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Sarah Palin mesmerizes Israeli filmmaker
Dana Zimmerman
Published: 03.09.08, 12:43
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1. Couldn't tell she was pregnant.....
Eyal ,   Rehovot   (09.03.08)
In light of the revelation that Palin's Daughter is pregnant and questions as to whether Sarah Palin's latest child, only a few months old now, is really her daughters....child the most important and interesting part of this article is when the director, Frank, states: a few days later I got an email from a friend in Alaska telling me she was seven months pregnant. I didn’t notice a thing until later, when we were filming. "I guess she's one of those women you can't really when they're pregnant, and she was probably dressing to hide it a little. You wouldn't know to look for it." This seems to add fuel to the conjectures that Palin faked her pregnancy to cover up her daughter's pregnancy.
2. How green is Palin's valley?
Russel ,   tlv   (09.03.08)
Not very. If you are an eco-minded individual you will do well not to cast your vote in favour of Alaskan Govenor Sara Palin. Why? Simply put, Gov Palin's eco record is troubling. In less than two years she has accomplished the following: This spring, she opposed the listing of polar bears as a 'threatened' species. She supports the brutal aerial hunting of wolves. And she has been a friend of Big Oil, opposing a windfall profits tax on the oil industry that could fund affordable clean energy for more Americans. Palin's husband works for British Petroleum. Say what you want about her personal life - it's all irrelevant. The real truth is that this woman is a menace to America and in turn the world. With her in Washington we can expect America to plunder the earth even further to fuel its relentless thirst for SUV-fodder; to disregard its wildlife and natural resources; to sell our future down the drain for her husband's employer's short-term profit. 08/8/29/83614/5859
3. Sarah Palin and Isr fim maker
DT ,   TA Isr   (09.03.08)
Is it a problem that Ilan Frank is Holywood based Israeli film maker and former Pilot as all 3 are very left wing usually. If so I just hope that Sarah Palin is what I think she is solid Right wing sort the "wasting present day left " out who manage to ruin so much.
4. Very nice, indeed
Laura ,   Israel   (09.03.08)
I'm happy to see this aspect of Palin. Enough of the nasty, often misogynistic, babblings about her. Before criticizing Palin, Obama's horrific associations and suspect agenda (who is running for POTUS, for goodness' sake) should be examined. We should be giving her credit where it's due. McCain/Palin is an excellent, off-the-beaten-track ticket. This is the real hope and change. Thanks, Frank.
5. Thank you YNET
Miami   (09.03.08)
6. #3 do your research first before speculating
Logic ,   Israel   (09.03.08)
7. #1 horrible theory
David ,   Brooklyn NY   (09.03.08)
#1 you cant be serious. Do you really think she faked her pregnancy? Considering her daughter is currently pregnant and has not yet given birth, how is that possible?? Palin's newborn was born several months ago. Fake pregnancy? I think not, besides you can even tell she looks a little preggers from the photo above. LEAVE PALIN ALONE!
8. #2 Sounds Worried
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.03.08)
Russel...another self-hating Jew alarmed that a Jewish film maker sees authenticity and greatness in Sarah Palin, a conservative on the cusp of power and influence. I was around when the peanut farmer Carter (some friend of Jews he!) imposed the last Windfall Profits Tax. Not a penny ever found its way to pay for "affordable clean energy for more Americans." By what convoluted, idiotic logic do you support such a claim? Palin's husband works for BP? Is that a poisonous stigma for you, Russel? Very revealing! The real danger for Jews worldwide is Barack Hussein Obama. His friendship with, and support for and by Islamic terrorists, black supremacists, and leaders of Islamic-Israel-hating countries should tell Jews in the US who should get their votes. Wonder how many like Russel continue in their self-hating delusion about who're Israel's REAL friends. How many Obama supporters hang an Israel flag in their offices? The last flag I saw in an Obama office was Che Guevara's! Sarah Palin and her running mate, John McCain are the true friends of Jews in Israel and everywhere else.
