Military rabbi suspected of raping daughter
Eli Senyor
Published: 05.09.08, 13:47
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1. The Rabbi and the Beast
Yiannis Kareklas ,   Athens Greece   (09.05.08)
In fact it is the same animal : a Beast dressed as a Rabbi or a Rabbi dressed as a Beast. Hang this Beast from his balls , he had to be a Rabbi also - disgusting!!!
2. #1 - go to hell along with this rabbi.
3. miriam, jewish heart??
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.05.08)
about the case of rose pizem you said just yesterday: "I knew she (rose's mother) couldn't be Jewish, as she was too cruel to her children and committed too many crimes to have a Jewish heart." so how does this story fit in with your theory about the "jewish heart" being better than the heart of goyyim?
4. let the fun begin
Motti ,   bet shemesh   (09.05.08)
This is a unspeakable catastrophy. while you all will take this ripe opportunity to blast away at Rabbis, keep in ind he is also an officer of the IDF so They should also get some of the heat. In addition, tragicly, this happens in families of not IDF rabbis as well so hold your fire. The fact that you will try to blast rabbis in general is proof that you should hold Rabbis to a higher standard. Please keep in mind when doing so that you only have the right to critisize that higher standard if you actually respect it. In other words, people who have no respect for religion and Rabbis, should keep quiet on this one. I for one am orthodox and do want to comment on how dispicable his actions were / are. If proven guilty he needs to be put in Cherem and stripped of his rank both as a rabbi and as an officer.
5. The word Rabbi translates to Rab in Arabic
Palestinian   (09.05.08)
and Rab in Arabic means lord. The Quran says that the people of the book after David and Solomon took their Ahbar (priests) as Rabs (lords)! I think this say it all! See verse [9:31] of the Quran!
6. #4
lildoobird ,   Jerusalem   (09.05.08)
What about jail, medication, therapy oh,and castration!
7. Israel showing that jews are no better.
Janet Keno ,   Pikesville,MD   (09.05.08)
Hang this guy high if its true. Criminals who hide behind their religion should get a higher sentence than others. Blackhats who attack women,etc should feel a backlash.
8. Question
shrinkDave ,   Miami USA   (09.05.08)
Here's a tough one: Which religion disempowers women? Answer: all of them. Question: which women are more likely to be abused, empowered or disempowered women? Conclusion?
9. Moti # 4
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.05.08)
No right to criticise ? Well i'm taking this right . He , a "rabbi" is [ if proven ]guilty twice , first the civil law , and then the Torah's ones [ for a "rabbi" a very serious offence ] Many "religious" claim that they have higher standards , this seems not to be always true . Not a reason of course to bash all the Rabbanim or TRUE believing people , there are black sheep everywhere .
10. #5 The only thing I'll do with it is to rip it out and put
it at the bottom of ,   my bird cage!!!!!   (09.05.08)
11. Accusation
Eliyahu ,   Columbus, OH USA   (09.05.08)
Rabbi is suspected of ...... What the hell are you people thinking. Wait until there is a trial you morons.
12. Charles you are right
Stephanie ,   Israel   (09.05.08)
Whoever does such a thing is disgusting no matter if he is religious or secular. I am religious and I am ashamed of religious people who do not follow the Torah especially in the case of a Rabbi. I hope he gets the help he obviously needs.
13. Birds of a Feather
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.05.08)
Monks, abbotts, friars ,parsons and preachers, cardinals, bishops et al, all have a similar history of "extraciricular" and sometimes extraordinary sexual activity. From my earliest childhood I was taught that Jews are different from other people, in all aspects. Were my teachers wrong ? Was I wrong in believing them ?
14. #5: It says it all???
