Palin expresses support for Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 03.09.08, 20:59
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1. Whatever she is, she's anytime better than the Muslim
Miriam ,   Israel   (09.03.08)
Obama who is a real danger for Israel and for Jews, especially since the only votes Obama gets are from Arabs and those who have "mercy" on terrorists - like those radical Leftists, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Peta, and other such weird groups and radical Leftists - which describes him quite well.
2. rump kissing tour has started
socalmaverick ,   sunny-socal   (09.03.08)
3. Palin is pro life
TheAre ,   Bensonhurst Brooklyn   (09.03.08)
She is pro life, I strongly disagree with pro lifeists. I think people should have the right to choose if they can afford to have a child or not.
4. Meeting hardly needed. Support for Israel well established.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (09.03.08)
Palin has good relations with the small Jewish community in Alaska, signed a resolution congratulating Israel on its 60th, and keeps a small Israeli flag on her office desk. AIPAC would be better advised to consider the motley crew of advisers around Obama, almost all critical of Israel. Even Biden, who calls himself a "Zionist", is of the type who pushes Israel "for its own good". Palin's Christian faith and rugged life experience mean she understands good (Israel) and evil (terrorists). With a son about to serve in Iraq, I doubt she'll waste time trying to "understand" jihadist motivation. I, for one, think such a meeting today, when she's preparing for her convention speech, was hardly necessary.
5. there is a lie implicit in the headline
Carander   (09.03.08)
As so often in the mainstream media, the journalists love to lie implicitly. Palin has not only been a strong supporter of Israel, but an EXTREMELY strong one, involved in every conceivable pro-Israel activity.
6. Lies and lip service
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NY, USA   (09.03.08)
**Barack Obama is not a Muslim. ** People who spread this falsehood should be denounced as the extremist liars they are. Palin's brand of Christian Faith wants to convert every Jew to Christianity, as typified by the Jews For Jesus scum recently preaching at her church. They back Israel because they think it is going to be destroyed and their god-prophecies come true. Good relations with the Alaska jewish community? All fifteen of them? Her nomination is an insult to American voters and the best reason so far for John McCain's sanity being called into question. She is a danger to America, israel and the world. You don't want her in control of anything except the local P.T.A. (if that).
7. To #3. So Palin is pro life. Oh Horrors!
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (09.03.08)
What is wrong with saving innocent babies who cannot fight for themselves and is t aken from the womb alive and tossed in the garbage like trash. Palin should be praised not be denegrated. I will be looking forward to hearing her speech tonight to give answer to leftests and loosers who are attacking her.l No 3 I believe also people should shoose to have a child. Not after the fact.
8. #1 - STFU Miriam - you just never stop...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (09.03.08)
You have diareaha of the mouth, spewing bullshit on subjects you know nothing about. Face facts - Obama is going to win in a landslide of Richard Nixon proportions.
9. Raymond - your indicia of support for Israel is pathetic....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (09.03.08)
a good relationship with Alaskas Jews (as opposed to Obama who has a good relationship with Chicago's Jews) and a resolution congratulating Israel in its 60th? Mwa - Mwa..... Hang it up man, Obama is winning and its a good thing for the US and for Israel. Palin was a HUGE blunder for McCain who barely met her - and was forced into it by his motley crew of advisors (Karl Rove) - now that doesn't bode too well for a would-be president. Compare: Obama immediately began working on this as soon as he knew he'd be the nominee. Considered, cautious and carefully vetted. McCain is a has been - a doddering old fool whose going to get his ass kicked in a LANDSLIDE. I hope I get to see the debates.
10. Didn't Know They Have Internet In Psych Hospitals
Seth Morris ,   Washington, DC   (09.03.08)
In 2000 when Pat Buchanan was running for President, he visited Alaska and was greeted by Palin and her husband who were both wearing Buchanan pins and Buchanan acknowledged their support. Anyone with a brain knows that Buchanan is a holocaust denier, was a big defender of Demjanjuk [sp] and has been a consistent enemy of Jews and Israel. He is just about the ugliest figure in American politics and there is no way that Palin could have been unaware of Buchanan's overt anti-semitism.
11. #3 A right to choose yes. But our economy has suffered @ the
death of 50million ,   aborted choices.   (09.03.08)
12. #3, pro life
ahamad ,   paris france   (09.03.08)
they used to think that women should have a right to choose here in france too....that was good for islam....but now that 1 out of every 3 pregnancies in france is a muslim...and we do not abort our muslim children....they are starting to understand that it is really an issue of demographics. In france...they aborted themselves into an another arab country. ha ha.
13. to 4 biden a zionist?
ygalg ,   israel   (09.03.08)
a Zionist who will not pardon a Zionist for been a Zionist is no Zionist in my book.
14. Palin/McCain campaign dangerous for nonChristians
Elinor ,   Boston, MA   (09.04.08)
Sarah Palin and John McCain are dangerous for Jews (and Muslims) because they believe the US government should enforce their brand of Christianity on all Americans. Instead of separating church and state, they both aim to make the US a Christian nation, where creationism is taught, birth control is unavailabe and support for intellectual endeavors replaced by support for Christian endeavors. They appeal to the lowest common denominator; the American press has interviews with their supporters who claim knowledge and understanding is irrelevant in a VP; only Christianity matters.
15. Palin is an embarrassment
charicleia ,   USA   (09.04.08)
It's a sad day for the Republican party and for all American that a candidate, as ill prepared as Palin for the national stage, and whose red neck views (and practices are well known): anti environment, creationist, and much more, should be paraded cynically as a poster girl for women candidates. so the rest of you, who don't live in the US, please pipe down. above all, pray that Israel's future not depend on her -- she's only one heartbeat away from a man of 72 years old with a history of cancer and much more.