9. Palin filmmaker
Lenny ,   US NC   (09.03.08)
First, I pray that this film makes it to the RNC, and or even used in part for campaign ads, but my wife and I have no reservations to whether a; black, woman, D or R occupies the White House as long as they are qualified to lead this nation - and that qualification includes loving and supporting our homeland Israel!! And Palin does... Thanks, Lenny
10. McCain spokesman: Palin supported Forbes not Buchanan
y   (09.03.08)
11. #1 - the whole pregnancy thing is totally irrelevant ..
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (09.03.08)
You're looking for 'news' that doesn't exist. How could her child be her daughter's when her daughter is 5 months pregnant? This would seem like a no-brainer - nah? Every parent knows that his daughter could get pregnant or his son could end up gay and neither is relevant to to whether she'll make a great VP or not .. Let's move on from gossips column nonsense .. Does this silliness really interest you? Mike
12. #1 "I didn't notice a thing untli LATER,when we were
filming". IDIOT ,   he knew.   (09.03.08)
13. #2 He is a PRODUCTION WORKER in Alaska. The pipeline is the
biggest job provider ,   in AL.   (09.03.08)
14. #1 All one has to do is look at the hospital records to
prove that she gave ,   birth. IDIOT!!!!   (09.03.08)
15. 11: Fornication was the sin that got Adam and Eve expelled
Rivkah   (09.03.08)
from the Garden of Eden. But YOU think fornication is totally irrelevant. The girl was raped (statutory or criminal rape), but they have not repented of the fornication by marrying or separating. The girl should be taken to a home for unwed mothers and the State can bill the parents for foster care until she is 18 when she will be on her own. To condone fornication (statutory rape in this case) is the way of phony Christians who think the spirit of fornication is a welcome houseguest that will not infect the other children. This girl and boy are rebellious and lawless (torahless) and should be thrown out to protect the other children from the cancer of sin. God rewarded the sons of Jacob in the Bible for killing the rapist of their sister Dinah by making them Patriarchs. They accepted Dinah back into their family, but only after the death of the rapist/seducer, Shechem who treated their sister like a harlot.
16. When Mary was pregnant with Jesus nobody noticed to
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (09.03.08)
May be she is new Mary? Nonsense. She can not be like Mary and hes baby in not baby Jesus.
17. #8 Robert, I am concerned, but I live in Israel, you dont
Russel ,   Tlv   (09.03.08)
And because I live here that makes me a very good Jew, halachically. I don't know if you are Jewish but I do know you live in America. And in case you didn't get it my concern is for the world as a whole, not the Jews. I didn't mention the article once in my post; my concern is the damage Palin and her Big Oil friends are prepared to do the environment of America and the world. Have a nice day Robert and next time keep your hands off that six gun, you might shoot yourself in the other foot.
18. The real issue is McCain's poor judgement
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NY, USA   (09.03.08)
Sarah Palin's selection by John McCain is an insult to the American people. There is simply no way she should be let near the reins of power. If this is McCain's first 'presidential' decision, it should be his Last.
19. #17, Worry Not
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.03.08)
By your grasp of logic, Olmert, who also lives in Israel, is also a good Jew with Israel's survival at heart. Your logic astounds! I happen to be Jewish and the fact I was born and still live in the US does not make me a lesser Jew. I won't shoot myself in either foot with my six-gun. I use it self-defense. Among those scoundrels from whom I need to be protected are delusional fools who - in the interest of the false God of environmentalism - would in fact be making green pastures for terrorists wishing to destroy your country and mine. If measured by your deluded outlook on Israel and your myopic vision, colored by green-shaded glasses, you're a questionable friend of Israel, sir. Your concern for the world should start with becoming free from Islamic terrorism. As a citizen of a country within reach of a rapidly nuclearizing Iran, stop hugging trees and get real!!
