 42 Palin tried to save a milk farm? Your government
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.03.08)
just saved Bear Stearns.....the whole country must be socialist. Both parties went aling with it too.
51. #38
mark ,   ca   (09.03.08)
time for Prozac...
52. 39,40,41: A daughter living with her parents owes an
Rivkah   (09.03.08)
allegiance to the father and mother, not to some coward rapist who is not supporting her and coerced her into sex before marriage. Not only was the girl raped, her mother and father and family were raped, too. The boy probably put canthredes (spanish fly or blister beetles, dried and crushed) into her food OR she is not worthy of being in her parents home and should be thrown out. There is the way of the Torah and there is the lawless way. If she was not raped, she should not be living with her parents. She should be thrown out as lawless (Torahless). I was attacked as a teenager and went to the police who would not even take a report. I was told the rapist was in the policeman's Boy Scout Troop and he would never do that. So every day since I have asked God to avenge me. That led to the deaths of four people in his family in one year and I thank the Lord for avenging me since the Bible says vengeance belongs to God. A minor cannot give her consent legally to having sex, #41. To have sex with a minor is rape. Call it statutory rape or violent rape. IT IS RAPE.
53. Parents should put potassium nitrate into the salt shakers
until their children are ready to support themselves. That will diminish the sexual drive to rape girls or seduce boys. It is also known as psalte petre. It can be purchased by the jar from a drug store if you say you need to kill a tree stump. It is a special order.
54. 41: SHE WAS RAPED. A minor cannot give legal consent to sex!
Rivkah   (09.03.08)
That is a criminal offense against this girl and it is called statutory rape if it is not criminal rape. I have lost respect for Governor Palin after just reading that the pregnant daughter's boyfriend, Levi Johnson, is flying to St. Paul to join the Republican National Convention, flaunting fornication as blatantly as they can. The girl should be thrown out and the boy and his mother should support her or face the wrath of God for not providing for their own (grandchild). Since Bristol Palin has broken the covenant with her parents to remain chaste in a Christian family, she should be thrown out if she was not raped. This is why Christianity is such a farce: they do not obey the commandments. Yeshua the Messiah said those who love him would obey his commandments. Where in the Bible does Yeshua say to have sex outside of marriage??? What a phony religion the Palins have. They obviously worship another Yeshua (Jesus) and will be greatly disappointed when the Lord tells them one day He never knew them and to depart from him into everlasting fire.
55. 11 Connie:Statutory rape is having sex with an underage girl
Rivkah   (09.03.08)
Criminal rape is forcing her. It is rape in my opinion. The boy, Levi Johnson, raped the daughter and her parents and her brothers and sisters who have to bear the stigma of the sin all their lives, as does the illegitimate child. The Palin family calls themselves Christian, but they are phony balony like so many who call themselves Christian. If the girl was not criminally raped, then she is fornicating while being supported by her mother and father which is breaking the covenant to obey the commandments of God. Yeshua said that those who love him would obey him. Where and when did Yeshua tell people to have sex outside of marriage? The Bible says to come out from among them (fornicators) and be ye separate. This girl should have been thrown out and the boy's mother and the boy should support her and the child or face the consequences of not providing for their own which is an eternal death sentence. If they do not support their own, they have denied the faith and are WORSE than unbelievers, so they must BE unbelievers. The girl, unless she was criminally raped, has broken the covenant with her parents to be chaste until marriage. So she is no longer their daughter and should be thrown out. If they do not do that, the other children will become corrupted by the demon of fornication that has infected her soul. Throw her out.
56. #37 - thanks for the info and ..
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (09.02.08)
take a look at this and ask yourself if anything thinking person that read it could vote for him .. http://redbourn.blogspot.com/ Anyone even considering voting for Obama either isn't thinking; only reads headlines; or doesn't want to believe what is obvious. Mike
57. You're Good!
D. Lake ,   Atlanta, GA   (09.03.08)
Mr. Plocker, You're Good! You are not afraid to state the obvious and draw plain, common sense conclusions. That kind of agenda-free honesty is so hard to find in the media. Thank You! D. Lake Atlanta, GA
58. just a change
izzeyya ,   jerusalem   (09.03.08)
in my house i put chairs from one hall to another and the second to the first hall . somebodies said why .others said the first arrangment is better .but i said it is just a change .. i think obama is not like only like [it is just a change ]
59. #13 is correct, the Dems are spooked, big time!
Cameron ,   USA   (09.03.08)
Have been following the electoral process closely as most, and have seen no factor rattle them to the Nth degree like the Palin selection has. It has been pure worry & scurry in the Dem camp the last couple of days. Interesting to watch them look under every cabinet, and behind every sofa, as fast as they can, for some crushing scandal or fault. The Rep. base approves the decision, has closed ranks around Palin, and the race for all moves into high gear.
60. Palin is a Wingnut
zeke ,   Ramat Gan   (09.03.08)
Mr. Plocker you wasted a lot of ink here on a wingnut. Most of the American people are laughing at this choice. I don't think the "leftists" are shaking in their boots either. Given the family scandals and the scandalous thought of her actually being commander in chief, its' even money that she will resign as candidate. Palin just ensured Obama's election. Leave the American political analysis to Americans next time and stick to things you actually understand.
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