16. America's bulldog wouldn't sell out Israel like obama.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.04.08)
17. Re; #3 - Now for those who cannot afford a child...
Bartley Kulp ,   Safed, Israel   (09.04.08)
Are you pro death?
18. Just like the Beilinists of Israel the American Jewish
Frank ,   USA   (09.04.08)
leftists hate Israel.
19. Barack Hussein Obama cannot come close
Dan ,   USA   (09.04.08)
to the McCain's support of Israel.
20. McCain is a known quantity to Jews while Obama is not
Vote for McCain ,   USA   (09.04.08)
21. Miriam take your meds
Thundercloud65 ,   Oklahoma City USA   (09.04.08)
Miriam, Mr Obama is not a Muslim for one and he has broad support across many lines in this country. for another The real danger to Israel are fanatics that spout sound bites and violate other peoples rights causing retaliation. After all, if you bulldozed my mother's house I might very well want to blow yours up as well. The real issue for many of us is "why do Republican candidates need to worship at the alter of Israel to seek approval for their campaign?" Influence by a people used excessively dilutes its potency.
22. Sarah Palin
Rod Sisson ,   Anchorage, AK 99516   (09.04.08)
My wife, Margret, and I are active members of the Lubavitch Jewish Center of Alaska and support the McCain/Palin ticket because we believe they will be good for Israel. We are proud to be living in Alaska. Way to go, Sarah!
23. RE: 6. Lies and lip service
Psalms83 ,   Selah   (09.04.08)
They back Israel because they think it is going to be destroyed and their god-prophecies come true. ========== actualy if there never was a new testament....The books of the prophets in the tanach tell the same story as christian proponents... but the prophets were hard core Jewish proponets... as a christian I believe the messiah will rule from Jerusalem in accordance to ezekiel 39 thru 48... I beleive that Jesus( the suffering servent ) will be that messiah.... I fully understand that many jews reject that notion...the only thing I can say is that shortly we will find out which is correct...
24. Steve #6, Jews in Alaska since Gold Rush
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (09.04.08)
There were Jewish explorers in Alaska in the 1700s. More came during the Gold Rush. There are 6,000 now. Read more:
25. Be Sane, Vote for Palin and McCain
Michael Ezrachi ,   St. Louis, USA   (09.04.08)
Sarah Palin seems to be a very bright intelligent Lady, and she would be an asset to any administration. I disagree with her on not be pro choice. In regard to Israel, any rational person will support Israel, a democratic oasis in the middle east. Joe Biden thinks he knows every thing and Obama called Israel "a sore on american foreign policy". Obama has shown no moral courage, where as Sarah Palin has fought corruption in her own party. Obama's answer to any foreign crisis is to defer to the UN. The choice is clear, NOBAMA, If you care about America and Israel, vote McCain / Palin.
26. Today I am proud to be an American Woman!
American Woman ,   Israel   (09.04.08)
Palin is GREAT! This is a great day for American women and women worldwide. The Obama camp is anti-Israel, anti-women and anti-American. If McCain was smart enough to choose her for VP, he is smart enough to run the USA.
27. palin
das ,   israel   (09.04.08)
watch out for this woman. her past is not that clean and i honestly do not believe all that she says.
28. To #14
D.C.   (09.04.08)
If what you written down is true, in this case, I'm supporting McCain and Palin. Let me remind you that the U.S. IS STILL A CHRISTIAN NATION as it always was. If the Jews don't like a nation like the Christian based U.S., grab your gear and get out. People of the Jewish community also tried to play this game in Hungary, which is also one of the greatest Christian country and the Jews are trying to set up the rules for the Christians. Well. They'll be banished from there too. For these countries, yes, Christianity matters. The majority is not going to change for a small minority. If the minority don't like something, hell, get your luggage and leave the country immediately. Let me remind you, that the U.S. is not Israel and it never will be. You may accept that the U.S. is a christian state, live freely and you're not trying to change anything or buy your ticket to Israel and leave. It's that simple. Same goes for the Hungarian Jews, whose are trying to destroy that country. If you hate Christians, don't be a leech on OUR lands.
29. Re :27. palin
Psalms83 ,   Selah   (09.04.08)
Quote :watch out for this woman. her past is not that clean and i honestly do not believe all that she says. ============= Your statement sounds likes an opening statement that is made when one wants to start unfounded rumors .... a true gossip you must be.... ============== try put supporting facts to you statement that can be checked out...
30. It's pathetic, the rats are scared to death!
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, USA   (09.04.08)
From the crackhouses in the East Coast and deep South, to the barrios in the West and Texas, to the elites coffee drinkers in Manhattan or french restaurants monday quarterbackers, to the morons celebrities in Hollywood, to the disgusting selfhaters jews and non jews in the US Media (NBC,CBS,ABC,CNN and the worst of them the filthy MSNBC) to the ACLU traitor jews or non jews, again the self loathing jews idiots that will vote for a guy that will be the worst prez ever for them, worst than Carter, may I have to say more? what all this scum have in commun? There are scared to death...they don't know what to say or do, like the idiot #14, who is saying anything or nothing, keep smoking your crack, moron....By the way the USA are a Christian Nation, and if you don't like it, go to Eurabia or to hell...The USA are also the biggest Jewish nation in the world and we're proud of it...even if we have to listen to selfhaters who do not like the country... The lefties, liberals, scumbags and others are's pathetic that a nice woman is attacked by the New York Times in 3 pages's all said..the rats are pathetic... AMERICA is back, and the above described must leave or love it... You can beleive me guys, those false friends are the worst enemies of Israel...yes de NYC, the W. Post, the LA Times...the ACLU the main stram media...and who is in charge there..the traitor jews....that's a shame...But now they are close to be beaten and they will start to join their friends in hell or africa, perhaps.
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