A postcard from San Francisco
Published: 04.09.08, 07:40
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1. Lived there
Ofer ,   Israel   (09.04.08)
I lived in SF for 2 years. It's a great place to live for a brief period, but very weak Jewish observance wise. The Hebrew academy mentioned in the article while officially orthodox actually caters to families who are not Orthodox. In any case I learned quite a bit living there, and there are many good ideas (also concerning Jewish education) that should be adopted here.
2. San Francisco
Michael ,   jerusalem   (09.04.08)
You are wasting your time and the Jewish Agency's money. You will be lucky if you convince one Jew to make aliyah. It's a beautiful city, maybe the nicest in the entire USA, but it is also the most amoral city in the USA.n you for Shame on you for even wanting to go there. And the Hebrew Academy is a joke of a school with a principal that is against Jews making aliyah. You call that Orthodox Judaism.
3. #2
mark ,   ca   (09.05.08)
Please stop it.Speaking about immoral city,not a city but many of the residents.Agree.I live in the small town about 20 minutes drive from SF( Hillsborough). And what it have to do with aliyah? I made aliyah twice.First time from USSR to Israel in 1971 with my parents and second time to USA in early 80's. You want someone to convince me to go back? Why? I came from Israel with $2000.00 in my wallet to the"land of the free" and made it.In the tune of $80 million. p.s. Just to make you fill better,few months ago I invested about $ 3 million into the real estate in Israel.I wish you all the best :-).
4. important work
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (09.04.08)
He's doing very important work even if nobody decides to make Aliyah. He is bring Jews closer to Judaism. I just hope, though, that it isn't the Hareidi brand of Judaism.
5. The fact that there are only 2 kosher restaurants
Soon to be Oleh ,   San Francisco, CA   (09.04.08)
here in San Francisco should tell any observant Jew everything he or she needs to know about this city- It's thoroughly and irreversibly treif.
6. Remember Lot's wife!
Daniel Ben Adam ,   San Francisco USA   (09.04.08)
I'm waiting for a couple of Angels to visit any day. Then it's fire and brimstone for SF and LA.
7. To Mark in CA
Happy Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (09.05.08)
Mazal tov on making 80 million dollars in the US. The problem is that you are one of the very, very few who have done this. The question is: will your grandchildren or great-grandchildren there remain Jewish? I made aliyah from the States years ago, and while I haven't made 80 million dollars here (or even one million), I am happy with my life and most important of all, my grandchildren are all Jewish.
8. #7
mark ,   ca   (09.05.08)
My children are 100% proud Jews.Regarding how many Israelis "done this",you will be very surrprised.My regards :-).
9. #6
mark ,   ca   (09.05.08)
Good luck.
10. # 3 Mark Good for you, me too!
Petra ,   usa   (09.06.08)
Met and married my darling near there and it's 37 years later.. Not quite $80 mil but, enough to live in comfort and style. God bless America. God bless Israel.
11. re: San Francisco,
Petra ,   usa   (09.06.08)
Somehow we expect reports of sin everywhere, in America, England, France, Russia, Iran, Egypt, whew! everywhere. San Francisco is a city, that's all. One city w/ the same news as any democracy, even Israel. Perhaps the gays are more open there but, you got 'em everywhere. So what?
12. # 2 Michael stop already, you sound awful.
Petra ,   usa   (09.06.08)
My mother made aliya from San Francisco. What's your problem? Listen to yourself, please.. Sounds bad.
13. "Mark, ca" flaunting a lack of ethics
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (09.06.08)
Israel was intended as a socialist country, with people depending on one another to pull ahead. Your rejection of this system - and worse, encouragment of others to do the same, and condescending attitude toward those who wish to uphold the dream - is already disgraceful. Then there is the typical Soviet lack of gratitude toward the system that pulled you and your family out of your gutter and looked the other way when you took the money and ran. The piece-de-resistance, however, is this truism: $80M of personal wealth is never gotten without stepping on the innocent - no matter what your profession. Those of us who understand the principles of Jewish culture can in no way take you seriously.
14. To Mark
4th generation ,   USA   (09.16.08)
How exactly did you make 80 million dollars? I am a fourth generation American Jew and while my relatives and I are not poor, thank G-d, none of us has made 80 million dollars or even one million. How did you do it? Also, now with big banks failing and stocks going down, do you still have a lot of money? I am truly interested in your response to my questions. Thanks.
15. How?
Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (09.16.08)
Many Israelis who make millions in the US don't do it in legal or honest ways. I am very curious to know how you made so much. Money sure is nice but it's not everything in life!!! By making aliyah and living in Israel, I feel that I am doing something important for the Jewish People. Without Jews living here, there will be no Jewish State. And then what? Is this important to you? The fact is that at least 90 % of the Jews in the Galut will not have Jewish descendants.True, things are often a mess here, but it's OUR OWN COUNTRY. We should live here and improve things.
16. You'd have to be crazy to make aliyah from San Francisco.
Lenny ,   Carmiel, Israel   (09.22.08)
Yet there are a few. I came from The City with my family 26 years ago and we're all still here.
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