Report: UN to demand Israel pay Lebanon $1 billion
Roee Nahmias
Published: 06.09.08, 13:15
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1. lol ! even not in your dreams ban ki moon !
stephane ,   france   (09.06.08)
the only responsibles of what happened to lebanon are the hezbollah, the lebenese (syrian ) government, and, ESPECIALLY, the UN ! yes...yes! when israel withdrawed from lebanon in 2000 there was an other stupid resolution from the UN that was stating that the " peace keepers " from the UN will make sure that ALL militias like hezbollah disarm and that only the lebanese army will be armed. the UN did NOTHING to prevent the hezbollah to smuggle weapon into lebanon and then to attack israel in 2006 ! and once again; after 2006, new resolution to prevent hezbollah to smuggle weapons, and, again the hezbollah is full with new weapons for the next war ! so, sorry mr ban ki moon, but YOU, the UN must pay to rebuild lebanon and you must especially pay to REBUILD the cities in israel were katyushas fell. anyway UN, you should better shut up, because you are collaborating with hezbollah...
2. let hezbollah pay for it, they started the war
matt   (09.06.08)
3. Who pays for Lebanese crimes against humanity?
Rick & TC ,   Israel   (09.06.08)
The indiscriminate bombing of Israeli civilians by Lebanese, for the past 30 years? And the large Forrest fires in the 2006 war? Not to mention, the economic loss for millions of civilians in Israel. It was Lebanon that attacked Israel.
4. Where is caculation of what is owed for damages to Israel?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (09.06.08)
Once again the UN shows that it is only able to count the cost caused by Israel's defense on others rather than the cost to Israel for being attacked. 60 years later we still hear about the Displaced Arabs who moved because their cousins wanted to attack Israel. Now we have the country that attacked Israel asking for compensation done in a defensive war. When will it end? This is also proof that Israel won the war, as you never ask the looser to pay (look at world wars 1 and 2).
5. money for hizbullah?
ed ,   brussels   (09.06.08)
excellent idea to give them money ,ready to buy more missiles and training for mechablim. another idea could be to ask Israelis to consider a collective suicide???
6. Clean Out The Hizbullah, Oil Spill Is Their Fault!
Tony ,   New York, NY   (09.06.08)
Where does the UN get this continues stream of virulent anti-Semitic heads? When will Lebanon pay Israel for the rocket damages inflicted by their militia buddies? The fascist UN is an active arm of the arab middle east, they always rule against Jewish Israel!
7. This reeks of moral equivalency
Concerned Israeli   (09.06.08)
This is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard! Why should Israel have to pay for a war that was forced upon it? Hizballah should be the target of Ban Ki Moon's wrath, since it is an ILLEGAL TERROR ORGANIZATION. In this Orwellian world we live in, the legally legitimate nation-state gets punished for defending its citizens against an illegal organization that breached internationally recognized borders. The UN has reached a new morally equivalent nadir.
8. make iran and syria pay for the damages
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.06.08)
they are into funding lebanon, so because they are responsible for the war, just consider all of the weapons and money they put into lebanon since then as going toward the UN bill.
9. More UN hypocrisy
Moey ,   Miami USA   (09.06.08)
This would be laughable were it not so serious. This just shows the absurdity of the UN, and proves that it should be abolished, and the UN Building in New York be torn down and turned into a nice parking garage. The UN is run by a cabal of some of the worst human rights offenders in the world. For the UN to sit in judgment of Israel is akin to having Charles Manson sit in judgment of the Dalai Lama. When the UN takes action against Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Russia for its invasion of Georgia, China for its continued occupation of Tibet, fights for an independent state for the Kurds, seeks redress for the massacre of the Armenians, and disciplines North Korea, then they will have something to say. Until then, I say abolish the UN. New York can always use a nice parking garage.
10. Dear U.N I wish to make a claim......
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (09.06.08)
Dear Useless Nations, I wish to make a claim on behalf of the damage done to properties in Israel, and compensation to the families and issue, on behalf of all the kidnapped and murderd soldiers during and since the cease of Lebonan 1War. Also to be remuniated for the expenses incurred having to defend ourselves from Terrorists harboured by Lebanon (Namely PLO, Hizbullah) Terrorists aided and abetted by Iran, Syria, UK, EU, and UN. These Terrorists have caused a great deal of death and destruction to Israel through the exhorbitant funds alloted to Hammas, Fatah, Hizbulah, Alkayda, to name a few. Amount of compensation to be not less than100 billion US Dollars. (At least we spend our money on the protection of our people). They don'T Yours unfaithfully The sane people of Israel. (this excludes the present gov. which is also aiding and abetting Fatah. and intends to give our country away.)
11. i thought iran already footed the bill?