Alkalai ,   USA   (09.05.08)
The word Rabbi means "Teacher". The only "lord' we have is HaShem. Clearly, to state otherwise shows that your writings about the Jewish people are in error. The Arabic language, or what the Quran says is totally irrelevant to the situation. You are merely acting as an opportunist by using a very sad situation to express your own hate based agenda. Look at the actions of your own people- with your overwhelming incidence of rape, incest, and the resulting "honor killings" to remedy such situations. Look to your Quran (see (Surah An-Nisâ' 4:24) Rape is a crime of anger and rage. It is a crime that come from a variety of severe mental and emotional disorders that are suffered, worldwide, by ALL peoples, in ALL occupations and walks of life. The Rabbi, will be punished, as both Torah and Israeli law forbids such debased and perverse behaviors. And, to the merit of a humane and compassionate people, he and his family will be provided with help by competent psychologists.
15. No. 7 Janet Keno
NYC Girl   (09.05.08)
"Israel is showing that Jews are no better." Israel is showing nothing. One man, presuming he's guilty, is showing that no religion has a lock on morality, or immorality, for that matter. Blaming an entire country for one man's criminality is ignorant and bigoted.
16. Stephanie , don't be ashamed
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.05.08)
because he is a rabbi , he is a rabbi on "paper" , not with his heart . We can be ashamed that a father [ if proven ] did this to his children , and we can't understand that this can happen .
17. #11 Why so defensive, when you know it's all true?
Edithann, USA   (09.05.08)
Israel never says anything but accusations..not even after being proven guily and criminals let off with hardly any jail time..especially for murder... Don't be so defensive when you know it's all true..the case wouldn't have gotten this far without proof of guilt...
18. Interesting. This story is not in any other news media
Charles   (09.05.08)
I wonder how true this story is.
19. rape
sas ,   israel   (09.05.08)
what kind of society are we living in?????????? there are so many monsters walking around.
ramallah ,   ramallah   (09.05.08)
21. Evil Must Be Dealt With In Harshest Manner
Shneur ,   Brooklyn NY   (09.05.08)
If this is true then the girl will be scarred for life as well as her other sibling. This Evil Selfish Monster should be put to death.
22. I wonder:
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.05.08)
Why Edithann has so much interest in the criminal offenses and horror stories that happens in Israel and performed by Jews? Or maybe you just got fed-up with your local (USA?) criminals? Your prejudgment and blood thirsty accusations of Israel are laughable. There is no death penalty in Israel, it’s true. But there are so many injustices in Every country all over the world that your focus and pointless weeping about how bad is Israel’s court system doesn’t have any legality.
23. The children and the father should be given NO LIE MRI lie
Rivkah   (09.05.08)
detector tests and the temperature around the eyes should be measured, too, when answering questions. Falsely accusing a person is horrific for the accused and brings judgment on the land and the accuser if the innocent are convicted. Raping a daughter is equally horrific, but there are many false accusations. If the father and children take a NO LIE MRI test, that will be a better indication of the situation. If he is guilty, his judgment should be more severe because of his occupation in the house of God.
24. If the story is true, as Charles points out
Shalom   (09.05.08)
then the public should realise also that the Orthodox society was aghast when the IDF took soldiers without any rabbinical certification from recognised authorities, and gave them the rank as "IDF Rabbi" We are now dealing with someone who not only has abused the title, but has shown it to be worthless.
25. #18 where do u live? it was on Galai Zahal & Reshet B
What those two radio stations aren't news media?
26. TBers its Elul don't be so fast to judge others!
27. iam sure ynet would not print my talkback
palestinian ,   jerusalem   (09.05.08)
this is all i have to say ....
28. is pedophilia so common among jews?
Khaled ,   Amman, Jordan   (09.05.08)
i'm seriously wondering... because i've read about so many similar incidents happening in israel the last couple of years... i'm starting to believe jews don't love their children... or maybe they simply (love) them in such a pervert physical way! thoughts anyone?
29. This guy must have supported Sharon's Expulsion
Rob ,   NY   (09.05.08)
30. Sad !!
Ben ,   Monroe, USA   (09.05.08)
While this rabbi should be considered to be innocent until convicted, it certainly smacks of the usual religious violence towards the women in their families. What is so sad, is the fact that this type of violence is hidden too often under the rug by the victims and the religious community.
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