20. #15 On oh so many levels you are so wrong! It was
Sarah Palin ,   MN   (09.03.08)
them listening to the snake and eating from the tree of knowledege of good and evil after they were told not to that they were expelled. How can you commit fornication when you are the only 2 living humans on the earth. Secondly Palins daughter WAS NOT RAPED! Please get your biblical and secular facts straight!!
21. #17 Alaska is 3.2 million acres. ANWAR sits on less that
Justin ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.03.08)
1,600 acres. If the caribou, polar bears, and wolves can't survive on the remaining 3.189 million acres, then yes we need to start thinning out the herds. Your argument is flawed on so many levels. Stay in Israel where your country in only the size of NJ. That's ok, I have no problem with that. But quit your pontificatitng from that small country about how much land these four footed animals in my HUGE country should, or shouldn't have.
22. She is impressive but has wrong ideas
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.03.08)
She is certainly a character and impressive. But her views on not giving sex education in schools, no sex before marriage, and no civil unions for gays is clearly wrong. We saw her daughter now pregnant at 17.
23. You can see..
Hertzel ,   Tiberias, USA   (09.03.08)
Just look at this photograph in this article, and assuming you are not blind you can easily see the line of her belly against her light colored jacket, and that to a trained eye (I am a professional photographer for 31 years..) is a clear as daylight a belly of a PG women. Beside all that PG mumbo jumbo, I thing she is a great women, and I truely feel that she will be good to Israel. I will vote for her!
Tom ,   USA   (09.03.08)
I have read that Sarah Palin is not like by Jews. It was a democrat zealot who said that. The truth is that Sarah Palin's values and love of Israel make us, Jews, love her. And not only Jews! Even the democrat Joe Lieberman loves her :-) The bottom line is that when you learn to know her better, she is just a wonderful woman. A mother. A woman who wants to move things forward. What not to love about her? She is a true lover of Israel too. Long before it was in her interests to advertise her love for Israel like the Obama and company try desperately to do! Obama, the closet Muslim who converted to Christianity only for political gains!! He could not have won in his home state without the support of the Christian black voters and by being a Muslim!! SARAH PALIN, IF YOU READ THIS, KNOW THAT MANY JEWS LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A WONDERFUL WOMAN AND WE APPRECIATE YOUR SINCERE LOVE OF ISRAEL. G.OD BLESS YOU IN THE COMING WEEKS AHEAD.
25. #19 I made aliyah because I love Israel
Russel ,   Tlv   (09.03.08)
And it's not my logic; it's the Torah that called me here. And I have no delusions about Israel. Had that been the case I would not be an oleh. And environmentalism is not a "false god". hS placed us in Gan Edan and tasked us with being stewards over His garden; something I will defend with my life. While your enthusiasm is welcome, may I suggest you shift your aim somewhat and consider the world your children will inherit. A wasteland. I don't believe these Reps will ever go the distance for Israel; they are just concerned about the price at the pump. And it sure would be a shame to let your beautiful country go down the toilet like this:
26. I saw Palin on TV a few months ago and I like her
AK   (09.03.08)
Add to that Obamas querstionable friends and voting for McCain/Palin ticket becomes the only sane alternative.
27. Palin
Marilyn ,   USA   (09.03.08)
Unfortunately there's only 24 hours in a day and this isn't a whole lot of time to be a good mother to 5 children, a good wife and a good vice president. It is different if she's only in Alaska, however as Vice President she'd be traveling a lot and she'd also have to spend a lot of time studying about the various countries and such. It's too much.
ED ,   US   (09.03.08)
29. bottomline re:frank
bernie ,   paris   (09.03.08)
you hit the $$$$ jackpot, brother!
30. #25, Just Remember...
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.03.08)
...No one argues that the Torah called you to Israel. The argument is how can you be hugging trees when the barbarians are at the gate. What good will it do you watching tree roots grow into your casket? If we don't eliminate Iran and other hotbeds of terror, there won't be a world - pristine or otherwise - for our children to inherit. I have three children, so my stake in the world's survival in not questionable.
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