12. Ban Ki LOON!
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.06.08)
Let Hizbollah pay for damages as they started the war. Let the drooling, pig-fat Nasrallah write a check from his Iranian supplied bank accounts. Let the people of Lebanon know that if they let terrorists rule their country, bad things will happen to them. As for Secretary Loon, just another example of the pathetic UN doing the bidding of it Arab members. Did the US pay Japan when it destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima? No. Ban Ki Moon isn't a loon, he's an IDIOT!
13. iinvestigate Ban Ki Moon , is he getting money from arab
rachel ,   usa   (09.06.08)
countries ? Who is pressuring him ?
14. compensation for jews from Arab countries ?
Rachel ,   usa   (09.06.08)
Where is our 1 billion?
15. Not even our appeasement gov't will give in to this
Arie ,   BaGolan   (09.06.08)
Sheer and continued UN hypocrisy when it comes to all things Jewish. To the UN, it is ALWAYS the Zionist's fault: hezbullah continues to rearm in violation of 1701 and UNIFIL calles nasrallah their 'great friend'; hezbullah and syria assassinate liberation minded lebanese leaders and the UN accuses the Mossad; the UN put together a whole division ("human Rights") just to find ways of attacking Israel; and now, they want us to pay for a war started by he islamofascists! My only question now is why are we still wasting money paying for a staff to be there?
16. The opening shot of Durban II
Arie ,   BaGolan   (09.06.08)
17. Ki Moon surpasses them ALL
chp-chop   (09.06.08)
Why doesn't Israel submit a request, a plea, to "ban" Ki Moon from the world stage. Being a fool is excusable, being uncompetant is excusable as well ( God only knows we have them by the barrel full ), but to be an accomplice to a Satanic country with a Govt. dedicated to kill, kidnap and trade dead Jews for live world renowned assassins , and demands that the victim pays compensation,is sheer folly, We all know that it's very " difficult " for the Muslim world to live off their " oil billion pitance ", but isn't that carrying it a little too far?
18. 10-1 bet (Talking about billions)
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (09.06.08)
Ask Lebanon and Syria to offer Israel a peace plan after determine secure and permanent borders. Make our region the last one to still be on war along all the Mediterranean Sea . We are the last 3 states living on armistice lines. The UN is playing a childish game . After his visit to Israel Ban Ki-Moon expressed solidarity with Sderot people and now his concern is with the fishes and beaches. Who elected this guy as the head of the UN?? Like Kofi Annan this Ban is money minded only.
19. Passing Gas
Oren ,   US   (09.06.08)
Oh , just noticed, it is a "report" from the Lebanon media. Then it is merely false gossip and has no merit
20. Israel must compensate south Lebanon
Siad ,   Muslim world   (09.06.08)
iSRAEL must pay billions to south lebanese people to compensata war damages.
21. Never! Hezbollah and Iran should pay!
Esteban ,   Argentina   (09.06.08)
22. The victim to pay?
Raoul ,   Israel   (09.06.08)
The final insult - Israel, the main victim of terrorism - Hizbullah in this case - expected to foot the bill - mind-boggling thought. Not to mention damage inflicted by Katyushas, which now abound in greater numbers than before.
23. Loon in the U.N. Moon the Loon.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.06.08)
24. How Much More Evidence Does Israel Need
MK ,   Philadelphia USA   (09.06.08)
before it becomes clear to everyone that Israel MUST leave the UN? It makes me sick to see Israel exhibiting this battered-wife syndrome with respect to the UN. It's pathetic and stupid.
25. what will happen is this
Gisele ,   Beirut   (09.06.08)
Israel in the end will get compensation for the anguish caused to the israelis . Israel does not do compensation , it OnLY fleeces other nations if it can .
26. Only when Lebanon pays for damages incurred by Hezbollah...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.06.08)
... and all the terror attacks against Israel which have originated from its lands since '48. Until then, better pray that Hezbollah won't start another adventure which will cost Lebanon another 'victory'.
27. Iran Should Pay for It
Bill ,   US   (09.06.08)
It's their war. Lebanon should pay Israel for the depletion of cluster bombs.
28. # 25 Gazzelle
not giving you ,   a dime!   (09.06.08)
you got that right! deal with it you fool!
29. bring back haddadland
jack bauer   (09.06.08)
barak showed the terrorists how to succeed like a coward giving away what he didnt earn now when the wolves demand more..... who will stand up?
30. #25 - Gisele, a list would be helpful
Since "fleecing" means taking without giving anything of value in return, please do enlighten us as to which countries have fallen victim to Israel in this regard. From which countries have we demanded or gotten anything who do not use the technologies or medical breakthroughs we have produced? What natural disaster in Asia has not received Israeli services? Now convert that question to Lebanon - whose major export is currently terrorism - and you have a problem.
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