Assad: 5th round of Israel-Syria talks delayed
Roee Nahmias
Published: 04.09.08, 11:26
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1. thank you G-od ! No need negociations with a terror state !
David ,   Tel-Aviv   (09.04.08)
2. sell out of our country
fish israel   (09.04.08)
is delayed because of one of Olmert's henchmen resigned. Is Israel the property of Olmert and Criminal Co? Which right does he have - a PM by default, under police investigation, loser and failyure in all his undertakings, to make strategic decisions of the country's future? Golly, somebody stop this madness!
3. The importance of the Golan Highs.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.04.08)
Syria is collaborating with the enemies of Israel - so first of all lets keep the Golan ! Since May, Israeli and Syrian negotiators have been conducting indirect talks, brokered by Turkey. The latest of four such meetings concluded in Istanbul, with a fifth session scheduled for mid-August. Neither al-Assad's upcoming visit to Iran, nor the recent mutual Syrian and Iranian declarations of coordination have, as yet, changed those plans. In fact, a sixth round of Israel-Syria indirect talks is slated for September. For Israel, it is of paramount importance not to give away the Golan Highs. There will be nothing preventing Syria from violating any agreement reached once Israel gives up its strategic advantage on the Golan Heights. More at :
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